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Hello from Ottawa (Canada)
I have over 700 Dylan concerts on 1000 + CDRs.
I am looking mostly for concerts in Canada.


My list of CDs & DVDs is available on at:

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== LAST UPDATE: Sept. 25, 2017 ==
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D001.esi  Toronto, Canada (20-Apr-80) (Elite Series Vol. 040 improved) CM
D001.sf  The Born Again Music (Toronto 1980 (Smiling Face edition)) CM
D003.JTT  Renaldo and Clara (JTT transfer) CM
D004  The Promo Videos (25 Bob Dylan Promo Videos) CM  The (Elite) Promos (Elite Series Vol. 041) CM  Hard Rain (Commercial) CM
D006  House Of Blues (Atlanta, 03-Aug-96)
House Of Blues (Atlanta, 03-Aug-96)
--  Atlanta, Georgia (03-Aug-96) (Elite Series Vol. 005) CM
D007  Buffalo (04-Jul-86) (Farm Aid II) CM
D007.m  Buffalo (04-Jul-86) (Farm Aid II) CM
D007.ra  Buffalo (04-Jul-86) (Farm Aid II) CM  Woodstock II (14-Aug-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D009  London/Wembley (07-Jul-84) CM
D010.p2  Highway 61 Revisited: BBC2 (Arena: Tales of Rock 'n' Roll ) CM
D010.pal  Getting To Dylan CM
D011  DVD Compilation #01 (Just a Song and Dance Man) CM
D012  DVD Compilation #02 (Moving With a Simple Twist of Fate) CM
D013  DVD Compilation #03 (Early 80s) CM
D014  DVD Compilation #04 (Late 80s) CM
D015  DVD Compilation #05 (Like a Rolling Stone) CM
D016  DVD Compilation #06 (For the Pope and for the people) CM
D017  DVD Compilation #07 (Letterman, Grammy, and more...) CM
D018  DVD Compilation #08 (Shalom Aleichem!) CM
D019  DVD Compilation #09 (The Bobfest) CM
D020  DVD Compilation #10 (Unplugged and Plugged) CM
D021  DVD Compilation #11 (Seven Hard Rains) CM
D022.a  Folk Songs and More Folk Songs (Alternate authored) CM
D023  Austin, TX (24-Feb-02) --  New Haven, CT (10-Nov-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D025.msu  Vancouver, Canada (13-May-98) ("I'm Not Supposed To Care") CM  Vancouver, Canada (13-May-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D025.su2  Vancouver, Canada (13-May-98) ("All The Rage") CM  St. Louis, MO (04-Nov-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D027.a  Newcastle, England (05-Jul-84) (Authored off-master) CM
D027.asu  Newcastle, England (05-Jul-84) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D027.ms2  Newcastle, England (05-Jul-84) (Enough Is NOT Enough!) CM  Atlantic City, NJ (18-Nov-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D032  Atlantic City, NJ (18-Nov-00) (Late Show) CM
D033  Moncton, New Brunswick (08-Aug-02) --
D034  Ottawa (Kanata), Ontario (13-Aug-02) --  Ottawa (Kanata), Ontario (13-Aug-02) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D037.sse  Philadelphia, PA (15-Nov-02) (Surround Sound Edition) CM  New York, NY (17-Oct-90) ("Welcome To The Beacon" s.u.) CM  Hartford, CT (17-Nov-02) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D040.su2  Hartford, CT (17-Nov-02) (3-Cam Sound Upgrade) CM  East Rutherford, NJ (13-Nov-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D043  New York, NY (11-Nov-02) (Two-Camera Mix) CM  New York, NY (13-Nov-02) ("Pianoman": Watchtower Sound Upgr.) CM  Dubuque, IA (12-Nov-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D045.su2  Dubuque, Iowa (12-Nov-96) ("Dance Frenzy In Dubuque") CM  Fairfax, VA (22-Feb-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D047  Hard to Handle CM
D048.msu  New York, NY (01-Nov-98) ("The Times We've Known") CM  New York, NY (01-Nov-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D049  Burgettstown, PA (18-Jul-99) C-
D053  Burgettstown, PA (09-Aug-97) CM
D054  Asheville, NC (06-Nov-94) C-
D054.m  Asheville, NC (06-Nov-94) (Masters Series Vol. 148) CM  Asheville, NC (06-Nov-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Peoria, Illinois (13-Apr-94) ("Did Zimmy Play In Peoria?") CM  Toronto, Canada (05-Jun-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D061.hq  Wellington, New Zealand (24-Feb-03) CM  Wellington, New Zealand (24-Feb-03) ("Zimmy Graces Queens Wharf") CM
D062  Rockford, IL (25-Oct-95) CM  Rockford, IL (25-Oct-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D062.su2  Rockford, IL (25-Oct-95) ("Hard By The Rock River") CM
D063  Knoxville, TN (05-Nov-94) C-  Knoxville, TN (05-Nov-94) CM
D063.su2  Knoxville, TN (05-Nov-94) CM  Göteborg, Sweden (28-Jun-92) ("Don't Let Your Deal Go Down") CM  Berkeley, CA (10-Jun-88) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D065.su3  Berkeley, CA (10-Jun-88) ("At The Dawning of the N.E.T") CM
D065.suu  Berkeley, CA (10-Jun-88) ("Upgraded Sound Upgrade") CM
D066  Binghampton, NY (12-Oct-92) CM
D066.psu  Binghamton, NY (12-Oct-92) CM  Binghamton, NY (12-Oct-92) ("Dylan Dusts Broome County") CM  Eindhoven, Netherlands (17-Feb-93) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Toronto, Canada (08-Nov-01) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D071.m  Helsinki, Finland (30-May-89) (Master Sound Upgrade D071.msu2) CM  Helsinki, Finland (30-May-89) (Masters Series Vol. 207) CM  Helsinki, Finland (30-May-89) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Milano, Italy (08-Jul-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Mannheim, Germany (02-Jul-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Nashville, TN (06-Feb-99) ("Honky Tonk Blues")
2 discs set - D076.su2
D076.su2  Nashville, TN (06-Feb-99) ("Honky Tonk Blues" (II) ) CM
D077  Birmingham, England (20-Sep-00) CM
D078.m  Cardiff, Wales (23-Sep-00) (Masters Series Vol. 176) CM  Edinburgh, Scotland (07-Apr-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Mankato, MN (10-Nov-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Wantagh, NY (30-Jul-99) (Mr. Jones' Beach Party) CM
D082.suu  Wantagh, NY (30-Jul-99) (Mr. Jones' Beach Party Redux) CM  Indiana, PA (22-Apr-97) (Sound Upgrade)
Mine is D083.su2 (2DVD set) not listed on DVDylan
D083.su2  Indiana, PA (22-Apr-97) ("Waiting In A Hollow Log") CM  Juan-les-Pins (Antibes), France (12-Jul-92) CM
D085  Kerkrade, Netherlands (19-Mar-95) CM  Aosta, Italy (08-Jul-92) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D087  Wantagh, NY (17-Aug-97) C-
D087.vsu  Wantagh, NY (17-Aug-97) ("Mr. Jones 1997 Beach Party") CM  Fargo, ND (14-Jun-90) (Masters Series Vol. 227) CM
D089.msu  Fargo, ND (14-Jun-90) (Sound Upgraded Master Video) CM
D090  Portland, ME (15-Jul-89) --  Troy, NY (27-Oct-89) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Davenport, IA (06-Apr-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D094  Lincoln, NB (27-Apr-94) C-  Lincoln, NE (27-Apr-94) ("Lied Is For Song, Not Lies") CM
D095  Wantagh, NY (26-Jul-00) C-  George, WA (16-May-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Wiesbaden, Germany (20-Feb-93) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D1000  Stratford-upon-Avon, England (17-Jul-95) ("Minstrel In Bard's Hometown") CM
D1001.ytb  Costa Mesa, California ("Peoples Choice Vol 6") CM
D1002.ytb  Columbus, Ohio (04-Nov-10) CM
D1003  Bern, Switzerland (2-Cam Sound Upgrade) CM
D1004  Nottingham, England (11-Oct-11) CM
D1005  Glasgow, Scotland (08-Oct-11) (Masters Series Vol 042) CM  Glasgow, Scotland (08-Oct-11) (Masters Series Vol 042) CM
D1006  Hamburg, Germany (31-Oct-11) CM
D1007  Paris, France (17-10-2011) ("Peoples Choice Vol 7") CM
D1008  Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg (21-Oct-11) (People's Choice Vol. 8) CM  Cardiff, Wales (13-Oct-11) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D101  Emotinally Yours (The Making Of...) CM
D1010  Autumn in Europe, 2011 (People's Choice Vol. 9) CM
D1011  Live In London 2011 (November 20 & 21) CM
D1012  Glasgow, Scotland (09-Oct-11) CM
D1013  Valencia, Spain (15-Apr-99) ("Amigo del Diablo" ) CM
D1014  Málaga, Spain (17-Apr-99) ("Dylan en La Plaza de Toros") CM
D1015  Zürich, Switzerland (25-Apr-99) ("BOB SHOWS 'EM WHO'S THE BOSS") CM
D1016  Bergen, Norway (29-Jun-11) CM
D1017  London, England (20-Nov-11) (Soomlos Audio and Video) CM
D1018  April 1999 Euro Compilation (Select Cuts From Three Venues) CM
D102  London, England (08-Feb-90) (Hammersmith Odeon) CM
D1020.hq  Ladies and Gentlemen-Bob Dylan (TV appearances 1999-2012) CM
D1021  Worcester, MA (14-Nov-99) (Bob's Heart's In The Highlands) CM
D1022  Atlantic City, NJ (19-Nov-99) (Early Show) CM
D1025  Salisbury, MD (15-Nov-00) (2-Source Sound Upgrade) CM
D1026  Recent Times CM
D1027  Troutdale, Oregon (29-Aug-10) (People's Choice Vol. 10) CM
D1028  London, England (19-Nov-11) ("Only one thing I did wrong") CM
D1029  London, England (22-Nov-05) (2-Cam Sound Upgrade) CM
D1030  Missoula, Montana (31-Aug-10) (People's Choice Vol. 11) CM
D1031.2  Manchester, England (10-Oct-11) (Sound Upgrade) CM  London, England (20-Nov-11) (3rd Hidden Camera Source) CM
D1033  Buenos Aires, Argentina (30-Apr-12) (People's Choice Vol. 13) CM  Buenos Aires, Argentina (30-Apr-12) CM
D1034  Buenos Aires, Argentina (28-Apr-12) (Upgraded Sound) CM
D1035  Rome, Italy (12-Nov-11) (People's Choice Vol. 12) CM
D1037  Buenos Aires, Argentina (27-Apr-12) (Upgraded Sound) CM
D1038  Latin America 2012 (People's Choice Vol. 14) CM
D1040  Paddock Wood, England (30-Jun-12) (People's Choice Vol. 15) CM
D1041  Paddock Wood, England (30-Jun-12) (Masters Series Vol. 062) CM
D1042  Bonn, Germany (04-Jul-12) ("Cahi" Masters collection) CM
D1043  Live in Sweden Vol. 1 (The Mr. Stealth Collection) CM
D1044  Modern Ballads (2010-2012) CM
D1045  The World Of John Hammond (PBS Soundstage) CM
D1048  Live in Sweden Vol. 2 (M. Nielsen & MH master clips) CM
D1049  Glasgow, Scotland (02-Feb-91) (Masters Series Vol. 068) CM
D105.sse  London/Wembley (05-Oct-00) (Surround Sound Edition, 2 DVDs) CM
D1051  Kick Out The Organ (US summer tour 2012 #1) CM
D1052  Hershey, Pennsylvania (09-Sep-12) (DVD-5 Edition) CM
D1053  Essen, Germany (18-Jun-91) (8mm Master) --
D1054  Europe Summer, 2012 (People's Choice Vol. 16) CM
D1055  Rome, Italy (12-Nov-11) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D1056  Cardiff, Wales (27-Mar-95) (Masters Series Vol. 085) CM
D1056.msu  Cardiff, Wales (27-Mar-95) (Master Sound Upgrade) CM
D1057  State College, PA (06-Nov-99) (Master Video Sound Upgrade) CM
D1058  Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK (14-Jul-95) (Masters Series Vol. 082) CM
D1059  London, England (30-Mar-95) (Masters Series Vol. 083) CM
D1060  London, England (12-Jun-93) (Masters Series Vol. 081) CM
D1061  London, England (29-Jun-96) (Masters Series Vol. 089) CM
D1062  Springfield, MA (02-Feb-98) (Master Video Sound Upgrade) CM
D1063  Padova, Italy (09-Nov-11) CM
D1064  Bournemouth, UK (01-Oct-97) (Masters Series Vol. 090) CM
D1065  Newark, New Jersey (01-Feb-98) ("A Bird's-Eye View of Bob") CM
D1066  Newcastle, England (20-Jun-98) (Masters Series Vol. 094) CM
D1067  Sheffield, England (23-Jun-98) (Masters Series Vol. 095) CM
D1068  Cardiff, Wales (03-Oct-97) (Masters Series Vol. 092) CM
D1069  New York City, NY (20-Jan-98) (Master Video Sound Upgrade) CM
D1070  US Tour 2012 #2 (People's Choice Vol. 18) CM
D1071.mdv  Colorado Springs, CO (06-Jun-99) ("At the Foot of Pikes Peak") CM
D1071.msu  Colorado Springs, CO (06-Jun-99) (Master Video Sound Upgrade) CM
D1072  Portsmouth, England (25-Sep-00) (Masters Series Vol. 100) CM  London, England (09-Feb-93) (Master Video Sound Upgrade) CM
D1074  Seattle, Washington (13-Oct-12) (People's Choice Vol. 17) CM
D1075  Canada 2012 (Over and out!) CM
D1076  Bournemouth, England (02-Oct-97) (Masters Series Vol. 091) CM
D1077  Washington, DC (04-Dec-97) ("DYLAN DOES D.C.") CM
D1078  Baltimore, MD (08-Nov-99) ("As I Ponder Weak and Weary") CM
D1079  Philadelphia, PA (09-Nov-99) ("A Satisfied Mind" ) CM  East Rutherford, NJ (12-Jul-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D1081  Vienna, VA (23-Aug-97) ("WOLF TRAP PILL-BOX HAT") CM
D1082  Normal, IL (13-Feb-99) ("CLOSE TO NORMAL") CM
D1083  Albany, NY (20-Jul-99) ("Hello Darkness") CM
D1084  New York City, NY (27-Jul-99) ("Hearts In The Highlands") CM
D1085  Atlanta, Georgia (11-Oct-95) CM
D1086  St. Louis, Missouri, USA ("Who Wants Yesterday's Paper") CM
D1087  Northampton, MA (15-Apr-97) ("Remembering Allen Ginsberg") CM
D1088  West Long Branch, NJ (20-Apr-97) ("Is Bruce In The House?") CM
D1089  Boalsburg, PA (27-Apr-97) ("Put The Brollies DOWN!") CM  Brussels, Belgium (08-Oct-87) ("HW" Sound Upgrade) CM
D1090  Evansville, IN (01-May-97) (Return Of The Gyrating Ninnies) CM
D1091  Memphis, TN (02-May-97) (Stuck Inside Of Memphis ...) CM
D1094  San José, CA (14-Nov-97) (Dylan's Materials World) CM  San José, CA (14-Nov-97) (Materials World Revisited) CM
D1095  San José, CA (14-Nov-97) (Materials World III) CM
D1096  Philadelphia, PA (11-Dec-97) (Truckin' at the Trocadero II) CM
D1097  Philadelphia, PA (10-Dec-97) (Truckin' at the Trocadero I) CM
D1098  Drawings From A Sketchbook (72nd Birthday Celebration) CM
D110.ra  Atlanta, GA (25-Jul-88) (Remastered Audio) CM
D1100  Chicago, IL (13&14-Dec-97 ("TANGLED UP IN CHICAGO" ) CM
D1101  Miami Beach, FL (31-Mar-98) (Dylan Chillin' In Miami Beach) -M
D1102  George, Washington (17-May-98) (Dylan Rocks George's Gorge) CM
D1103  Troy, NY (22-Feb-99) (Dylan Rocks the Collar City) CM
D1104  Birthday Celebration Leftovers (People's Choice Vol. 19) CM
D1106  Las Vegas, NV (01-Mar-99) (Ain't Seen Nothin' Like Me Yet) CM
D1107  St. Paul, MN (10-Jul-13 CM
D1108  Rochester, MN (31-Mar-00) ("We Had To Call A Toe Truck") CM
D1111  Scranton, PA (12-Aug-97) ("Later Not Sooner") CM
D1112  Mannheim, Germany (25-Oct-11) CM
D1113  St. Paul, MN (10-Jul-13 (People's Choice Vol. 21) CM
D1114  New York City, NY (18-Jan-98) ("Feeling It At The Felt Forum") CM
D1115  Irvine, CA (3-Aug-13) (People's Choice Vol. 20) CM
D1116  New York City, NY (20-Jan-98) ("Positively 4 Penn Plaza") CM
D1118  New York City, NY (21-Jan-98) ("Felt Forum Finale") CM
D1119  Newcastle, England (20-Jun-98) (Carrying Diamonds To Newcastle) CM
D112  Owings Mills, MD (22-Feb-91) CM  Owings Mills, MD (22-Feb-91) (2-Disk Sound Upgrade) CM
D1120  George, WA (20-Aug-1988) ("The Gorge, By George") CM
D1121  Vancouver, Canada (21-Aug-88) (NO FUN CITY?) CM
D1122  Stockholm Ballads 2013 (People's Choice) CM
D1124  Portland, Oregon (07-Oct-09) (In the "Capital of Karaoke" ) CM
D1125  How Does It Feel? (50 years on the road) CM
D1126  San Sebastián, Spain (11-Apr-99) ("In The Basque Country") CM
D1128  Denver, CO (05-Jun-99) (WELCOME, CHARLIE! HELLO, PAUL!) CM
D1129  Berlin, Germany (25-Oct-13) CM  Basel, Switzerland (02-Jun-84) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D1130  Denver, CO (07-Jun-99) (Bringing It All Back To Denver) CM
D1131  London, UK (28-Nov-13) (Cahi Master Collection) CM
D1132  Oxford, OH (29-Oct-99) ("The 'Toe' Truck Never Came") CM
D1135  "Three Nights In Seattle" (Seattle, WA (March 2005)) CM
D1139  New York City, NY (19-Nov-01) ("Gone Back To New York City" ) CM
D1144  Bakersfield, CA (12-Mar-00) (Sound Upgrade + Bonus) CM
D1145  Melbourne, Australia (01-Apr-92) (Ain't No April's Fool) CM
D1146  Hamilton, Canada (21-Aug-92) ("Deal Gone Down") CM  Hamilton, Canada (21-Aug-92) ("Deal Gone Down" Revisited) CM
D1148  People's Choice #25 CM
D1149.dl2  Nagoya, Japan (18-Apr-14) (ありがとう、ボブ) CM
D1149.su2  Nagoya, Japan (18-Apr-14) (ありがとう、ボブ) CM
D1150  Summer 2011 (People's Choice Vol. 22) CM
D1151  Birthday Celebration DVD (May 24, 2014) CM
D1154.dl  Tokyo, Japan (10-Apr-14) (Zepp DiverCity: Night 9) CM  Tokyo, Japan (10-Apr-14) (DVD-5 Edition) CM
D1156  Vienna, Austria (28-Jun-2014) (People's Choice Vol. 26) CM
D1158  On Tour With The Crystal Cats (People's Choice Vol. 28) CM  Los Angeles, California (15-Oct-09) (Change My Way Of Thinking) CM  Toronto, Canada (29-Oct-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D1160  Europe 2014 Vol. 1 (People's Choice Vol. 29) CM
D1161  Europe 2014 Vol. 2 (People's Choice Vol. 30) CM
D1162  Seattle, Washington (04-Sep-10) ("BUMBERSHOOT") CM  Seattle, Washington (04-Sep-10) (BUMBERSHOOT SOUND UPGRADE) CM  Mérida, Spain ("No Bull!") CM
D1164  Rome 2013 (People's Choice Vol. 31) CM
D1165.1  Bob Dylan Archive Classics (Volume 1, 2007-2009) CM
D1166  London, England (17-Feb-91) (Danger Man's Camera) CM
D1168  Year's End 2014 (People's Choice Vol. 32) CM
D117  Burlington, VT (27-Oct-92) CM
D117.2su  Burlington, VT (27-Oct-92) (2 DVDs, Sound Upgrade) CM
D1171  Newcastle, England (05-Jul-84) CM
D1175  Chicago, Illinois (10-Nov-14) ("When She Was Good..") CM
D1177.msu  Chicago, IL (14-Jul-88) (Sound Upgraded Video Master) CM
D1179  London, England (08-Jun-89) (Masters Series #124) CM
D1179.msu  London, England (08-Jun-89) (Sound Upgraded Master Video) CM
D118  Montreal, Canada (29-May-90) CM
D1180  Santiago, Chile (15-Apr-98) CM
D1182  Locarno, Switzerland 15-Jul-15 (People's Choice Vol. 35) CM
D1184  Córdoba, Spain (09-Jul-15) CM
D1186  London, England (15-Oct-87) (Masters Series #119) CM
D1186.su2  London, England (15-Oct-87) (MS #119 (2-Cam Sound Upgrade)) CM
D1187  London, England (03-Feb-90) (Masters Series Vol. 125) CM
D1188  Glasgow, Scotland (03-Feb-91) (Masters Series Vol. 133) CM
D1189  London, England (08-Feb-91) (Masters Series Vol. 134) CM
D1190  London, England (12-Feb-91) (Masters Series Vol. 135) CM
D1192  Glasgow, Scotland (02-Feb-91) (Masters Series Vol. 131) CM
D1193.msu  Den Haag, Holland (10-Jun-89) (MS-123 sound upgrade) CM
D1193.mu2  Den Haag, Holland (10-Jun-89) (MS-123 Sound Upgrade 2) CM
D1195  Knoxville, TN (05-Nov-94) (Masters Series Vol. 147) CM
D1196  Madrid, Spain (06-Jul-2015) CM
D1197.2  Memphis, TN (02-May-1997) (Improved Edition of D1197) CM
D1198.alt  Paris, France (13-Nov-2013) (Masters Series Vol. 271) CM
D1198.msu  Paris, France (13-Nov-2013) (Sound Upgraded Master Video) CM
D120  New York, Irving Plaza (08-Dec-97) CM  New York, Irving Plaza (08-Dec-97) (Watchtower Sound Upgr.) CM
D120.su2  New York, Irving Plaza (08-Dec-97) ("White Dove Will Mourn") CM
D123  London, England (29-Mar-95) CM  London, England (29-Mar-95) CM
D123.su2  London, England (29-Mar-95) ("Things To Do & Places To Be") CM
D124.msu  London, England (30-Mar-95) (Elvis Goes To Meet Bob) CM  London, England (30-Mar-95) CM  Providence, RI (17-Apr-97) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D125.su2  Providence, RI (17-Apr-97) (Never Gonna Be The Same) CM
D126  Brookville, NY (30-Jan-98) CM  Brookville, NY (30-Jan-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Portland, OR (12-Jun-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D128  Aberdeen, Scotland (16-Sep-00) CM  Medford (Central Point), OR (09-Oct-01) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Baltimore, Maryland (08-Nov-1999) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D132  Dylavision (by "Bobzilla TV") CM
D133.su2  Duluth, MN (03-Jul-99) ("Face To Face In Duluth Rvstd.) CM
D133.su3  Duluth, MN (03-Jul-99) (Face To Face In Duluth (Rvstd)) CM
D134  Niagara Falls, Canada (23-Aug-03) CM
D154  Loreley, Germany (17-Jul-81) CM  Hamilton, Ontario (11-Jul-88) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Toronto, Canada (07-Aug-97) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D159  Quest for Newport (Commercial) CM
D160  Toronto, Canada (18-Jul-00) CM
D162  Canada 1975-1981 (Toronto 81, 75, 78 & Montreal 81) --  Münster, Germany (01-Oct-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Barcelona, Spain (16-Jun-89) (Sound Upgrade, +Bonus) CM
D169.ra  Ames, IA (07-Apr-94) (Remastered Audio) CM  Ames, IA (07-Apr-94) CM
D173.su2  Gothenburg, Sweden (10-Jun-98) CM
D174.su2  Los Angeles, CA (22-May-98) ("Ranking Strangers") CM
D174.suu  Los Angeles, CA (22-May-98) ("Upgraded Sound Upgrade") CM
D176.m  Portsmouth, England (24-Sep-00) (Masters Series Vol. 099) CM  Portsmouth, England (24-Sep-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D177  Somebody Touched Me (UK Tour 2000 Compilation) --
D178  Sunrise, FL (01-Feb-02) --  Sunrise, FL (01-Feb-02) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Vancouver, Canada (14-May-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D180.suu  Vancouver, Canada (14-May-98) (Upgraded Sound Upgrade) CM
D182  London/Brixton (31-Mar-95) CM
D182.pal  London/Brixton (31-Mar-95) CM  Stanhope, NJ (10-Sep-88) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Cleveland, OH (17-Nov-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D186  11 Entwürfe für 1 Geburtstagsgruß (Bob Dylan wird 50) CM
D187  The Gospel Years (1979-1980)
The Gospel Years (1979-1980)
D188.su2  Philadelphia, PA (17-Nov-01) (2-Disk Sound & Video Upgrade) CM
D188.su3  Philadelphia, PA (17-Nov-01) (Soomlos Sound Upgrade) CM  Amherst, MA (18-Nov-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D190  New York, NY (19-Nov-01) ("Garden Variety") CM
D191  Essex Junction, VT (10-Jul-91) CM
D197.su2  Liverpool, UK (12-Jul-01) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D200.msu  Boston, MA (16-Nov-02) ("Waiting For Dave Mathews") CM
D2000  2015 Tour Revised (Masters Series Vol. 259) CM
D2003  Brussels, Belgium (01-Nov-15) (People's Choice Vol. 39) CM
D2004  Glasgow, Scotland (17-Sep-00) (Masters Series Vol. 174) CM  Stockholm, Sweden (05-Apr-02) CM
D2013  With One Hand Waving Free (A Buried Treasure Production) CM
D2016  Stockholm, Sweden (26-Sep-87) (Masters Series Vol. 209) CM
D2017  Toronto, Canada (29-Oct-81) (Masters Series Vol. 213) CM
D2018  Patras, Greece (26-Jun-89) (Masters Series Vol. 214) CM
D2019  Athens, Greece (28-Jun-89) (Masters Series Vol. 215) CM
D2021  Stanhope, NJ (10-Sep-88) (Masters Series Vol. 230) CM
D2022.msu  Copenhagen, Denmark (10-Jun-84) (Sound Upgraded Master Video) CM
D2026.msu  Las Vegas, NV (13-May-95) (Sound Upgraded Master Video) CM  Albany, NY (18-Apr-97) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D203.su2  Albany, New York (18-Apr-97) (Albany '97 (4th Time Around) ) CM
D203.suu  Albany, NY (18-Apr-97) ("Upgraded Sound Upgrade") CM
D2035.dl  Tokyo, Japan (06-Apr-16) (Sound Upgraded DVD-9 Edition) CM
D2036  Vienna, VA (06-Jul-16) ("Through Spyglasses, Darkly") CM
D2038.dl  Mashantucket, CT (03-Jul-16) (Sound Upgraded DVD-9 ) CM  Essex Junction, VT (07-Sep-88) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D2043  Fort Lauderdale, FL (29-Jul-03) (The Dead and Dylan) CM
D2044.dl  Tokyo, Japan (26-Apr-16) (DVD-9 Edition) CM
D2047  "The Dylan Archives" (Asbury Park Film & Music Fest) CM
D2049  Nottingham, England (05-May-17) (Master Series Vol. 266) CM
D206.msu  London/Hammersmith (11-Feb-93) (Master Video Sound Upgrade) CM
D207.m  Birmingham (24-Jun-98) (Masters Series Vol. 096) CM
D207.msu  Birmingham, UK (24-Jun-98) (BOB & VAN KNOCKIN') CM
D208.msu  London/Hammersmith (07-Feb-93) (Master Video Sound Upgrade) CM
D213.m  London, England (17-Oct-87) (Masters Series 059) CM
D214.msu  Cardiff, Wales (27-Mar-95) (Sound Upgraded Master Video) CM  Cardiff, Wales (27-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Liverpool, UK (26-Jun-96) (Masters Series Vol. 087) CM  Liverpool, UK (27-Jun-96) (Masters Series Vol. 088) CM
D218.su2  Newcastle, England (20-Jun-98) CM  Sheffield, England (22-Sep-00) (2-Disk Sound Upgrade) CM
D220.m  Manchester, UK (25-Jun-98) (Masters Series Vol. 097) CM
D221.m  London/Wembley (27-Jun-98) (Masters Series Vol. 098) CM
D221.msu  London/Wembley (27-Jun-98) (Yesterday Was A Long Time) CM
D222.msu  Bournemouth, UK (01-Oct-97) (Sound Upgraded Master Video) CM
D222.mu2  Bournemouth, UK (01-Oct-97) (Improved Edition of D222.msu) CM
D226.m  London, England (04-Feb-90) (Masters Series Vol. 061) CM  London, England (04-Feb-90) (Masters Series Vol. 126) CM
D227  London, England (09-Feb-91) C-
D227.m  London, England (09-Feb-91) (Masters Series Vol. 069) CM
D228.m  London, England (10-Feb-91) (Masters Series Vol. 070) CM  London, England (10-Feb-91) CM
D229.m  London, England (12-Feb-91) (Masters Series Vol. 071) CM
D230.m  London, England (13-Feb-91) (Masters Series Vol. 072) CM  London, England (13-Feb-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D231.m  London, England (16-Feb-91) (Masters Series Vol. 073) CM
D232.m  London, England (17-Feb-91) (Masters Series Vol. 074) CM
D232.msu  London, England (17-Feb-91) ("Wiggle 'til you vomit fire!") CM
D233  Stirling Castle (13-Jul-01) CM
D233.msu  Stirling Castle (13-Jul-01) (Master Video Sound Upgrade) CM
D234.m  Newcastle, UK (19-Sep-00) (Masters Series Vol. 109) CM  Brussels, Belgium (30-Jan-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Portsmouth, England (25-Sep-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D237  London/Wembley (06-Oct-00) C-
D239.m  Cardiff, Wales (06-May-02) (Masters Series Vol. 102) CM  Cardiff, Wales (06-May-02) (16:9 Sound Upgrade) CM
D240.m  Newcastle, England (08-May-02) (Masters Series Vol. 103) CM
D242.msu  Birmingham, England (10-May-02) (Moonlight In Birmingham) CM
D243  London, England (11-May-02) CM
D243.mu2  London, England (11-May-02) (2-Cam Master Sound Upgrade) CM
D244.mu2  London, England (12-May-02) (2-Cam Master Sound Upgrade) CM  Aschaffenburg, Germany (15-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D259  New York, NY (12-Aug-03) CM  New York, NY (12-Aug-03) CM  New York, NY (20-Aug-03) (Watchtower Sound Upgrade) CM  Kiel, Germany (25-Jul-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Vienna, Austria (21-Jul-81) (Sound Upgr., 2 DVDs) CM  New York, NY (13-Aug-03) CM
D267  New York, NY (14-Dec-95) CM  Paris 31-Jan-90 & London 05-Feb-90 (Sound Upgrade) CM
D274  Through The Years, Vol. 1 (ProShot Compilation) CM
D275  London/Wembley (15-Nov-03) CM  Sheffield, England (20-Nov-03) (THANKS, BOYS!!) CM
D278  London/Brixton (25-Nov-03) (Series Of Dylan 004) C-
D280.sse  London/Hammersmith (24-Nov-03) (Surround Sound Edition) CM
D281.su1  Paris, France (31-Jan-90) (Sound Upgrade, 1 DVD) CM
D281.suu  Paris, France (31-Jan-90) (Sound Upgraded Mastertape) CM  Seattle, WA (21-Aug-93) CM
D284.msu  Birmingham, AL (07-Feb-99) ("ALABAMA SLAMMER") CM  Birmingham, AL (07-Feb-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Bethlehem, PA (08-Nov-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Milano, Italy (27-Jun-93) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D288.suu  New York, NY, MSG (27-Jul-99) (Upgraded Sound Upgrade) CM
D289.ra  Springfield, MA (12-Oct-90) (The Halls Of Montezuma) CM  Springfield, MA (12-Oct-90) (... To The Shores Of Tripoli) CM  Rochester, MN (31-Mar-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Brussels, Belgium (23-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D295  Munich, Germany (21-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Iowa City, IA (08-Nov-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Sioux City, IA (26-Apr-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D299.su2  New York, NY (16-Oct-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D300.a  Holmdel, NJ (28-Jul-99) (Authored+edited) CM  Holmdel, NJ (28-Jul-99) (The Brother You Never Had) CM  Bern, Switzerland (17-Jul-93) (Sound Upgrade) CM  London/Shepherd's Bush (23-Nov-03) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D309  The Japanese Hard Rain (From Japanese TV) CM  The Japanese Hard Rain (Sound Upgrade) CM
D312  Frankfurt (28-Sep-87) ("Hidden Treasure Series" Sound Upgr.) CM
D314  West Palm Beach, FL (23-Sep-93) CM
D316  New York, NY (19-Oct-90) (Beacon Theatre) CM  London/Hammersmith (24-Nov-03) (Sound Upgrade) CM  State College, PA (06-Nov-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM  St. Louis, MO (03-Mar-04) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D323  Moline, IL (12-Jul-00) CM  Grand Rapids, MI (05-Aug-89) ("You Don't Know Me") CM
D326  Through The Years, Vol. 2 (ProShot Compilation) CM
D328  London/Brixton (25-Nov-03) CM
D329  Stolen Moments CM
D330  Man In The Long Black Coat CM
D330.hof  Cleveland, Ohio (02-Sept-95) (Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame) CM
D330.hp  London, England (29-Jun-96) CM  Toronto, Canada (19-Mar-2004) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D332.m  Brighton, UK (26-Mar-95) (Masters Series Vol. 086) CM  Athens, GA (28-Oct-1990) (Sound Upgrade) CM  London, England (08-Feb-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D335.su2  London, England (08-Feb-90) (Upgraded Sound Upgrade) CM  Indianapolis, IN (26-Oct-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D337.suu  Indianapolis, IN (26-Oct-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D342  House Of Blues, 2nd Evening (Atlanta, 04-Aug-96) CM  House Of Blues, 2nd Evening (Elite Series Vol. 006) CM
D344  The Rolling Thunder Revue Collection 1975 & 1976 (HOJO)
The Rolling Thunder Revue Collection 1975 & 1976 (HOJO)
D345  St. Louis, MO (01-Mar-2004) CM
D346  St. Louis, MO (02-Mar-2004) CM
D348.su2  Werchter, Belgium (08-Jul-90) (+Hamburg; Improved S.U.) CM
D349.m  Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK (14-Jul-95) (Masters Series Vol. 132) CM  Bismarck, North Dakota (15-Jun-90) (Masters Series Vol. 228) CM  Atlantic City, NJ (20-Jul-89) (A Legend In His Own Time) CM  Indianapolis, IN (15-Jul-88) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Springfield, IL (05-Apr-94) (Bob Knows!) CM  Cincinnati, OH (11-Jul-99) (Dylan Bogarts Bogart's Joint) CM  Birmingham/Aston Villa, UK (02-Apr-95) ("Series Of Dylan 001 S.U.") CM
D358.msu  Birmingham/Aston Villa, UK (02-Apr-95) (Sound Uprade) CM
D359.m  Birmingham/Aston Villa, UK (02-Apr-95) (Masters Series Vol. 084) CM  Birmingham/Aston Villa, UK (02-Apr-95) ("Series Of Dylan 003" S.U.) CM  Gothenburg, Sweden (25-Sep-87) (Masters Series Vol. 204) CM
D360.suu  Stuttgart (29-Sep-87) + Petty/McGuinn ("S.U. Mastertape", 2 DVDs) CM
D361  Rolling Thunder Revue: 75-76 Video Anthology (Watchdog) CM
D361.dl  Thunder Crashed... (...And Lightning Followed) CM
D362.suu  Paris, France (01-Feb-90) (Master Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM  Brussels, Belgium (17-Jun-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D365  In Concert 1984 C-  Locarno, Switzerland (05-Oct-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D366.suu  Locarno, Switzerland (05-Oct-87) ("Upgraded Sound Upgrade") CM
D368.su1  Roskilde, Denmark (29-Jun-90) (Sound Upgrade, 1 DVD) CM
D371  Bits And Pieces (Rare Pro-Shots 1969-2000) --
D373  Morrison, CO (27-Jul-86) CM  Morrison, CO (27-Jul-86) (Masters Series Vol. 208) CM
D376  Oxford, OH (29-Oct-99) + Columbus, OH (03-Nov-99 --  Offenbach, Germany (19-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Hartford, CT (24-Jul-99) ("We Were Singing Car-Tunes") CM  Salisbury, MD (15-Nov-00) CM
D382  Cardiff, UK (18-Jun-04) ("Series of Dylan 005") CM  Hamburg, Germany (31-May-84) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Atlanta, GA (16-Aug-89) CM  Akron, OH (23-Nov-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D387  Frejus, France (13-Jun-89) CM
D388  MTV Unplugged Rehearsal --  Budapest, Hungary (12-Jun-91) ("Dangerous 001" Sound Upgr.) CM  Correggio, Italy (05-Jul-92) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Merano, Italy (07-Jul-92) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Bologna, Italy (07-Jun-91) ("Dangerous 005" Sound Upgrade) CM  Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (10-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Verona, Italy (29-May-84) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM  Rotterdam, Netherlands (04-Jun-84) (Masters Series Vol. 211) CM  Rotterdam, Netherlands (04-Jun-84) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D402  Sydney, Australia (12-Feb-86) (2 DVDs) CM
D405  New York, NY (08-Dec-75) (Mel's Night of the Hurricane) --
D414  TV Appearances (Commercial Bootleg) CM
D415  TV Live & Rare '63-'75 (Semi-official "Brazilian" release) CM  Dunkerque (Dunkirk), France (30-Jun-92) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Rochester, MN (24-Apr-94) ("God Knows I Believe In You") CM
D418  Berkeley, CA (26-May-95) (2 DVDs) CM  Berkeley, CA (26-May-95) ("Obviously Five Believers") CM  Pisa, Italy (26-Jun-93) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Rome, Italy (06-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D435  Napoli (Naples), Italy (25-Jun-93) CM
D437.sud  Prague, Czech Republic (13-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade, DL) CM  San Remo, Italy (07-Jul-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D440  Des Moines, IA (28-Aug-04) CM
D441.1  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 1 CM
D441.2  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 2 CM
D441.3  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 3 CM
D441.4  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 4 (Earls Court) CM  Peace Sunday and 1978 (Masters Series Vol. 237) CM
D442  Glasgow/Barrowland (24-Jun-04) CM
D442.m  Glasgow/Barrowland (24-Jun-04) (Masters Series Vol 016) CM  Nashville, TN (08-Nov-94) (Jammin' At The Ryman) CM
D449  Glasgow, UK (21-Jun-98) CM  Glasgow, UK (21-Jun-98) (Cold Irons Unbound) CM
D449.su2  Glasgow, UK (21-Jun-98) (Cold Irons Bound Unbound ) CM
D450.m  Paris, France (03-Jul-94) (Masters Series Vol. 143) CM
D450.msu  Paris, France (03-Jul-94) (Sound Upgraded Video Master) CM
D451.m  Lyon, France (05-Jul-94) (Masters Series Vol. 145) CM
D453.msu  East Rutherford, NJ (21-Jul-86) (Happy Birthday, Howie!) CM  East Rutherford, NJ (21-Jul-86) (Sound Upgrade, PAL) CM
D454.m  Besançon, France (04-Jul-94) (Masters Series Vol. 144) CM  Besançon, France (04-Jul-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Gainesville, GA (04-Nov-94) (Masters Series Vol. 146) CM  Gainesville, GA (04-Nov-94) (Stuck Inside Of Gainesville ) CM
D455.su2  Gainesville, GA (04-Nov-94) (Stuck Inside Of Gainesville ) CM  Jackson, TN (10-Nov-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Dylan and the Dead, 24-Jul-87 (Sound upgrade) CM
D459  Glasgow/SECC, UK (23-Jun-04) CM
D460  Rochester, MI (17/18-Jul-88) --  Binghamton, NY (14-Nov-04) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D462  Syracuse, NY (04-May-80) ("Mel's Tour '80") CM  Bethlehem, PA (16-Nov-04) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Champaign, IL (20-Apr-94) (INSIDE THE ASSEMBLY HALL) CM
D467  Cernobbio, Italy (03-Jul-04) --  Rome, Italy (05-Jul-98) ("Dancing Child With His American Suit") CM
D470.su2  Rome, Italy (05-Jul-98) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D471  Through The Years LIVE Vol. 1 CM
D472.2  The Genuine Telecasts 1963-2002 (Commercial bootleg. 2 Disks) CM  San Sebastian, Spain (17-Jun-89) (Masters Series Vol. 226) CM  Paris, France (29-Jan-90) (Sound Upgrade, 2DVDs) CM  Stra, Italy (02-Jul-04) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D478  "Polar Worlds Night" compilation CM
D479.up  Knight of the Hurricane & Toronto 2 Dec 1975 CM  Philadelphia, PA (16-Dec-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM  De Kalb, IL (31-Oct-04) CM
D485  Best Of Telecasts CM
D486.su2  Minneapolis, MN (23-Oct-98) ("Caviar In A King-Sized Bed") CM
D487  The Genuine Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Celebration (4 DVDs) CM
D488  Dublin, Ireland (05-Feb-91) (+ London 8 & 17 Feb 1991) C-  Dublin, Ireland (05-Feb-91) (SOUND UPGRADE: DUBLIN ONLY) CM  Rome+ Livorno, Italy 1989 (Sound Upgrade) C-
D492  Bob Dylan in Israel 1993 (Tel-Aviv & Be'er-Sheva Sound Upgrade) CM  Kansas City, MO (01-Nov-91) ("A Song About Somebody Else") CM  Hannover, Germany (20-Sep-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D497.suu  Milano, Italy (04-Oct-87) (Sound Upgraded Mastertape) CM  East Troy, WI (18-Jun-88) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D499.JTT  Guitar Legends (From EXPO '92 at Seville) CM
D501.m  London/Hammersmith (07-Feb-93) (Masters Series Vol. 136) CM
D501.msu  London/Hammersmith (07-Feb-93) (MS-136 Sound Upgrade) CM  London/Hammersmith (07-Feb-93) CM
D502.m  London/Hammersmith (08-Feb-93) (Masters Series Vol. 137) CM  London/Hammersmith (08-Feb-93) CM
D503.m  London/Hammersmith (09-Feb-93) (Masters Series Vol. 138) CM
D503.mu2  London/Hammersmith (09-Feb-93) (Improved Edition of D503.msu ) CM
D504  London/Hammersmith (11-Feb-93) ("Two Riders Film") CM
D504.m  London/Hammersmith (11-Feb-93) (Masters Series Vol. 139) CM  London/Hammersmith (11-Feb-93) CM
D505.m  London/Hammersmith (12-Feb-93) (Masters Series Vol. 140) CM  London/Hammersmith (12-Feb-93) CM  London/Hammersmith (13-Feb-93) CM
D510  The Clips CM
D511.m  London/Wembley (16-Oct-87) (Masters Series Vol. 120) CM
D511.mu2  London/Wembley (16-Oct-87) (2-Cam Sound Upgrade) CM  Rotterdam, Netherlands (06-Jun-84) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D519  Desolation Row (The Marionette Performance) --  Philadelphia, PA (20-Aug-97) (Sound Upgrade) CM  London/Wembley (07-Jul-84) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D530  Tokyo 86 & Rare 70s Clips (ProShots+Audience) --
D531.hq  Inglewood, CA (12-Feb-89) (Grateful Dead with Bob Dylan) CM
D533  Rollin' Down The Road (1984-2004 Compilation, 2 DVDs) CM
D534  1984 Tours Film ("Dominique Roques super 8mm") CM
D534.ms2  D. Roques super 8mm Vol. 2 (Masters Series Vol. 222) CM  London/Wembley (15-Oct-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D536.mu2  London/Wembley (15-Oct-87) (3-Cam Mix) CM
D540  London/Wembley (14-Oct-87)
No menu & only 1 Chapter
--  London/Wembley (14-Oct-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D541.msu  Rotterdam, Holland CM
D542  Do You, Mr. Smith? (1989-90 Compilation) CM
D543.psu  West Point, NY (13-Oct-90) (Partial Sound Upgrade) CM  Mannheim, Germany (18-Jul-81) (Sound Upgrade; +London'81) CM  Den Haag, Netherlands (10-Jun-89) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D547  Foxboro, MA (04-Jul-87) (Pro-Shot with Greateful Dead) C-
D547.hq  Foxboro, MA (04-Jul-87) (Pro-Shot with Greateful Dead) CM
D547.ra  Foxboro, MA (04-Jul-87) (Remastered Sound) CM  Foxboro, MA (04-Jul-87) (Soundupgrade) CM
D550  Through The Years LIVE Vol. 2 CM
D553  Sometime In The Summertime (Europe 1978/1981) CM
D554  TV Appearance 1963-1975 CM  London, England (12-May-02) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM  New York, NY (29-Apr-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM  New York, NY (30-Apr-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Verona, NY (20-Apr-05) (Watchtower Sound Upgrade) CM
D560  Three Nights In New York (Verona/NY + NYC, April 2005) CM
D562  90's Live CM  London/Wembley (16-Oct-87) CM
D567.m  London/Wembley (17-Oct-87) (Masters Series Vol. 121) CM
D567.msu  London/Wembley (17-Oct-87) (MS-121 sound upgrade) CM  Avignon, France (25-Jul-81) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D569  Lucky Dip CM
D570  Shot Of Love (Loreley/Mannheim/Avignon '81 Sound Upgr.) CM  Brussels, Belgium (07-Jun-84) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D572  Infinity Goes Up On Trial 001 CM  Belfast, Northern Ireland (06-Feb-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D577  Two Nights In Nashville (8 & 9 Nov 1994) CM  Birmingham, AL (05-Jun-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Portland, OR (12-Mar-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D583  West Point, NY (15-Oct-94) CM  West Point, NY (15-Oct-94) (Stage Diving @ The Point) CM  Fort Worth, TX (04-Jul-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D586 10th Anniversary Event (16-Jul-05) 10th Anniversary Event (16-Jul-05)
--  Offenbach, Germany (19-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade)
D589.hq  Verona, Italy (01-Oct-87) -M
D589.suu  Verona, Italy (01-Oct-87) ("Upgraded Sound Upgrade") CM
D590.vcd  Braunschweig, Germany (05-Jul-01) (VCD-sourced) CM  London, England (30-Jun-81) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D594  1988 Shows (Canandaigua, Charlevoix, Chicago) CM  Wilkes Barre, PA (21-Nov-02) (Sound Upgrade, 2DVDs) CM
D596  Covered By Bob Dylan (2 DVDs) CM  Rotterdam, Netherlands (19-Sep-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D600  Sauget, IL (08-Jul-05) CM
D602  1978 Films (Terre Haute, Paris & Rotterdam) CM  London, England (03-Feb-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D605.m  Rome, Italy (03-Oct-87) ("Master Copy") CM
D605.msu  Rome, Italy (03-Oct-87) CM  Munich, Germany (21-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM  8mm Films 1976-1980 (The Masters Series Vol. 236) CM  Ames, IA (02-Nov-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Munich, Germany (30-Sep-87) (Sound Upgraded Mastertape) CM
D616  Toulouse 1981 + Verona 1987 CM  Paris, France (30-Jan-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Toulouse, France (21-Jun-81) --
D620  Rochester, NY (22-Oct-94) CM  Stuttgart, Germany (17-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Groningen, The Netherlands (18-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D627  Two Nights In Boston (Boston, MA, 24/25-Oct-89) CM
D629  Dylan and the Dead (East Rutherford 1987) CM
D630.alt  Renaldo & Clara Songs (In Stereo) CM  Hamburg, Germany (24-Oct-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Bologna, Italy (10-Nov-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM  London, England (20-Nov-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Munich, Germany (19-Jul-81) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D636.suu  Munich, Germany (19-Jul-81) (Master Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D637  Frejus (13-Jun-89) + Den Haag (10-Jun-89) (Sound Upgrade) CM  La Spezia, Italy (20-Jul-01) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D643  So Many Directions Home, Vol. 1 CM  Basel, Switzerland (10-Sep-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Essen, Germany (18-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D647  Birmingham, UK (18-Nov-05) CM  Manchester, UK (16-Nov-05) CM
D649  Nottingham, UK (15-Nov-05) CM  Pescara, Italy (22-Jul-01) (Sound Upgrade) CM  London, England (04-Feb-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Münster, Germany (01-Jul-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Prague, Czech Republic (07-Nov-05) (Sound Upgrade, 2DVDs)
On 1 DVD
CM  Graz, Austria (14-Jul-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D657  Juan-les-Pins (Antibes), France (12-Jul-92) CM
D659  The Video Collection ("Buried Treasure") CM  Puyallup, WA (22-Sep-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Hamburg, Germany (31-May-84) (Masters Series Vol. 210) CM
D664  So Many Directions Home, Vol. 2 CM
D666  Bakersfield, CA (05-Apr-06) --  Cardiff, Wales (23-Sep-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D668  Wallingford, CT (18-Aug-97) CM
D668.vsu  Wallingford, CT (18-Aug-97) ("Danko & Dylan Deliver!") CM  Utica, NY (24-Apr-97) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D672.su2  Utica, NY (24-Apr-97) (Video Upgrade) CM
D673  Bob Dylan And The Band / 69 - 70 (Commercial Bootleg) CM
D674.msu  Cardiff, Wales (3-Oct-97) (Master Sound Upgrade) CM  Cardiff, Wales (3-Oct-97) CM  Passariano, Italy (08-Jul-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D676  Hannover, Germany (03-Jul-95) CM
D678  I've Been To London and Gay Paree (Paris/London 1990) CM  Edinburgh, Scotland (06-Apr-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D680  3sat clip (Video clips from German TV) CM  Las Vegas, NV (11-Nov-95) (HW Sound Upgrade) CM  Pistoia, Italy (15-Jul-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D684.suu  Cardiff, Wales (27-Jun-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D685  Brighton 2002 + Bournemouth 2006 ("Motions Of The Sea") CM  Brighton 2002 CM
D685.su2  Bournemouth 2006 (Sound Upgrade) CM
D687  Portsmouth + Dresden 2000 CM
D687.m  Portsmouth, UK (24-Sep-00) (Masters Series Vol 4) CM  Dresden, Germany (24-May-2000) (Bob's 59th Birthday Bash) CM
D688.m  London, England (12-Jun-93) (Masters Series Vol. 142) CM
D693.m  Paris, France (23-Feb-93) CM
D693.msu  Paris, France (23-Feb-93) (Merci, merci!) CM  Belfort, France (02-Jul-92) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Sacramento, CA (09-Jun-88) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Manchester, England (03/04-Apr-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D700.a  The Lost Waltz (On two DVD-Rs) CM
D701.mix  Prague, Czech Republic (11-Mar-95) (Two Cam Mix, S.U.) CM
D701.mx1  Prague, Czech Republic (11-Mar-95) (Newly Edited Two-Cam Mix ) CM
D701.mx2  Prague, Czech Republic (11-Mar-95) (Newly Edited 2-Cam Mix (2) ) CM  Brussels, Belgium (23-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Verona, Italy (01-Oct-87) (Sound Upgraded Mastertape) CM  San Francisco, CA (16-Oct-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Minneapolis, MN (02-Sep-92) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Thunder Bay, Canada (27-Aug-92 CM
D713.m  Reims, France (from master source) CM  Wheeling, West VA (28-Apr-97) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Salzburg, Austria (09-Jul-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Maple (Vaughan), Canada (29-Jul-89) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Milano, Italy (08-Jun-91) CM
D725  Documentary Of The First Italian Tour (1984) CM  Hollywood / Los Angeles, CA (14-May-92) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D728  Italia 2006 (Pistoia, Roma & Foggia) CM  Uniondale, NY (13-Nov-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Copenhagen, Denmark (23-24 July 1996) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Crossing the San Francisco Bay (SF & Berkeley 1992) CM  Newcastle, England (19-Sep-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D737.csu  Prague, Czech Republic (16-Jul-94) (Complete Sound Upgrade) CM  Philadelphia, PA (18-Nov-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM  New York, NY (20-Nov-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Amsterdam, The Netherlands (09-Apr-07) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Glasgow, Scotland (11-Apr-07) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Foggia, Italy (19-Jul-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Cava de'Tirreni, Italy (21-Jun-89) (Sound Upgrade) CM  London, England (15-Apr-07) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D748  Paris, France (23-Apr-07) CM  Chicago, IL (26-Oct-99) (Late Show; Sound Upgrade) CM
D753.msu  Birmingham, England (17-Apr-07) (master source sound upgrade) CM  Birmingham, England (17-Apr-07) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Chicago, IL (26-Oct-99) (Early Show; Sound Upgrade) CM  Stockholm, Sweden (28-Mar-07) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D758  Taj Mahall & Friends CM  Wantagh, NY (29-Jun-07) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Gothenburg, Sweden (14-May-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Utrecht, Netherlands (21-Jun-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Essen, Germany (16-Jun-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Bremen, Germany (14-Jun-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Halle, Germany (23-Jul-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D765  Chicago, IL (14-Jul-88) CM  Chicago, IL (14-Jul-88) CM  Chicago, IL (31-Oct-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Durham, NH (17-Nov-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM  San Francisco, California (05-May-92) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Bridgeport, CT (30-Sep-07) (1st Sound Upgrade) CM
D772.ms2  Stockholm, Sweden (28-May-89) (Masters Series Vol. 206) CM
D773  I Remember You (Bob Dylan and Freddy Koella DVD Compilation) CM  Bad Mergentheim, Germany (22-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Portland, OR (11-Mar-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Berlin, Germany (17-Jun-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D777  Correggio, Italy (05-Jul-92) (Two-Camera Mix) CM
D778.m  London, England (05-Oct-97) (Masters Series Vol. 093) CM
D778.msu  London, England (05-Oct-97) (A world of illusion at my door) CM  London, England (05-Oct-97) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Brussels, Belgium (22-Jun-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D780  Huesca, Spain (06-Jul-93) CM
D782  Melbourne, Australia (19-Aug-07) (Two-Camer Mix, S.U.) CM
D784  Auckland, New Zealand (11-Aug-07) CM  Bethlehem, PA (18-Feb-99) CM  Binghamton, NY (19-Feb-99) CM  Cincinnati, OH (19-Feb-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D788  Cincinnati, OH (19-Feb-98) CM
D790  Colorado Springs, CO (06-Jun-99) CM
D790.ra  Colorado Springs, CO (06-Jun-99) (Remastered Audio) CM  Colorado Springs, CO (06-Jun-9 CM
D791.m2  London, England (12-Jun-93) (Masters Series Vol 028 (2DVDs)) CM
D791.msu  London, England (12-Jun-93) (Sound Upgrade) CM  Denver, CO (07-Jun-99)
CM  Milano, Italy (19-Jun-89) CM  Assago, Italy (27-Apr-07) CM  Vienna, Austria (10-Jun-08) CM  Dublin, Ireland (04-Jun-89) CM  Madrid, Spain (15-Jun-89) (Casa De Oro) CM
D801.su2  Madrid, Spain (15-Jun-89) (2-Video Source Upgrade) CM
D802  Miami 1993 and Oslo 1995 CM  Petange, Luxembourg (21-Feb-93) CM  Memphis, TN (05-Feb-99) CM
D804.su2  Memphis, TN (05-Feb-99) ("Positively Beale Street") CM  Modern Bob InThe UK (2000-2007) CM  Bergamo, Italy (16-Jun-08) CM
D808  Tampa, FL (15-Nov-89) CM  Denver, CO (05-Jun-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D813  Best Of House Of Blues-2008 CM
D815  Six Nights In London (1993) ( Hammersmith Apollo Residency) CM
D816  Ottawa, Canada (30-Jul-89) CM  Ottawa, Canada (30-Jul-89) (Masters Series Vol. 262) CM
D817  Bielefeld, Germany (16-Mar-95) CM  Bielefeld, Germany (16-Mar-95) ("Dignity Been Videographed") CM
D817.su2  Bielefeld, Germany (16-Mar-95) ("Dignity Been Videographed") CM
D818.msu  Lyon, France (05-Jul-94) (Les Hommes Joker Voir Bobby) CM
D818.psu  Lyon, France (05-Jul-94) ("Electric Lyon 94") CM  Offenbach 91 and Utrecht 93 (Sound Upgrade) CM
D820  Prague, Czech Republic (23-Oct-03) CM
D820.su3  Prague, Czech Republic (23-Oct CM  Acoustic Bob 2000 CM
D822  New York City, NY (21-Jan-98) CM  Philadelphia, PA (10-Jul-87) (Dylan and the Dead)
No Menu
D824.su2  Philadelphia, PA (10-Jul-87) (Dylan and the Dead) CM
D828  The Video Collection Volume 2 CM
D832  Two Nights In Chicago (plus Austin '86) CM
D833  Spirit Festival C-
D833.msu  Kansas City, MO (31-Aug-97) (Master Video Sound Upgrade) CM
D834  Ithaca, New York, USA (15-Nov-99) CM
D834.2  Ithaca, New York, USA (15-Nov-99) CM
D836.a  Trento, Italy (15-Jun-08) CM
D837  Worcester, MA (14-Nov-99) CM
D838  Boston, MA (24-Oct-89) CM
D842  Valencia, Spain (07-Jul-06) CM
D843  Jérez de la Frontera, Spain (0 CM
D845  Newcastle, England (12-Apr-07) (The Last Time) CM  Newcastle, England (12-Apr-07) (The Last Time (Revisited)) CM
D847  Manchester, England 25-Jun-98 (Oh, Me, Oh, My!) CM
D847.2  Manchester, England 25-Jun-98 ("Oh, Me, Oh, My!" Revisited) CM
D849  I Was There (Summer tours 2008) CM
D851  Martin Luther King Birthday CM  Hamburg, Germany (23-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D854.2  Milwaukee, WI (04-Jul-99) (BOB & PAUL-JULY 4th (2 disks) ) CM
D855.1  Albany, NY, USA (20-Jul-99) (Words Of The Prophets) CM
D855.2  Albany, NY, USA (20-Jul-99) (Words Of The Prophets-2 disks) CM  Copenhagen, Denmark 29-Mar-09 ("Let Me See What You Got") CM
D858.2  Shakopee, MN, July 2, 1999 (Bob & Paul Play Shakopee (2)) CM
D859  Brussels, Belgium (22-Apr-09) CM
D860  Columbus, OH (03-Nov-99) (Hello, Columbus!) CM
D860.2  Columbus, OH (03-Nov-99) (Hello, Columbus! (2-Disks)) CM
D861  Pittsburgh, PA (05-Nov-99) ("I Started Out On Burgundy...") CM
D862  East Lansing, MI (02-Nov-99) (Smells Like Spartan Spirit) CM
D862.2  East Lansing, MI (02-Nov-99) (Smells Like Spartan Spirit (2)) CM  London, England (25-Apr-09) CM
D863.su2  London, England (25-Apr-09) (PAL Widescreen) CM
D864  St. Johns, Canada (01-Apr-97) CM
D865  LIVE IN SWEDEN 2009 CM  Sheffield, England (24-Apr-09) CM
D870.m  Bournemouth, UK (05-May-02) (Masters Series Vol. 101) CM
D871  Amsterdam, The Netherlands (12-Apr-09) ("Easter Time, Too") CM
D872  "Live In Amsterdam 2009" CM  Cardiff, Wales (28-Apr-09) (PAL Widescreen Sound Upgrade) CM  Birmingham, England (29-Apr-09) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D878.psu  WILLIE & JOHN & BOB (24-Jul-09) (Partial Sound Upgrade) CM
D879  Gothenburg, Sweden (01-Apr-07) CM
D880  Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA (Late Show + Early Show Bonus) CM
D880.nb  Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA (Late Show Only (No Bonus)) CM
D881  Liverpool, England (01-May-09) CM  Liverpool, England (01-May-09) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D882  New York City, NY (18-Jan-98) (2-Source Sound Upgrade) CM
D883  New York City, NY (17-Jan-98) (2-Source Sound Upgrade) CM
D884  New York City, NY (16-Jan-98) (2-Source Sound Upgrade) CM  Rome, Italy (17-Apr-09) CM
D888  Atlantic City, NJ (31-Jan-98) (If Your Memory Serves You Well) CM
D889.2su  Berkeley, CA (11-Oct-09) ("This Dream Of You") CM
D890  Champaign, IL (27-Oct-99) ("Please Notify My Next Of Kin") CM
D892.ytb  Portland, Oregon (07-Oct-09) (YouTube clips) CM
D893  Milwaukee, WI (30-Oct-99) (2-Camera Sound Upgrade) CM
D894  Philadelphia, PA (09-Nov-09) CM
D897  Piano Years (A buried Treasure Production) CM
D900  Stockholm, Sweden (23-Mar-09) CM
D901  Winston-Salem, NC (08-Feb-02) (2-Disk Sound Upgrade) CM
D902  State College, Pennsylvania (2-Disk Sound Upgrade) CM
D905  Kitchener, Canada (07-Nov-09) (24-Bit Sound Upgrade) CM
D906.ep  Nara, Japan 22nd May 1994 (The Great Music Experience) CM
D907  Atlantic City, NJ (19-Nov-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D909  Newark, Delaware (20-Nov-99) (Runaround Sue?) CM
D910  Reno, NV, 17-Mar-00, Late Show (One Roving Blade) CM
D910.2  Reno, NV, 17-Mar-00, Late Show (The Roving Blade) CM
D911  Sioux Falls, SD (01-Apr-00) (2-Disk Sound Upgrade) CM
D912  Cedar Rapids, Iowa (03-Apr-00) (2-Camera Sound Upgrade) CM
D913  Morgantown, WV (14-Nov-01) (Sound Upgraded ) CM  Phoeniz, Arizona (17-Oct-09) CM
D919.ytb  Belgrade, Serbia (06-Jun-10) CM
D920  Birmingham, England (02-Apr-95) (3-Video Source Sound Upgrade) CM
D921  Seoul, South Korea (31-Mar-10) CM
D922  Hartford, CT (19-Apr-97) (2-Disks With Upgraded Audio) CM
D923  Olean, NY (25-Apr-97) (In The Hills Of Mystery) CM
D924  Scranton, PA, USA (12-Aug-97) ("Here's A Song About ... Me") CM
D925  Vienna, VA (24-Aug-97) (DYLAN GREETS LOMAX @ WOLF TRAP) CM
D926  Hershey, PA + Vienna, VA 1997 ("From Hershey To Wolf Trap") CM
D927  "If You Ever Go To Sweden" (South Sweden Tour 2009 ) CM
D928.yt3  People's Choice Vol. 2 (west coast US, 2010) CM
D928.yt4  People's Choice Vol. 3 CM
D928.yt5  People's Choice Vol. 4 CM
D928.yt6  Cinema BOB 2010 CM
D928.yt7  People's Choice Vol. 5 (Europe Summer 2011) CM
D928.ytb  People's Choice Vol. 1 CM
D928.ytL  L is for Linz and Ljubjana CM
D930  Liverpool, UK (27-Jun-96) ("Empire's Evening II") CM
D931  Liverpool, UK (26-Jun-96) ("Empire's Evening 1") CM
D932  1996 Tour Roundup (Short videos from Europe 1996) CM
D933.dl  London, England (08-Feb-91) CM
D935.5  1990 Hammersmith Residency (DVD 5 ) CM
D935.7m  London, England (05-Feb-90) (Masters Series Vol. 127) CM
D936.2  Washington, DC (13-Nov-10) (All The Ladies In Washington ) CM  Washington, DC (13-Nov-10) (All The Ladies In Washington )
2 DVD set, November 13, 2010 & NOT 2009 as listed
D937.2  Washington, DC (13-Nov-10) ("Yassou's Hat Cam") CM  Washington, DC (13-Nov-10) ("Yassou's Hat Cam")
2 DVD set, November 13, 2010 & NOT 2009 as listed
D938  Montreal, Canada (08-Nov-06) --
D940.2  London, England (08-Feb-90) (4-Camera Sound Upgrade) CM
D941.2  London, England (04-Feb-90) (2-cam sound upgrade) CM
D942.2  London, England (05-Feb-90) (3-cam sound upgrade) CM
D943.2  London, England (07-Feb-90) (2-cam sound upgrade) CM
D945.m  London, England (06-Feb-90) (Masters Series Vol. 128) CM
D945.psu  London, England (06-Feb-90) (Partial Sound Upgrade) CM  New York City, NY (16-Jul-86) (Masters Series Vol. 225) CM
D950  Manchester, England (03-Apr-95) CM
D952  Gonna Stop This Signifying (TV compilation 84-85) CM
D953  New York, New York (24-Nov-10) -M  New York, New York (24-Nov-10) ("Jesus Said, 'Be Ready!'") CM  London Calling (2005 UK Compilation) CM
D955.su2  Million Dollar Bash (2005 UK Compilation Vol. 2) CM  London/Hammersmith (13-Feb-93) (Thanks, Dave!) CM
D961  Clearwater, Fl (22-april-1976) CM
D962.yt2  Beijing, China (06-Apr-11) CM
D964.ytb  Taipei, Taiwan (03-Apr-11) (Partial Concert) CM
D965  Wilkes-Barre, PA (21-Nov-02) (2-Source Sound Upgrade) CM
D966.ytb  Shanghai, China 2011-04-08 (Mpeg4/Bach Soundupgrade) CM
D968.msu  Bournemouth, UK (01-Oct-97) (Master Video Sound Upgrade) CM
D969  Glasgow, Scotland (23-Jun-04) (ALL AGLOW IN GLASGOW) CM
D972.ytb  Tel Aviv, Israel (20-Jun-11) CM  London Feis (18-jun-11) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D974  Oslo, Norway (30-Jun-11) CM
D975.ytb  New York, New York (23-Nov-10) CM
D977  Liverpool, UK (12-Jul-01) ("... Takin' A Break, Man!") CM
D980  Odense, Denmark (27-Jun-11) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D982  Columbia, MD (16-Aug-2011) (Dylan + The Drive-By Truckers) --
D982.alt  Columbia, MD (16-Aug-2011) CM  Columbia, MD (16-Aug-2011) ("Hot Merriweather Night") CM
D983  Portsmouth, UK (24-Sept-00) ("DYLAN ROCKS THE GUILDHALL") CM  London/Shepherd's Bush (23-Nov-03) ("Dear Landlord! Mighty Quinn!") CM
D990  Byron Bay, Australia (25-Apr-11) CM
D991  Byron Bay, Australia (26-Apr-11) CM  Besançon, France (04-Jul-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D996  Brighton and Glasgow, 1995 (Masters Series Vol 035) CM
D998  Champaign, Ill (22-Sep-85) (Farm Aid) CM
D999  Oakland, CA (12-Dec-88) (The Bridge School Benefit) CM
BOB DYLAN concerts not listed on DVDylan (no id #)

«The Ultimate Genuine Telecasts» Vol.1 (1963-1985) (1DVD)
«The Ultimate Genuine Telecasts» Vol.2 (1986-2002) (1DVD)

1963-1966 Festival! 1963-1966 Newport Folk Festivals (1DVD) (OFFICIAL RELEASE - NO TRADE) D408

1965 «Dont Look Back» - 65 Tour Deluxe Edition (2DVD)
.. Disc 1: Dont Look Back (documentary)
.. Disc 2: 65 Revisited (Dont Look Back Outtake Film)

- Various «Masterpieces» (1DVD) Exc. proShot
- 1965 «The London Bridges Project» Various, Tour of England 1965 (2DVD) VG ProShot
- 1984-2012 Odds 'N' Ends Again (YouTube) (3DVD) G AudShot
- 1987-2012 «Bits '87-'12» (YouTube) (1DVD)
- 2001–2010 «Recent Times» various locations (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 2010-2012 «Modern Ballads» (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2010-2013 Odds 'n' Ends #9,10,11,12 (YouTube [70-71-73-76]) (4DVD)VG/Exc Pro & AudShot
- 2011-2012 Odds 'N' Ends 2011-1012 (YouTube) (3DVD) VG/Exc Auhot
- 2011-2012 Here We Go Again More Odds 'N' Ends (YouTube) (3DVD)
- 2012 «Odds 'N' Ends South America 2012» (YouTube Comp) (6 DVD) G/Exc AudShot
- 2012 «Odds 'N' Ends South America 2012 Vol. 2» (YouTube Comp) (5 DVD) G/Exc AudShot

- 1963-08-28 «March On Washington» (1DVD+1CD) VG ProShot B&W
- 1965 San Francisco Press Conference KQED-TV (51:04) (1DVD) Exc ProShot B&W no id #
- 1974-01-28 Nassau, NY. bits of only 2 songs. 01:58 G AudShot
- 1976-04-22 «Bellevue Biltmore Hotel» Clearwater, FL. 1 DVD G/VG ProShot
- 1978-06-23 «Feijenood Stadio Rotterdam» News clip (1DVD) (1 min.22 sec)
- 1979-10-20 Saturday Night Live (complete show) (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV
- 1980-04-20 Massey Hall, Toronto April 20th 1980 (Pro Shot DVD) JTT (1DVD)
- 1985-01-28 We Are The World Rehearsal (1DVD) (09:18) Exc ProShot
- 1986-01-20 Martin Luther King Day (1DVD) Exc ProShot 2 songs (1DVD) (05:46 ) Exc ProShot
- 1986-07-15 New York, NY, MSG July 15th 1986 (medley 7 min.) (1DVD)
- 1988-12-04 Oakland, CA (04-Dec-88) The Bridge School Benefit (JTT ed. 2015) (1DVD) no id #
- 1990-02-07 London, England (07-Feb-90) Masters Series Vol. 129 (2DVD) No ID #
- 1994-03-23 Tomorrow Night. Dylan & Trisha Yearwood (1 song) (1 DVD) Exc Proshot
- 1999-11-05 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 5 Nov. 1999 (YT comp. 2015 [44])
- 2001-07-13 Stirling Castle (13-Jul-01) Masters Series 108 (2DVD) VG/Exc AudShot no id # (Different from D233.m & D233.msu This one is filmed from the right side of the stage)
- 2004-07-02 Stra, Italy. 02 July 2004 (YT comp. 2015 [39])
- 2005-11-07 «Prague 2005» Sazka Arena, Prague, Czech Republic. (1DVD) NEW NC
* 2006-11-08 «Montreal, QC, Canada» (1DVD) poor video / Exc. Audio
- 2006-??-?? «Kopf der Woche - Das Bob Dylan Ratsel» Germany ZDF-TV (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 2008-07-04 Lorca, Spain. 4th July 2008 (YouTube com) (1DVD) 14 min. VG AudShot
- 2008-07-06 «Madrid, Spain» (1DVD)(3 songs) TVE2, Exc. ProShot
- 2008-07-10 «Merida, Spain 10 July 2008» (YouTube [2014-26]) (1DVD) VG AudShot

- 2009-10-15 «Hollywood Paladium» Los Angeles, CA. (1DVD) VG AudShot

- 2010-02-09 «Civil Rights Tribute EP» (2 songs) (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 2010-08-31 «Missoula, MT. 31th Aug. 2010» (YouTube) (1DVD) Exc AudShot

- 2010 Bob Dylan 2010 ~ The Alphabet Series (44 DVD)
for info and track listing see:
YouTube compilation, from Poor to Excellent.

-DXXX.1 ~ O is for OSAKA, T is for TOKYO (1DVD) (27:43) 0 STARS
--- (1) OSAKA, Japan (11-Mar-2010) (27:08)
--- (2) TOKYO, Japan (24-Mar-2010) (0:35)
-DXXX.2 ~ S is for SEOUL, South Korea (31-Mar-2010) (1DVD) (70:47) 1.5 STARS
-DXXX.3 ~ A is for ATHENS, Greece (29-May-2010) (1DVD) (83:37) 1 STAR
-DXXX.4 ~ B is for BUCHAREST, Romania (02-June-2010) (63:00) (1DVD) 3.5 STARS
-DXXX.5 ~ S is
 ISTANBUL (1DVD) (46:05) 2.5 STARS
--- (1) SOFIA, Bulgaria (3-June-2010) (26.40)
--- (2) SKOPJE, Macedonia (4-June-2010) (10:07)
--- (3) BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (9-June-2010) (8:51)
--- (4) ISTANBUL, Turkey (31-May-2010) (0:27)
-DXXX.6 ~ B is for BELGRADE & Z is for ZAGREB (1DVD) (82:30) 3 STARS
--- (1) BELGRADE, Serbia (06-June-2010) (69:45)
--- (2) ZAGREB, Croatia (07-June-2010) (12:45)
-DXXX.7 ~ P is for PRAGUE & P is for PADOVA (1DVD) (62:17) 3 STARS
--- (1) PRAGUE, Czech Republic (11-June-2010) (10:58)
--- (2) PADOVA, Italy (15-June-2010) (51:19)
-DXXX.8 ~ L is for LINZ & L is for LJUBLJANA (1DVD) (63:44) STARS
--- (1) LINZ, Austria (12-June-2010) (3:06)
--- (2) LJUBLJANA, Slovenia (13-June-2010) (60:28)
-DXXX.9 ~ V is for VIAREGGIO, P... PARMA, D... DORNBIRN (1DVD) (86:22) 1.5 STARS
--- (1) VIAREGGIO, Italy (16-June-2010) (22:30)
--- (2) PARMA, Italy (18-June-2010) (24:34)
--- (3) DORNBIRN, Austria (19-June-2010) (38:18)
-DXXX.10 ~ L is for LYON, M is for MARSEILLE (1DVD) (23:43) 1 STAR
--- (1) LYON, France (20-June-2010) (15.32)
--- (2) MARSEILLE, France (23-June-2010) (8.11)
-DXXX.11 ~ B is for BARCELONA & B is for BORDEAUX (1DVD) (74:11) 2.5 STARS
--- (1) BARCELONA, Spain (24-June-2010) (68:25)
--- (2) BORDEAUX, France (29-June-2010) (6:46)
-DXXX.12 ~ C is for CARCASSONNE, France (28-June-2010) (2DVD) 4 STARS
-DXXX.13 ~ N is for NANTES, V is for VITORIA (1DVD) (76:28) 3.5 STARS
--- (1) NANTES, France (01-July- 2010) (50:44)
--- (2) VITORIA, Spain (26-June-2010) (25:38)
-DXXX.14 ~ H HOP FARM FESTIVAL, Paddock Wood, UK. (03-July-2010) (1DVD) (58:55) 1 STAR
-DXXX.15 ~ L is for LIMERICK, Ireland (04-July-2010) (1DVD) (20:49) 1 STAR
-DXXX.16 ~ A is for AUSTIN, Texas (04 Aug. 2010) (1DVD) 4 STARS
-DXXX.17 ~ O is for Oklahoma, L is for Lincoln (1DVD) (73:39) 4 STARS
--- (1) OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, (06-Aug-2010) (49:07)
--- (2) LINCOLN, Nebraska, (08-Aug-2010) (24:32)
-DXXX.18 ~ K is for KANSAS CITY, Missouri (07 Aug. 2010) (1DVD) 4 STARS
-DXXX.19 ~ S... Sturgis, B... Billings ... L... Las Vegas (1DVD) (19:44)1 STAR
--- (1) STURGIS, SD, 10 AUGUST 2010 (1:48)
--- (2) BILLINGS, MT, 11 AUGUST 2010 (8:42)
--- (3) CASPER, WY, 12 AUGUST 2010 (1:24)
--- (4) PARK CITY, UT, 17 AUGUST 2010 (3:45)
--- (5) LAS VEGAS, NV, 18 AUGUST 2010 (4:45)
-DXXX.20 ~ J is for Jackson, Wyoming (14-Aug-2010) (1DVD) (86:54) 4 STARS
-DXXX.20u ~ J is for Jackson, Wyoming (14-Aug-2010) (1DVD) (111:22) (s.u./extended) 4.5 STARS
-DXXX.21 ~ O is for Ontario, California (19 Aug-2010) (1DVD) (82:13) 2.5 STARS
-DXXX.22 ~ M is for Monterey, Califfornia (21-Aug-2010) (1DVD) (36:25) 1 STARS
-DXXX.23 ~ S is for Stateline, S is for San Francisco (1DVD) (35:43) 1 STARS
--- (1) STATELINE, NV, 22-Aug-2010 (27:22)
--- (2) SAN FRANCISCO, CA, 25-Aug-2010 (8:21)
-DXXX.24 ~ O is for Oakland, California (24-Aug-2010) (1DVD) (89:07) 3 STARS
-DXXX.25 ~ B is for Bend, T is for Troutdale, P is for Post Falls (1DVD) (61:02) 3.5 STARS
--- (1) BEND, Oregon (27-Aug-2010) (23:06)
--- (2) TROUTDALE, Oregon (28-Aug-2010) (5:47)
--- (3) TROUTDALE, Oregon (29-Aug-2010) (31:09)
--- (4) POST FALLS, Indiana (01-Sept-2010) (1:00)
-DXXX.26 ~ S is for Seattle, Washington (04-Sept-2010) (4DVD) 0 STAR
(but I give it 1.5 STARS some good clips)
--- DISC ONE ~ CHOICE CUTS (70:29)
-DXXX.26A ~ S is for Seattle - Reconstituted (04-Sept-2010) (1DVD-TS DVD-ROM) VG AudShot
-DXXX.27 ~ F is for Fort Lauderdale, G is for Gainesville (1DVD) (42:42) 2.5 STARS
--- (1) FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, 6 OCTOBER 2010 (29:19)
--- (2) GAINESVILLE, FL, 8 OCTOBER 2010 (13:23)
-DXXX.28 ~ O is for Orlando, B is for Birmingham (1DVD) (44:33) 2.5 STARS
--- (1) ORLANDO, FL, 10 OCTOBER 2010 (43:40)
--- (2) BIRMINGHAM, AL, 13 OCTOBER 2010 (1:53)
-DXXX.29 ~ W is for Winston Salem to A is for Ann Arbor (1DVD) (47:44) 3 STARS
--- (1) WINSTON SALEM, NC, 16 OCTOBER 2010 (11:50)
--- (2) NASHVILLE, TN, 19 OCTOBER 2010 (20:58)
--- (3) CEDAR FALLS, IA, 24 OCTOBER 2010 (1:17)
--- (4) MADISON, WI. 25 OCTOBER 2010 (EARLY SHOW) (7:44)
--- (5) ANN ARBOR, MI. 21 OCTOBER 2010 (6:55)
DXXX.30 ~ I is for Indianapolis, A is Akron, R is Rochester, P is Pittsburgh (1DVD) (49:58) 3.5 STARS
--- (1) INDIANAPOLIS, IN, 31 OCTOBER 2010 (7:19)
--- (2) AKRON, OH. 2 NOVEMBER 2010 (0:27)
--- (3) ROCHESTER, NY. 6 NOVEMBER 2010 (11:42)
--- (4) PITTSBURGH, PA. 7 NOVEMBER 2010 (30:30)
-DXXX.31 ~ C is for Columbus,OH. 4 NOVEMBER 2010 (1DVD) (70:03) 4 STARS
-DXXX.32 ~ B is for Bethlehem PA, 12 NOVEMBER 2010 (1DVD) (60:50) 1 STAR
-DXXX.33 ~ W is for Washington, W is for West Long Branch (1DVD) (35:24) 1 STAR
--- (1) WASHINGTON, DC, 13 NOVEMBER 2010 (7:41)
--- (2) WEST LONG BRANCH, NJ, 14 NOVEMBER 2010 (21:25)
--- (3) POUGHKEEPSIE, NY, 16 NOVEMBER 2010 (6:08)
--- (4) BINGHAMPTON, NY, 17 NOVEMBER 2010 (0:10)
- DXXX.34 ~ N is for New York (1DVD) (52:17) 3.5 STARS
--- (1) 22 NOVEMBER 2010 (20:11)
--- (2) 23 NOVEMBER 2010 (21:22)
--- (3) 24 NOVEMBER 2010 (10:44)
- DXXX.35 ~ K is for Kalamazoo ... M is for Mashantucket (1DVD) (51:19) 1.5 STARS
--- (1) KALAMAZOO, MI, 29 OCTOBER 2010 (5.18)
--- (2) AMHERST, MA. 19 NOVEMBER 2010 (4:29)
--- (3) LOWELL, MA. 20 NOVEMBER 2010 (36:41)
--- (4) MASHANTUCKET, CT. 27 NOVEMBER 2010 (5:51)
- DXXX.36 ~ E is for European Strays (1DVD) (51:32) 3 STARS
--- (1) ATHENS, GREECE, 29 MAY 2010 (6:27)
--- (2) BUCHAREST, ROMANIA, 2 JUNE 2010 (7:02)
--- (3) PADOVA, ITALY, 15 JUNE 2010 (17:33)
--- (4) LYON, FRANCE, 20 JUNE 2010 (7:01)
--- (5) VITORIA, SPAIN, 26 JUNE 2010 (1:19)
--- (6) BORDEAUX, FRANCE, 29 JUNE 2010 (1:23)
--- (7) NANTES, FRANCE, 1 JULY 2010 (10:24)
--- (8) LIMERICK CITY, IRELAND, 4 JULY 2010 (7:23)
- DXXX.37 ~ A is for American Strays (1DVD) 3 STARS
--- (1) Monterey, 21 Aug.; (2) Oakland, 24 Aug.; (3-4) Bend, 27 Aug.;
--- (5) Seattle, 4 Sept.; (6-7) Columbus, 4 Nov.; (8-9-10) Binghampton, 17 Nov.;
--- (11) Unknown; (12) Lowell, 20 Nov.; (13) Japanese TV (14) YT / Unknown
- DXXX.38 ~ Retrospective of 2010 (3DVD) 4 STARS
--- DISC ONE ~ Europe #1 (48:52)
--- DISC TWO ~ Europe #2 (59:07)
--- DISC THREE ~ USA (61:12)

- 2011-04-03 «Scrapings From Taipei, Formosa 2011-04-03» (YouTube) (1DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2011-04-06 «The Other Beijing» Chinese YouTube & YouTube clips. (YouTube) (4DVD) G to Exc.
- 2011-04-08 «More Scrapings 1 Shanghai» (YouTube) (3DVD) G/Exc AudShot
- 2011-04-10 «Scrapings From Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2011-04-10» (YouTube) (1DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2011-04-10 More From Ho Chi Minh City (YouTube) (1VD)
- 2011-04-12 «Scrapings From Hong Kong, China 2011-04-12» (YouTube) (1DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2011-04-13 «Scrapings From Hong Kong, China 2011-04-13» (YouTube) (1DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2011-04-15/17/19 «Scrapings From Singapore, Perth & Adelaide 2011-04-15/17/19» (YouTube) (1DVD) G/Exc AudShot
- 2011-04-21 «Scrapings From Melbourne / Wollagong 2011-04-21» (YouTube) (1DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2011-04-25/26 «More Scrapings 2 Byron Bay» (YouTube) (2DVD) G/Exc AudShot
- 2011-04-?? «Late Arrivals Asia/Australia [2011]» (YouTube) (1DVD)
- 2011-06-16 «Cork, Ireland 16th June 2011» (1DVD)
- 2011-06-18 «London Feis Festival (18-jun-11) Scrapings (YouTube) (2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2011-06-18 «Tel Aviv, Israel (20-Jun-11) Box set» Scrapings (YouTube) (6DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2011-06-22 Milan, Italy 22nd June 2011 (YouTube) (2DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2011-07-15 «Comrade of Californians» Costa Mesa, CA. July 15, 2011. (YouTube)(4DVD) G/Exc AudShot
- 2011-08-14/16/17 «Look In The Mirror With Me» Asbury Park, Columbia, Philadelphia. (YouTube) (1DVD)
- 2011-08-20 «But Is That All? Bangor, Maine 2011-08-20» (YouTube) (1DVD)
- 2011-08-21 «Scrapings From Boston 2011-08-21» (YouTube) (1DVD)
- 2011-10-17 «Paris, France 2011-Oct-17 No Home In Europe» (YouTube) (4DVD) G/Exc AudShot
- 2011-10-19 «Antwerp, Belgium 2011» (YouTube) (1DVD)
- 2011-10-20 «Rotterdam, Netherlands 2011 Without Any Affectation» (YouTube) (3DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2011-10-21 «Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg 2011...Ten Sentences» (YouTube)(2DVD) VG/Exc. AudShot
- 2011-10-23/25 «Oberhausen & Manheim, Germany 2011» (YouTube) (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 2011-10-26/27 «Munich & Leipzig, Germany 2011» (YouTube) (1DVD) G/Exc. AudShot
- 2011-10-29 «Berlin, Germany 2011» (YouTube) (1DVD) G/Exc. AudShot
- 2011-10-31 «Hamburg, Germany 31th Oct. 2011» (YouTube) (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 2011-11-03 «Malmo, Sweden 3 Nov. 2011. (YouTube comp. [74-75]) (2DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2011-11-03/04 «Malmo & Stockholm, Sweden 2011» (YouTube) (1DVD) G AudShot
- 2011-11-06/07 Hannover & Nurnberg, Germany 2011 (YouTube) (1VD) G AudShot
- 2011-11-09 Padova, Italy. 9th Nov 2011 (YouTube)(2DVD)
- 2011-11-11 Florence, Italy. 11th Nov 2011 (YouTube) (4DVD)VG/Exc. AudShot - missing DVD 3
- 2011-11-12 «Rome, Italy 12th Nov. 2011» (YouTube)(3 of 4DVD) VG/Exc. AudShot - missing disc 1
- 2011-11-14 «Assago, Italy 14th Nov. 2011» (YouTube) (3DVD) Fair/Exc. AudShot
- 2011-11-15/16 «Geneva - Zurich 2011 Switzerland» (YouTube)(1DVD) Fair AudShot
- 2011-11-19 «London, England 19th Nov. 2011» (YouTube)(1DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 2011-11-20 «London, England 20th Nov. 2011» (YouTube)(1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2011-11-21 «London, England 21st Nov. 2011» (YouTube)(2DVD) Exc AudShot

- 2012-01-12 Critics' Choice Movie Awards, Martin Scorsese (1 song only) Exc ProShot no id #
- 2012-04-15 «Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 15th Apr 2012 (YouTube) (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2012-04-17 «Brazilia, Brazil 17th Apr 2012 (YouTube) (2DVD) VG AudShot
- 2012-04-19 «Belo Horizonte, Brazil 19th Apr 2012 (2DVD) (YouTube) VG AudShot
- 2012-04-21 «Sao Paulo, Brazil» (YouTube) (1DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2012-04-21 «Sao Paulo, Brazil 21st Apr 2012» (YouTube) 2nd set (4DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2012-04-22 «Sao Paulo, Brazil 22nd Apr 2012» (YouTube) (3DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2012-04-24 «Porto Alegre, Brazil 24th Apr 2012» (YouTube) (3DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2012-04-26 «Buenos Aires, Argentina 26th Apr 2012» (YouTube) (1DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2012-04-27 «Buenos Aires, Argentina 27th Apr 2012» (YouTube)(2DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2012-04-28 Buenos Aires, Argentina 28th April 2012 (YouTube) (5DVD) G/Exc AudShot
- 2012-04-28 Buenos Aires, Argentina 30th April 2012 (2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2012-05-02 Santiago, Chili 2nd May 2012 (YouTube) (4DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2012-05-02 Heredia, Costa Rica 5th May 2012 (YouTube) (3DVD) G/Exc AudShot
- 2012-05-07 «Monterrey, Mexico 7th May 2012» (YouTube) (1DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2012-05-09 «Guadalajara, Mexico 9th May 2012» (YouTube) (1DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2012-05-11/12 «Mexico City, Mexico 11/12 May 2012» (YouTube) (1DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2012-05-29 «Medal Of Freedom Ceremony» Whitehouse, Washington, DC. (1DVD) ProShot 2 minutes.
- 2012-06-30 Hop Farm, Paddock Wood, England 30th June 2012 (YouTube)(2DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2012-07-02 Berlin, Germany 2nd July 2012 (YouTube) (1DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2012-07-04 Bonn, Germany 4th July 2012 (YouTube) (2DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2012-07-06 Bad Mergentheim, Germany 6th July2012 (YouTube) (1DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2012-07-11 Bilbao, Spain 11th July 2012 (YouTube) (1DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2012-07-13/14 Benicassim / Cap Roig, Spain (YouTube) (1DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2012-07-15 Nimes, France 15th July 2012 (YouTube) (2DVD) VG?Exc AudShot
- 2012-07-1618 Barolo, Italy / Lyon, France 16 th & 18th July 2012 (YouTube) (1DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2012-07-20/22 Bayonne / Carhaix, France 20th & 22nd July 2012 (YouTube) (1DVD)
- 2012-08-11 Lethbridge, Canada 11th Aug. 2012(+3 South Dakota) (YouTube) (1DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2012-08-19 Fargo, ND. 19th Aug 2012 (YouTube) (1DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2012-08-21 Rochester, MN. 21th Aug. 2012 (YouTube) (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2012-08-25 Indianapolis, IN. 25th Aug. 2012 (YouTube)(1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2012-08-26 Cincinnati, OH. 26th Aug. 2012 (YouTube)(1DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2012-08-30 Salisbury, MD. 30th Aug. 2012 (YouTube)(1DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2012-09-04 Port Chester, NY. 4th Sept. 2012 (YouTube)(1DVD) G AudShot
- 2012-09-07 Holyoke, MA. 7th Sept. 2012 (YouTube)(1DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2012-10-?? Winnipeg/Regina/Edmonton/Calgary, Canada 2012 (YouTube) (1DVD) no id # VG AudShot
- 2012-10-13/15/17 Seattle/Portland/San Francisco. (YouTube) (1DVD) no id # VG AudShot
- 2012-10-18/19 San Francisco/Berkeley. (YouTube comp.) (1DVD) no id # VG AudShot
- 2012-10-22/30/ Santa Barbara/Broomfield/Grand Prairie/Tulsa. 2012 (YouTube) (1DVD) no id # NEW NC
- 2012-10-26 Los Angeles, CA. Oct 26, 2012 (YouTube comp.) (3DVD) no id # NEW NC
- 2012-10-30 Broomfield, CO./St. Paul, MN. (YouTube) (1DVD) no id # NEW NC
- 2012-11-09/12/14 Chicago/Grand Rapids/Toronto (YouTube)(1DVD) no id # NEW NC
- 2012-11-16/18 Montreal, QC / Boston, MA. (YouTube)(1DVD) no id # VG/Exc AudShot
- 2012-11-16/19 Montreal, QC / Philadelphia, PA. Nov. 2012. (YouTube comp. [69]) (1DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
-2012-11-19/20 Philadelphia, PA. / Washington, DC. (YouTube) (1DVD) no id # G AudShot
- 2012-11-21 Brooklyn 21st Nov 2012 (YouTube)(1DVD) VG AudShot

- 2013-04-05 Buffalo, NY. 5 April 2013 (YouTube) (1DVD) no id # VG AudShot
- 213-04-?? Amherst, Kingston, Lowell, Lewiston (YouTube) (1DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2013-04-18 Bethlehem, PA. Apr. 18, 2013 “Tempest Nights 2013” (YouTube) (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2013-04-23 St. Louis, Missouri "Who Wants Yesterday's Paper" (YouTube) (1DVD) Poor AudShot
- 2013-04-24 Springfield, Missouri 24 April 2013 (YouTube [72]) (1DVD)
- 2013-06-26/27 West Palm Beach/Tampa, FL. 26/27 June 2013 (YouTube) (1DVD) no id # G AudShot
- 2013-June/July Atlanta/Nashville to Noblesville/Cincinnati (YouTube) (1DVD) no id # G AudShot
- 2013-07-02 Memphis, Tennessee July 2nd 2013 (Incomplete DVD) JTT (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2013-07-02 Memphis, TN July 2, 2013 "Meet Me There, Beat Me There" (YouTube) (3DVD) no id # VG/Exc AudShot
- 2013-07-02 Memphis, Tennessee July 2nd 2013 (JTT) (YouTube) (1DVD) no id # Exc AudShot
- 2013-07-09/10/11 Duluth/St.Paul/Peoria July 2013 (YouTube) (1DVD) no id # G/VG AudShot
- 2013-07-12 Bridgeview, Illinois 12 July (YouTube) (1DVD) no id # G AudShot
- 2013-07-23 Columbia, MD. 23 July 2013 (YouTube) (1DVD) no id # NEW NC
- 2013-07-24 Virginia Beach, VA. 24 July 2013 (YouTube) (1DVD) no id # NEW NC
- 2013-07-26 Hoboken, NJ. 26 July 2013 (YouTube) (1 0f 2DVD) no id # NEW NC
- 2013-07-?? Wantagh/Camden/Greenwood/West Valley. July 2013 (YouTube) (1DVD) no id # NEW NC
- 2013-08-03 Irvine, CA. 3 Aug. 2013 (YouTube) (1DVD) no id # NEW NC
- 2013-08-04 Mountain View, CA. 4 Aug 2013 (YouTube comp. [43]) Fair/G AudShot
- 2013-10-10 Oslo, Norway. 10 Oct. 2013 (YouTube comp. [44]) VG AudShot
- 2013-10-10 Oslo, Norway 2011 & 2013 (YouTube comp. [46]) (1DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
- 2013-10-12/13 Stockholm, Sweden. 12/13 Oct. 2013 (YouTube comp. [45]) (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2013-10-15 Copenhagen & Hamburg. Oct. 2013 (YouTube comp. [47]) (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2013-10-22 Dusseldorf, Germany. 22 Oct. 2013 (YouTube comp. [48]) (1DVD)
- 2013-10-24 Berlin, Germany. 24 Oct. 2013 (YouTube comp. [49]) (1DVD)
- 2013-10-30 Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 30 Oct. 2013 (YouTube comp. [50]) (1DVD)
- 2013-10-30 Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 30 Oct 2013 (YouTube comp. [2014-25]) (1DVD) G AudShot
- 2013-10-31 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 31 Oct. 2013 (YouTube [51]) (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2013-10-31 Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 31 Oct 2013 (YouTube comp. [2014-29]) (1DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2013-11-03 Milan, Italy 3 Nov. 2013 (YouTube [52,53,54]) (3DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2013-11-06 Rome, Italy 6 Nov. 2013 (YouTube [55]) (1DVD) Poor AudShot
- 2013-11-07 Rome, Italy 7 Nov. 2013 (YouTube [56]) (1DVD) Poor AudShot
- 2013-11-08 Padova, Italy. (YouTube) (1DVD) no id # G AudShot
- 2013-11-10 Mostly Brussels. Belgium. (YouTube) (4DVD) no id # G/Exc AudShot
- 2013-11-12/13/14 Paris, France 12/13/14 Nov. 2013 (YouTube [63,64,65]) (3DVD) G/Exc AudShot
- 2013-11-16 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg 16 Nov. 2013 (YouTube [66]) (1DVD)
- 2013-11-18 Glasgow, Scotland 18 Nov. 2013 (YouTube comp. [67]) (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2013-11-26/27/28 Royal Albert Hall, London, UK. (YouTube [68]) (1 DVD) VG AudShot
- 2013-11-28 London, England 28 Nov. 2013 (YouTube [2014-30]) (1DVD) G/VG AudShot

- 2014 Odds 'n' Ends 2014 #1 (YouTube comp. [2014-01]) (1DVD) Fair/Exc AudShot
- 2014 Odds 'n' Ends 2014 #2 (YouTube comp. [2014-04]) (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 2014 Odds 'n' Ends 2014 #3 (YouTube comp. [2014-22]) (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2014 Odds 'n' Ends 2014 #4 (YouTube comp. [2014-24]) (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2014 Odds 'n' Ends 2014 #5 (YouTube comp. [2014-27]) (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2014 Odds 'n' Ends 2014 #6 (YouTube comp. [2014-28]) (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 2014 Odds 'n' Ends 2014 #7 (YouTube comp. [2014-33]) (1DVD) NEW NC
- 2014-04-04+ - Tokyo, Japan 4-5-10 April 2014 (YouTube comp. [2014-02]) (1DVD)
- 2014-04-29 -- Honolulu, Hawaii 29 April 2014 (YouTube comp. [2014-03]) (1DVD)
- 2014-06-16+ - Cork & Dublin, Ireland 16-17 June 2014 (YouTube comp. [2014-05] (1DVD)
- 2014-06-17 -- Dublin, Ireland 17 June 2014 (YouTube comp. [2014-06]) (1DVD)
- 2014-06-20 -- Istambul, Turkey 20 June 2014 (YouTube comp. [2014-07]) (1DVD)
- 2014-06-22 -- Thessaloniki, Greece 22 June 2014 (YouTube comp. [2014-08, 09, 10]) (4DVD)
- 2014-06-23 -- Athens, Greece 23 June 2014 (YouTube comp. [2014-011]) (1DVD)
- 2014-06-25+ - Bucharest, Kisice, Vienna 25-27-28 June 2014 (YouTube comp. [2014-012]) (1DVD)
- 2014-06-28 -- Vienna, Austria 28 June 2014 (YouTube comp. [2014-13]) (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2014-06-29 -- Klam, Austria 29 June 2014 (YouTube comp. [2014-14]) (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2014-07-01 -- Munich, Germany 01 July 2014 (YouTube comp. [2014-15]) (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2014-07-01+ - Munich, Prague, Zwickrau, Slupsk 1-2-3-5 July 2014 (YouTube comp. [2014-16]) (1DVD) G AudShot
- 2014-07-08+ - Flensburg, Aarus, Stavern 8-9-11 July 2014 (YouTube comp. [2014-17]) (1DVD) G AudShot
- 2014-07-14+ - Helsingborg, Gothenburg, Pori 14-15-17 July 2014 (YouTube comp. [2014-18]) (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2014-07-15 - Gothenburg, Sweden 15 July 2014 (YouTube comp. [2014-19]) (1DVD) G AudShot
- 2014-08-9+ - New Zealand & Australia 9-13-25-31 Aug 2014 (YT comp. [2014-20]) (1DVD) G AudShot
- 2014-08-25+ Brisbane, Australia 25/27 Aug 2014 (YouTube comp. [2014-21]) (1DVD) G AudShot
- 2014-10-17+ - Seattle, Portland, Hollywood Oct 2014 (YT comp. [2014-31]) (1DVD) NEW NC
- 2014-10/11+ - Hollywood, Oakland, Denver... Oct-Nov 2014 (YT comp. [2014-32]) (1DVD) NEW NC
- 2014-11-04 –- Minneapolis, MN. 04 Nov (YT comp. [2014-41]) (1DVD) Fair AudShot
- 2014-11-13 -- The New Basement Tapes -L.A. 13 Nov .(YT comp. [2014-34/35]) (2DVD) NEW NC
- 2014-11-10+ - The New Basement Tapes On TV (YouTube comp. [2014-36]) (1DVD) NEW NC
- 2014-11-10+ - Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia (YouTube comp. [2014-38]) (1DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2014-11-23 –- Experiment Ensam, Philadelphia, PA. (YouTube comp. [2014-37]) (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 2014-11-25+ – Washington & New York. Nov. 25/26/28/29 (YouTube comp. [2014-39]) (1DVD) NEW NC
- 2014-11-29 –- New York. Nov/Dec. (YouTube comp. [2014-40]) (1DVD) VG AudShot

ODDS 'n' ENDS 2015 #3 (YT comp. 2015 [09]) (1DVD)
ODDS 'n' ENDS 2015 #5 (YT comp. 2015 [37]) (1DVD)
ODDS 'n' ENDS 2015 #6 (YT comp. 2015 [38]) (1DVD)

- 2015-**-** - 2015 Tour - Master Series 259 (1DVD) no id #
- 2015-04-21/25/29 - Fort Lauderdale to New Orleans April 2015 (YT comp. 2015 [07]) (1DVD) G-VG AudShot
- 2015-05-5/7/13/15 - Houston to Detroit. May 2015 (YT comp. 2015 [08]) (1DVD) G-VG AudShot
- 2015-06-20/21 -- Mainz & Tubingen, Germany. 20/21 June 2015. (YT comp. 2015 [11]) (1DVD) G-VG AudShot
- 2015-06-21 -- Tubingen, Germany. 21 June 2015. (YT comp. 2015 [12]) (1DVD) G-VG AudShot
- 2015-06-25/26 - Ljubljana & Wiesen. 25/26 June 2015 (YT comp. 2015 [13]) (1DVD) G-VG AudShot
- 2015-06-27 -- San Daniel Del Friuli, Italy 27 June 2015 (YT comp. 2015 [14-15-16]) (3DVD) G-VG AudShot
- 2015-06-29 -- Rome Italy. 29 June 2015 (YT comp. 2015 [17]) (1DVD) G-VG AudShot
- 2015-07-01 -- Lucca, Italy. 01 July 2015 (YT comp. 2015 [18]) (1DVD) G-VG AudShot
- 2015-07-02 -- Torino, Italy. 02 July 2015 (YT comp. 2015 [19]) (1DVD) G-VG AudShot
- 2015-07-06 -- Madrid Spain. 06 July 2015 [#4] (YT comp. 2015 [25]) (1DVD) G-VG AudShot
- 2015-07-07 -- The Long Players @ Country Music Hall...07 July 2015 (YT 2015 [35]) (2DVD)
- 2015-07-08 -- Granada, Spain. 08 July 2015 (YT comp. 2015 [29&36]) (1DVD) G-VG AudShot
- 2015-07-09 -- Cordoba, Spain. 09 July 2015 (YT comp. 2015 [30]) (1DVD) G-VG AudShot
- 2015-07-11/12/13 - San Sebastian to Saint-Malo July 2015 (YT 2015 [32]) (1DVD) G-VG AudShot
- 2015-07-15 -- Locarno, Switzerland 15 July 2015 (YT comp. 2015 [33]) (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2015-07-16 -- Lorrach, Germany 16 July 2015 (YT comp. 2015 [34]) (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2015-07-26 -- 65 Revisited, Newport Folk Festival. 26 July 2015 [YT 2015 [26/28] (2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2015-10-3/5/6 -- Oslo To Malmo. 03/5/6 October 2015 (YT comp. 2015 [40])
- 2015-10-3 & 19 -- Oslo. 3 Oct. & Paris 19 Oct. 2015 [YT comp.2015 [53] [55] (1DVD)
- 2015-10-10 -- Malmo, Sweden. 10 October 2015 (YT comp. 2015 [41])
- 2015-10-12/13 -- Leipzig & Berlin, Germany. 12/13 October 2015 (YT comp. 2015 42])
- 2015-10-18/19 -- Paris, France. 18/19 Oct. 2015 (YT comp. 2015 [45]) (1DVD)
- 2015-10-21 -- London, England. 21 Oct 2015 (YT comp. 2015 [46/47]) (2DVD)
- 2015-10-22 -- London, England. 22 Oct 2015 [YT comp. 2015 [48]) (1DVD)
- 2015-10-23/24-- London, England. 23/24 Oct 2015 [YT comp. 2015 [49]) (1DVD)
- 2015-10-25 -- London, England. 25 Oct 2015 [YT comp. 2015 [50]) (1DVD)
- 2015-10-28 -- Manchester to Brussels 2015 [YT comp. 2015 [51]) (1DVD)
- 2015-11-02 -- Eindhover, The Netherlands. 2 Nov. 2015 [YT comp. 2015 [52]) (1DVD)
- 2015-11-5&9 -- Amsterdam & Hamburg. 05 to 09 Nov. 2015 [YT comp. 2015 [54]) (1DVD)
- 2015-11-05 -- Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 5 Nov. 2015 [YT comp. 2015 [56]) (1DVD)

- 2016 -- ODDS 'n' ENDS 2016 #1 (YT Comp. 2016 [02]) (1DVD) G/Exc AudShot
- 2016 -- ODDS 'n' ENDS 2016 #2 (YT Comp. 2016 [03]) (1DVD) G/Exc AudShot
- 2016 -- ODDS 'n' ENDS 2016 #3 (YT Comp. 2016 [05]) (1DVD) G/Exc AudShot
- 2016 -- ODDS 'n' ENDS 2016 #6 (YT Comp. 2016 [24]) (1DVD) G/Exc AudShot
- 2016 -- ODDS 'n' ENDS 2016 #7 (YT Comp. 2016 [25]) (1DVD) G/Exc AudShot

- 2016-04-04 -- Tokyo, Japan 04 April 2016 (YT Comp. 2016 [01]) (1DVD) NEW NC
- 2016-04- 11/12 -- Osaka, Japan 11-12 April 2016 (YT Comp. 2016 [04]) (1DVD) NEW NC
- 2016-06-07 -- Eugene, Oregon 07 June 2016 (YT comp. 2016 [12]) (1DVD)
- 2016-06-09 -- Berkeley, California. 09 June 2016 (YT comp. 2016 [13]) (1DVD)
- 2016-06-10 -- Berkeley, California. 10 June 2016 (YT comp. 2016 [14/15]) (2DVD)
- 2016-06-16 -- Los Angeles California. 16 June 2016 (YT comp. 2016 [16]) (1DVD)
- 2016-06-19 -- Morrison, Colorado. 19 June 2016 (YT comp. 2016 [17]) (1DVD)
- 2016-06-19 -- Morrison, CO. To Lennox, MA. June/July 2016 (YT comp. 2016 [18]) (1DVD)
- 2016-07-08 -- Nagoya 15 Apr 2016 #2 / Queens 08 July 2016 #3 (YT comp. 2016 [19/22]) (1DVD)
- 2016-07-03/08 -- Mashantucket – Queens July 2016 (YT comp. 2016 [20]) (1DVD)
- 2016-07-08 -- Queens, NYC. 08 July 2016 #2 (YT comp. 2016 [21]) (1DVD)
- 2016-07-10/16 -- Atlantic City, NJ. to Portland, ME. 2016 (YT Comp. 2016 [23]) (1DVD)
- 2016-10-07 -- Indio, California. 07 October 2016 (YT Comp. 2016 [26-1/2]) (2DVD)
- 2016-10-07 -- Indio To Fort Lauderdale 07 Oct. - 23 Nov. 2016 (YT comp. 2016 [28]) (1DVD)
- 2016-10-07 -- Indio, California. 07 October 2016 #3 (YT Comp. 2016 [29] (1DVD)
- 2016-10-14 -- Desert Trip Week 2 Indio, CA. 14-Oct-2016 Video. (1DVD) BD-flac-DVD-05
- 2016-10-14 -- Indio, California. 14 October 2016 (YT Comp. 2016 [30/31/32]) (3DVD)

- 2017 -- ODDS 'n' ENDS 2017 #1 (YouTube Clips 2017 [10]) (1DVD) G/Exc ProShot

- 2017-04-01-11 -- Stockholm & Hamburg 01,02,11 April 2017 (YT Clips 2017 [01]) (1DVD)
- 2017-04-04 -- Oslo, Norway. 04 April 2017 (YT Clips 2017 [02]) (1DVD)
- 2017-04-16/17 -- Amsterdam, Netherlands. 16/17 April 2017 (YT Clips 2017 [03/04]) (2DVD)
- 2017-04-06 -- Amsterdam, Netherlands. 17/18 April 2017 (YT Clips 2017 [05]) (1DVD)
- 2017-04-20 -- Paris, France. 20 April 2017 (YT Clips 2017 [06]) (1DVD)
- 2017-04-21 -- Paris-Boulogne, France. 21 April 2017 (YT Clips 2017 [07]) (1DVD)
- 2017-April/Mai -- Esch, London & Cardiff. April & May 2017 (YT Clips 2017 [08]) (1DVD)
- 2017-Mai -- England & Ireland. May 2017 (YT Clips 2017 [09]) (1DVD)


- The Atlantico Roma Box (4 CD)
- Sydney, Australia. 07-Sept-2014 (2 CD)
- Folksinger’s Choice. 13-Jan-1962 (1 CD)

- Golden Millennium (2000-2002) (4 CD)
- Hartford, CT. 19-Apr-1997 Wicked Messenger (1CD)
- Raleigh, N.C. 02-May-2013 (2 CD)
- St. Augustine, FL. 05-May-2013 (1 CD)
- Istanbul, Turkey. 20-June-2014 (2 CD)

- A Tree With Roots The Original Basement Tapes (4CD)
- The Nite Crash Ballads-Outtakes & Live 1965-1966
- Moving On To Holland. Utrecht. 15-Feb-1993

- Indianapolis, Indiana. 25-June-2016
- Toledo, Ohio. 29-June-2016
- Lewiston, NY. 30-June-2016
- Tanglewood, Lenox, MA. 02-July-2016
- Mashantucket, CT. 03-July-2016
- Vienna, Virginia. 05-July-2016
- Forest Hills, NY. 08-July-2016
- Philadelphia, PA. 13-July-2016

- Desert Trip Week 2 Indio, CA. 14-Oct-2016 Video
- Desert Trip Week 2 Indio, CA. 14-Oct-2016 AUDIO
- Indio, CA. Empire Polo Club. 14-Oct-2016 AUDIO
- Infidels Outtakes
- Words fill my Head The Nobel Prize in Literature 2016 is awarded
- Dylan & Sexton Vol.1 (1995-2009)

- Stockholm, Sweden. 02-April-2017
- Stockholm, Sweden. 02-April-2017
- Oslo, Norway. 04-April-2017

- Amsterdam, Netherland. 16-April-2017
- Amsterdam, Netherland. 17-April-2017
- Amsterdam, Netherland. 18-April-2017
- Paris, France. 20-April-2017
- Boulogne-Billancourt, France. 21-April-2017
- Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. April-2017

- Antwerpen, Belgium. 24-April-2017
- Frankfurt, Germany. 25-April-2017
- Hannover, Germany. 26-April-2017
- London, England. 28-April-2017
- London, England. 29-April-2017
- London, England. 30-April-2017

- Paris, France. 20-April-2017
- Cardiff, Wales, UK. 03-May-2017
- Nottingham, England. 05-May-017
- Liverpool, England. 08-May-017
- London / Wembley, England. 09-May-017
- Dublin, Ireland. 11-May-2017
- Dublin, Ireland. 11-May-2017 (JTT Edition)

- Dawson Creek, BC. Canada. 21-July-2017
- Prince George, BC. Canada. 22-July-2017
- Kelowna, BC. Canada. 24-July-2017
- Vancouver, BC. Canada. 25-July-2017
- San Francisco, CA. Dec.11, 1965
- San Jose, CA. Dec.12, 1965
- Los Angeles, CA. Feb. 27, 1980
- New York, NY. Feb. 20 1991

- Demos London, England July 2017
- San Francisco, CA. Dec.11, 1965
- San Jose, CA. + Interviews. Dec.12, 1965

- Milwaukee, WI. 09-July-2017
- Winnipeg, MAN. 12-July- 2017
- Saskatoon, SK. 14-July- 2017
- Moose Jaw, SK. 15-July- 2017
- Calgary, AB. 16-July- 2017
- Edmonton, AB. 19-July- 2017

NOTE #1: (YouTube comp.): compilation of clips from YouTube, DVDs do not have DVDylan id #.
Contains clips or several takes of the same song. Quality from Poor to Excellent Audience film.

NOTE #2: Liverpool, England (01-May-09). My copy is not D881 nor
It's missing the Intro and the first 2 songs. Disc 1 has 11 tracks, disc 2 has 4 songs.


* indicates concerts in Canada.

* 1983-12-16 «Montreal 4 Hire» Montréal, QC, Canada. (1DVD) Fair/G AudShot
* 1991-06-22 «Northlands Edmonton 1991» Alberta.(1DVD) G AudShot
- 1991-08-18 «Live at Donington» Ireland. (1DVD)Exc ProShot TV no menu
* 2003-07-30 «Molson Canadian Rocks Toronto - SARS concert» (with Rush) (1DVD) Exc ProShot
* 2009-01-09 Rogers Centre, Toronto, Canada. Jan. 9, 2009 (2DVD) Exc AudShot

* 1990-01-16 «Toronto Skydome» (1DVD) G Aud
- 1994-09-20 «Unplugged MTV» New York, NY. (1DVD) ProShot TV

* 2001-02-03 «Toronto 2001». Canada. (1DVD) Exc. AudShot one-camera

* 2003-07-11 «Ottawa Bluesfest» Ottawa, ON, Canada (2DVD) Exc. AudShot

- 1987-04-15 «A Night Of Red Hot Blues» Los Angeles, CA. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV
- 1998-06-28 «Estival Jazz Lugano» Switzerland. (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 2009-07-10 «Live At NorthSea Jazz Festival» Rotterdam Netherlands. (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 2011-06-24 «Glastonbury Festival» (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV broadcast
- 2011-07-21 «Jazzaldia 2011» San Sebastian, Spain. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV broadcast

- 1988 & 1977 1988 Saskatchewan Prison Canada + 1977 New Years Eve (1DVD) Exc ProShot

- Various dates «The Ultimate Collection» Various locations (1DVD) Exc ProShot

* 1982-08-12 «Blondie Live! [Toronto 1982]» C.N.E. Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot [PAL]
- 2011-07-13 «Somerset House, London, England» (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2011-09-20 «Fillmore Theater» Silver Spring, MD. (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2011 ~ «Blondie UK 2011» (Abbey Road & Victoria Park, London, UK) (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV

* 1996-03-08 «Maple Leaf gardens, Toronto 1996» (1DVD) Aud.Shot, Exc Video & Audio
* 2011-04-12 Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada (2DVD) Exc AudShot

* 1988-12-07 «Live In Canada» Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON, Canada. (1DVD) Exc. AudShot

- 1973-1978 «70's reel (1973-1978)» (1DVD) Varies
- 1975-02-07 «Widener College 2.7.75» (1DVD) Fair AudShot
- 1978-08-15 «Live From Largo ’78» Landover, MD. (2DVD) ProShot
* 1984-??-?? «Lost Canadian TV Special» Unknown (1DVD) ProShot TV
* 1984-07-26 «Hot Fun In The Summertime» Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1985-06-29 «Breathless in Paris» Paris, France. (3 DVD) Exc. ProShot [Cannot Copy]
- 1988-07-19 «Behind The Wall» East Berlin, East Germany. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
* 1988-09-15 Human Rights Now» Toronto, Canada. (1DVD) G AudShot
- 1988-10-15 «Human rights Now» Buenos Aires, Argentina. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
- 1995-07-09 «Berlin Cafe Eckstein» Germany. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
- 1996-10-26 «Once Upon a Time in the West» Solo (2DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 1999-07-15 «New Jersey Dream Show» Meadowlands, NJ. July & August 1999. (3DVD) NEW NC
* 2000-05-03 «The Boss Rocks Toronto» (4DVD) VG AudShot
* 2002-12-05 «Toronto 2002» (2DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
* 2003-04-11 «Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, BC». (2DVD) AudShot (from the big screen)
* 2003-04-19 «The Rising Tour-Ottawa» Ottawa, ON, Canada. (2DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 2003-09-13 «3 A Lot Can Happen In 3 Hours» Washington, D.C. (2DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 2003-12-07 «Christmas In Asbury: Night 2» Asbury, NJ. (2DVD) NEW NC
- 2004-10-05 «Rockin' Ass» St. Paul, MN. (1DVD) (from the giant screen) Exc AudShot
- 2005-06-04 «With The Devil Snappin’ At My Heels» Bologna, Italy. (2DVD)Exc. AudShot
- 2006-05-09 «At LSO St. Lukes» London, UK. (1DVD) BBC-TV Exc. ProShot [PAL]
- 2007-07-12 «SSE Live In Globen» Stockholm, Sweden. (2DVD) Exc. AudShot / multicam
- 2008-07-27 «Giants Stadium The First Night» East Rutherford, NJ. (2DVD) Exc. Aud.Shot
- 2009-02-01 «Super Bowl XLIII Halftime Show» Tampa Bay, FL. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV [PAL]
- 2009-06-27 «Glastonbury Festival 2009» Glastonbury, UK. (2DVD) Exc. ProShot BBC-TV
- 2009-07-05 «Vienna, Austria» (2DVD) NEW NC
- 2009-07-19 «Stadio Olimpico, Roma 19.07.09» Rome, Italy. (2DVD) PAL Exc. AudShot
- 2009-07-23 «Stadio Friuli, Udine 23.07.09» Udine, Italy. (2DVD) PAL Exc. AudShot
- 2009-09-30 «Giants Stadium Night 1» East Rutherford, NJ.(2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2009-10-02 «Giants Stadium Night 2» East Rutherford, NJ.(2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2009-10-03 «Giants Stadium Night 3» East Rutherford, NJ.(2DVD) NEW NC
- 2009-10-08 «Giants Stadium Night 4» East Rutherford, NJ.(2DVD) NEW NC
- 2009-10-09 «Giants Stadium Night 5» East Rutherford, NJ.(2DVD) NEW NC
- 2009-11-07 «MSG New York First Night Nov. 7, 2009» (2DVD) Exc. AudShot mostly big screen
- 2009-11-08 «MSG New York Second Night Nov. 8, 2009» (2DVD) Exc. AudShot mostly big screen
- 2011-??-?? «Outtakes From Darkness» (1DVD) Exc ProShot & AudShot
- 2012-02-27 «A Week On The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon» New York, NY. Feb. 27, 2012 (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV
-2012-03-15 Moody Theatre, Austin, TX. (2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2012-03-26 «Wreking Ball, Boston 2012» (2DVD) Exc AudShot (mostly from giant screen)
- 2012-04-06 «MSG, New York City Night 1» (2DVD) Exc AudShot (mostly from giant screen)
- 2012-04-09 «MSG, New York City Night 2» (2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2012-04-24 «Wrecking Ball In San Jose» Incomplete (1DVD) Exc AudShot YouTube comp.
- 2012-05-12 Newark, NJ (incomplete) (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2012-05-28 «Pinkpop 2012» (complete) Landgraaf, Netherland. (2DVD) Exc AudShot & ProShot
- 2012-06-21 «Nils Lofgren's Birthday Show» Sunderland, England. G/VG AudShot
- 2012-07-04 Bercy-Paris, France. July 4, 2012 (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2012-07-04 Bercy-Paris, France. July 5, 2012 (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2012-09-02 Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA. (3DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2012 10-18/23 «3 Obama Rallies» (1DVD) Exc AudShot
* 2012-11-26 «Vancouver 2012» (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2013-07-24 Wrecking Ball Live In Leeds (2DVD) Exc AudShot

- 1991-07-?? «OHNE Filter Extra» SWR Studios, Baden Baden, Germany. (1DVD) Exc ProShot
* 1997-07-06 «Montreal Jazz Festival» Montreal, QC, Canada. (1DVD) Exc ProShot COOL-TV
- 2013-08-28 «Live At Red Rocks» Morrison, CO. (1DVD)Exc ProShot AXS-TV

- 2010-10-23/24 «Bridge School Benefit» (YouTube compilation) (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2011-06-02 «Fox Theater, Oakland 2011» (1DVD) Exc AudShot

* 2006-10-03 «Rehearsal Hall» Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2006 (1DVD)

- 1974-07-28 «Jazz Concerto» Umbria Jazz Fest, Todi, Italy. July 28, 1974.(1DVD) Exc ProShot TV

* 1969-09-13 «Rock & Roll Music» Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1972-1973 «Beat Club 1972; Montreux 1972; London BBC 1973» (1DVD) Exc ProShot

* 2006-03-22&23 «How We Saw The World (Part One)» Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 2010-03-07 «Live In Mexico City» Mexico. (1DVD) NEW NC

- 1970-04-14 «Royal Albert Hall» London, UK. (1DVD) VG AudShot

- 2008-08-09 «Memphis. TN. 2008» Botanical Garden. (2DVD) Aud.Shot, taped from the big screen.
-2009-06-27 Glastonbury 2009 (included with Neil Young show on the 26th)

- 1974-09-14 «Live In London 1974» London, UK. (2DVD) Exc. Proshot
* 2000-03-31 «CSNY 03-31-2000 Toronto» Canada. (2DVD) Exc. Aud.Shot
- 2000-04-14 «Chicago, IL. 2000» (2DVD) VG AudShot filmed from the giant screen
* 2002-02-12 «ACC, Toronto, ON, Canada» Aud.shot (2DVD) Exc. Aud.Shot
- 2006-08-23 «Freedom of Speech At Jones Beach» Wantagh, NY. (2 DVD) Exc. Aud.Shot

* 1993-06-24 «Opera House, Toronto, ON, Canada» Aud. shot (1DVD) Aud.Shot, VG Video /Exc Audio
* 2004-03-06 «Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada» Aud. shot (1DVD) Aud.Shot, Exc. Video & Audio

- 1975-01-26 «Cracked Actor» (BBC2 TV Documentary January 1975) (1DVD) VG/Exc. ProShot
* 1976-02-02 «Station To Station Rehearsals» Vancouver, BC, Canada (1DVD) NEW NC
* 1983-09-12 «Serious Moonlight» Vancouver, BC, Canada. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1988-11-7/8 «Glass Spider In Sydney» Sydney, Australia. 1988. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
* 2004-04-01 Reality In Toronto. Canada. April 1, 2004 (1DVD) VG AudShot

* 2006-04-10 «Return Of The Son Of Nothing» Toronto, ON, Canada. (2DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 2006-08-12 «Live In Venezia» Venice, Italy. (2DVD) VG Aud.Shot [PAL]

* 2004-02-24 «Toronto 2004» (2DVD) NEW NC

* 1983-06-09 «Pyromania In Montreal» Canada. (1DVD) VG AudShot
* 1995-11-25 «Intimate & Interactive» CHUM-TV, Toronto, Canada. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV
* 2003-08-06 Moncton, NB. 2003. Canada. (1DVD) Exc AudShot
* 2003-08-12 Toronto 2003. Canada. (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2007-09-15 Kelseyville, CA. (2DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
* 2009-07-04 Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, Ontario 2009. July 4, 2009. (1DVD)

* 2009-06-07 «Luminato Festival Toronto» Canada (2DVD) Exc. AudShot

* 2004-04-28 «Live At Union Station» Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV

* 2009-05-26 «Face 2 Face Toronto 2009» ACC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (3DVD)

- 2003-06-17 «RockPalast» Cologne, Germany. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV

- 1977-04-26 «Old Grey Whistle Test» (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1978-??-?? «Eric Clapton And His Rolling Hotel» Europe. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
* 1988-10-07 «Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada» (1DVD) Aud.Shot G Video/VG Audio
- 1992-01-16 «Unplugged» Windsor, England. Jan. 16, 1992 (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV
- 1994-11-8/9 «Nothing but The Blues» San Francisco, CA. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1999-06-30 New York City, NY (30-Jun-99) Clapton & Friends (disc 2: D848) Exc AudShot
* 2001-06-09 Air Canada Centre-Toronto. (2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2001-08-18 «One More Car, One More Rider» San Fran, CA. (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 2001-12-04 «Live In Japan 2001» Tokyo (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 2003-11-15 «Live At The Hiroshima Green Arena 2003» Japan. (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 2006-09-30 «Last Night At The Garden» New York, NY. (1DVD) Exc AudShot
* 2010-02-21 «Together And Apart» with Jeff Beck, Torornto, Canada. (2DVD) NEW NC
* 2011-02-25 Rogers Arena-Vancouver, BC (1DVD) VG AudShot

* 2001-06-09 Toronto, Canada 2003. (2DVD) Exc AudShot

* 1998-07-01 «Ottawa BluesFest» Exc ProShot TV

1980-06-11 «Chorus In Paris» France. Europe2 TV rebroadcast on May 10, 2007.(1DVD) ProShot [PAL]

* 1974-04-20 «Montreal 1974» Footage / U of MTL Sports Arena (1DVD) G AudShot
* 1980 «In Concert 1980» Various, includes part of Ottawa June 22, 1980. (1DVD) G to Exc

- 1974-1988 «The Video Collection 1974-1988» (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1988-2001 «The Video Collection 1988-2001» (1DVD) Exc. ProShot

- 1972 «In Concert» BBC broadcast (1DVD) Exc. ProShot

- 1972-04-17 «Tivolis Koncertsal. (1DVD) ProShot
- 1981-03-28 «RockPalast. Essen,Germany. (2DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1982-12-31 «Seasons Greetings» Oakland, CA. ProShot (2DVD) (NTSC)
- 1987-07-12 «Dylan & The Dead At Giants Stadium» (1DVD) [PAL]

- 2011-??-?? «The Dark Side Of The Chant : 2011 Tour of Europe» (1DVD) Exc. ProShot

- 1978-10-03 «Harmoniumen En Californie» Los Angeles, CA. (1DVD) ProShot TV

* 2003-10-09 «Montreal 2009» Jazz Festival, Montreal, Canada (1DVD) Exc AudShot

* 2003-10-09 «Healey's Toronto» ON. (1DVD) Exc AudShot

* 1995-06-03 «Divinities» Toronto, ON, Canada (2DVD) Exc AudShot
* 2000-07-27 «Hamilton, Canada [2000]» (1 DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2005-07-09 Estival Jazz, Lugano, Switzerland. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV

- «Live At Woodstock» 2005 documentary (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- «Live At Woodstock A Second Look» (1DVD) Exc ProShot

- 2000-07-10 «Jones Beach 2000» (1DVD) Exc ProShot

- 1989-11-26 «Earthquake Relief» Oakland, CA. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
- 1997-??-?? «Blue Moon Swamp Tour» Various, USA. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
- 2007-06-23 «Glastonbury Festival 2007» Pilton, UK. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
* 2009-05-23 «Toronto 2009» ACC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (2DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 2009-11-07 «Live By Request» PBS-TV, Los Angeles, CA. (1DVD) Exc ProShot

- Various dates Newport 1960, London 1964, Montreux 1983 & 1990. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV

* 1969-09-13 «Sweet Toronto» Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (1DVD) Original ProShot
- 2009-??-?? «Nowhere Boy» biopic about John Lennon's adolescence & the creation of his first band.

- 1999-04-06 «An All Star Tribute To Johnny Cash» (DVD also includes VH1 Storytellers Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson from October 1998. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV

* 1994-09-23 «Intimate & Interactive» Much Music TV Studios, Toronto, Canada. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1971-09-10 «Shadows And Light» Santa Barbara, CA. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV

- 1977-03-02 «Rockpalast» Cologne, Germany. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV

- 1979-08-11 «Final Cut Knebworth» Knebworth, UK. (2DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 2007-12-10 «O2 Arena, London, UK» (1DVD) Exc. Aud.Shot
- 2007-12-10 «A Work In Progress» 15 Camera Mixed Edition, London, UK. (2DVD) Exc. AudShot

- 1988-05-20 «Live In San Sebastian» (1DVD) ProShot Spain TV broadcast [PAL]
- 2008-06-26 «Tribute To Leonard Cohen» Montreal Jazz Festival. Various artists. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV
- 2012-12-12 Ghent, Belgium. (1DVD-TS file) Exc. AudShot

* 1985 & 2004 «Now & Then» Tokyo 2004 & Montreal 1985.(1DVD) ProShot
- 1988-1999 «88-99 Compilation» (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 1987-06-26 «Alabamahall, Munich, Germany Feb 16, 1987» (1DVD) ProShot TV
- 2004-10-07 «PBS Peter Barakan Show» incl. Tom Waits Jul 25, 2002. (1DVD) ProShot TV
- 2009-11-20 «Bloomington, Indiana» (1DVD) Exc. AudShot & audio

* 1989-8-13 «The New York Album Live In Montreal» QC, Canada. (1DVD) VG ProShot

- Various dates «Encore Series» (1DVD) Exc. ProShot

* 1995-11-09 «Intimate & Interactive» Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV
- 2003-08-08 «Live In Mexico City» (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
* 2007-03-14 «3 Bats Live» London, ON, Canada. (1DVD) Exc.ProShot (Original, cannot copy)

* 1991-11-18 «Ottawa 1991» Canada (1DVD) G AudShot
- 2006-06-03 «Rock Am Ring» Eifel, Germany (2DVD) Exc ProShot

* 2008-11-30 «Ottawa 2008» Ottawa, ON, Canada (2DVD) CANNOT COPY

- 1970 «Rare Clips 1970's part 1 & 2» Various locations. (2DVD) VG/Exc ProShot
- 1971-1987 «Homegrown» (BBC 1971;Live Aid 1985;Farm Aid 85,86,87) (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1971-02-23 «BBC In Concert 1971» London, UK. (1DVD) Exc. Pro shot
- 1974 «Journey Through The Past» Various locations. (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 1976-03-?? «Yesteryear Of The Horse» Tokyo, London, Glasgow (1DVD) Exc.
* 1984-09-01 «Toronto, Canada 1984» CNE, Toronto (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 1984-09-25 «Austin City Limits» Austin, TX. (1DVD) Exc ProShot
* 1985-08-17 «Toronto, Canada 1985» CNE, Toronto (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 1986-07-15 MSG, New York, NY. July 15th 1986 (1DVD) Medley 7 minutes only
- 1986-10-13 «A Gift From Jacob's Dad» Mountain View, CA. (2DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1986-11-26 «From a Rusted Out Garage» Cow Palace, Daly City, CA. (2DVD)
- 1987-05-05 «Riots In Milano» Milan, Italy. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot RAI-TV
- 1987-05-17 «Stadhalle Wien 17.05.1987» (2DVD) Exc. AudShot
* 1987-06-28 «Shakin' All Over» Winnipeg, MAN, Canada. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1988-04-23 «Cleveland '88 with The Bluenotes» (2 DVD) NEW NC
* 1988-08-18 «Toronto 18/08/88» CNE, Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD) G Aud.
- 1988-12-04 Oakland, CA (04-Dec-88) The Bridge School Benefit (JTT ed. 2015) (1DVD) no id #
- 1989-06-14 Jones Beach & Saturday Night Live 1989 (1DVD) Exc AudShot/ProShot

- 1991-03-09 «Smell The Horse Tour Miami, Florida» (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 1992-11-17 «WTTW Studios Centerstage Complete» Chicago, IL. (2DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1993-07-03 «Torhout Rock Festival» Torhout, Belgium. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1994-10-02 «Bridge School Benefit 1994» Mountain View, CA. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1995-08-16 «Prag 16.08.1995» & Pearl Jam. Prague, Czech Republic (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 1995-08-25 Pukkelpop Festival ‘95 w/ Pearl Jam. Hasselt, Belgium (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
* 1996-10-31 «Hamilton, Ontario, Canada» (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 1997-05-08 «The Trocadero» San Francisco, CA. (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 1999-03-20 «Paramount Theater, Oakland, CA.» (1DVD) Exc. AudShot

- 2001-01-20 «Rock In Rio 2001» Rock City, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (1DVD) Exc Snbd/ProShot TV broadcst
- 2001-07-28 «Fuji Rock Festival» Naeba Ski Resort, Japan. Complete show. (1DVD) Exc. Snbd ProShot
- 2002-05-18 «Rock am Ring Festival» NĂŒrburgring, Germany. TV Rockpalast, (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 2003-06-13 «Bonnaroo Festival 2003» Manchester, TN. (1DVD) NEW NC
* 2003-06-23 «Toronto 2003 + Bonus 31-08-2000 » ACC, Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD)
- 2003-07-02 «Greendale Tour, Camden, NJ.» (1DVD) Exc. Snbd ProShot
- 2004-10-24 «Bridge School Benefit 2004» Mountain View, CA. (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 2005-05-10 «Heart Of Gold - Prairie Wind Tour» Nashville,TN. (1DVD) Exc. HD ProShot
- 2005-11-01 «Late Night with Conan O'Brien» NBC studios, New York. Nov.1,2,3,4. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
* 2007-11-26 «Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada» (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2008-02-15 «A Free man In Paris» Le Grand Rex, Paris, France. (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2008-06-27 «Rock In Rio Madrid 2008» Arganda Del Rey, Spain. (1DVD) Exc Snbd/ProShot TV broadcast [PAL]
* 2008-12-01 «Live, Bell Centre, Montreal» QC, Canada. (2DVD) Aud. Shot, Exc. Video & Audio
* 2008-12-02 «Live In Ottawa» Ottawa, ON, Canada. (2DVD) Aud.Shot, Exc. Video & Audio
* 2008-12-05 «Toronto, Canada 2008» (2DVD) Exc. AudShot
* 2009-04-13 «Kingston, Canada 2009» (2DVD) Exc. AudShot
* 2009-04-15 «London, Canada 2009» (2DVD) Exc. AudShot
* 2009-04-22 «Prospera Place, Kelowna, BC. Canada» (3DVD) VG/Exc AudShot
* 2009-04-23 «Edmonton, Canada 2009» (1DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 2009-06-21 «Dublin, Ireland 2009» 02 Arena. (1DVD) Exc. AudShot

- 2010-05-24 Twisted Road Solo Tour. Washington, DC. (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 2010-10-02 «Farm Aid 25» Milwaukee, WI. (1DVD) Exc. AudShot TV
* 2011-05-11 «Live At Massey Hall, Toronto [2011]» (2DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 2012-09-29 Global Citizen’s Concert. New York, NY. (3DVD) ProShot incl Band of Horses/Black Keys/Neil Young
- 2012-10-11 United Center, Chicago, IL (1 DVD) Exc. AudShot multi-cam edit.
- 2012-10-13 «Austin City Limits Music Festival» Austin, TX (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
- 2012-10-20 «Bridge School» Mountain View, CA. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot webcast
- 2012-10-26 «Voodoo Experience» New Orleans, LA. (1DVD) Exc ProShot webcast
- 2013-07-25 «Horse Went Crazy In Europe 2013» Lucca, Italy. (1DVD) Exc AudShot
* 2014-01-12 «Honor The Treaties In Toronto» Canada. (2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2014-08-13 «Stockholm Music & Arts Sweden» Partial concert. (1DVD) Exc AudShot

- 2002-08-24 «Live In New Orleans» (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV

* 2008 – Toronto Virgin Festival (with Noel attack incident) (2DVD) Exc AudShot

- 1985-??-?? «Bussoldamani» Lido Di Camaiore, Italy. RAI-TV 1985 (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV

* 1998-07-04 «Toronto July 4, 1998» Canada (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 1998-08-23 «Bizzard Festival» Koln, Germany. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
* 1998-09-05 «GM Place, Vancouver 1998» vancouver, BC, Canada. Aud.shot (1DVD) NEW NC

- 1970-2002 «Video Collection» (5 DVD) VG/Exc. ProShot
- 1975-11-13 «Wings Over Downunder» Melbourne, Australia. (2DVD) NEW NC
- 1989-06-23&29 «Live At The L.A. Forum» Los Angeles, CA. (1DVD)
* 1989-12-07 «Live At The Skydome» Toronto, ON, Canada. (2DVD) VG Aud.Shot
- 1989-12-13 «Madison Square '89» New York City (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 1990-03-07 «Tokyo Dome - Big Egg 3rd Night» Tokyo, Japan (2DVD)
- 1990-04-15 «World Tour Miami 1990» Miami, FL. (1DVD) G AudShot (Dark)
- 1990-04-20 «Live In Rio» Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
- 1992-12-10 «Up Close» (complete unedited) (1DVD)
- 1993-04-14 «Viva Las Vegas» Las Vegas, NV. (1DVD)
- 1993-04-17 «Anaheim, CA.» Anaheim, CA. (1DVD)
- 1993-06-15 «Hot Night In Charlotte» Charlotte, NC. (2DVD) Exc ProShot [PAL]
- 1993-09-20 «Rotterdam 1993» (1DVD) NEW NC
- 1993-11-14/15 «Tokyo Dome 1993 Master Tape Version» Tokyo, Japan. (1DVD) VG ProShot
- 2002-04-05 «Live At The MGM Grand, Las Vegas» (1DVD) G/VG AusShot, VG audio
* 2002-04-13 «Driving In Toronto 2002» Toronto, ON, Canada. (2DVD) G/VG AudShot.
- 2003-05-10 «Back In The World + Rome Coliseum 2003» (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 2003-05-11 «Live In Rome» Soundcheck & concert (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 2003-05-24 «Red Square Moscow, Russia» (1DVD) ProShot CANNOT COPY
- 2004-05-30 «I’ll Follow the Sun» Madrid, Spain. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 2004-06-20 «St. Petersburg June 20th 2004» St. Petersburg, Russia (2DVD)
- 2004-06-24 «Stade de France» Saint-Denis (Paris), France. (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2004-06-26 «Glastonbury 2004» Pilton, UK. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV
- 2005-??-?? «Chaos And Creation In The Backyard» (VH1 Special) (1DVD) also includes "One Night With Rod Stewart" March 22, 2005 VH1, London, UK.
- 2005-07-28 «Chaos And Creation In Abbey Road» (1DVD) London, UK. BBC TV ProShot [PAL]
- 2005-09-22 «Wachovia Center, Philadelphia» Philadelphia, PA. (2DVD)
- 2005-11-08 «Live In San Jose» California. (2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2005-11-12 «Live At The Arrowhead Pond» Anaheim, CA. (2DVD)
- 2005-10-01 «Rocking the Garden» New York City (2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2007-10-22 «Olympia de Paris 2007» Paris, France. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot [PAL]
- 2007-10-25 «Electric Proms 2007» London, UK. (1DVD) BBC TV Exc. ProShot [PAL]
- 2008-02-01 «Sir Paul Plays Liverpool Sound» BBC2-TV broadcast Exc. ProShot [PAL]
- 2008-06-14 «Independence Concert» Kiev, Ukraine. (2DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
* 2008-07-20 «Live in Quebec» Quebec City, QC, Canada. (2DVD) ProShot TV
* 2008-07-20 «Plains Of Abraham In Quebec City» QC, Canada. (1DVD) ProShot TV
- 2009-04-17 «Coachella» Empire Polo Club, Indio, CA. (1DVD) VG AudShot
* 2009-07-11 «Live In Halifax 2009» Halifax, NS, Canada. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV [PAL]
* 2009-07-11 «Live In Halifax, Nova Scotia 2009» (1DVD) Crime Crow edition
- 2009-07-15 «The Late Show with David Letterman» New York City (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV
- 2009-07-21 «Citi Field, New York» New York , NY. (2DVD)
- 2009-08-01 «Live At The FedEx Field 2009» Washington, D.C (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 2009-08-05 «Live At Fenway Park Aug. 5, 2009» Boston, MA. (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2009-08-06 «Live At Fenway Park Aug. 6, 2009» Boston, MA. (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2009-08-15 «McCartney Green Concert» Atlanta, GA. (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2009-12-02 «Good Evening Hamburg» Germany. (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2009-12-10 «Good Evening Paris» Paris, France. NEW NC
- 2009-12-20 «Good Evening Dublin 2009» Ireland. (1DVD) Exc. AudShot, multi-camera
- 2009-12-22 «Good Evening London 2009» U.K. (1DVD) Exc. AudShot, multi-camera
- 2010-03-28 «Best Of Phoenix» Arizona. (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 2010-05-28 «Live In Mexico City» Mexico. (2DVD) Exc. Proshot TV
- 2010-06-27 «Hard Rock Calling 2010» London, UK. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV broadcast
* 2010-08-08 «Live In Toronto (First Night)» Toronto, Canada. NEW NC
* 2010-08-09 «Welcome To Toronto (Second Night)» Toronto, Canada. (3DVD) Exc. AudShot
* 2010-08-09 «ACC Toronto Aug. 9, 2010» Toronto, Canada. (1DVD) VG AudShot
* 2010-08-12 «Live In Montreal 2010» Montreal, QC, Canada (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
* 2010-08-12 «UP and Coming Montreal 2010» Montreal, Canada(2DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 2010-08-18 «Up and Coming Pittsburgh 2010» Pittsburgh, PA. (1DVD)
- 2010-11-11 «Live In Argentina» Buenos Aires, Argentina (2DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
- 2010-12-18 «Live In London 2010» London, England. (3DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 2010-12-20 «O2 Academy 2010» Liverpool, England. (1DVD)
- 2010 -2011 «The Miss Clarke Live Collection» Various (4DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
- 2011-05-09 «Up and Coming in Lima» Lima, Peru. (2DVD) VG AudShot
- 2011-05-11 «Up and Coming in Rio» Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. (2DVD) Exc. ProShot TV.
- 2011-07-15 «On The Run In Yankee Stadium July 15th» New York City (3DVD)
- 2011-07-16 «On The Run In Yankee Stadium July 16th» New York City (2DVD)
* 2011-07-26 «On The Run In Montreal» QC, Canada. (Gaviganj Production) (2DVD)
* 2011-07-26 «On The Run In Montreal July 26, 2010» (Fab Productions) (2DVD)
* 2011-07-26 «On The Run In Montreal July 27, 2010» (Fab Productions) (2DVD)
- 2011-11-13 «On The Run In Abu Dhabi» United Arab Emirates (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2011-11-26 «On The Run In Bologna, Italy» (2DVD) Exc AudShot Gaviganj
* 2012-11-24 «On The Run In Vancouver, Canada 2012» (2DVD) Exc AudShot
* 2012-11-28 «On The Run In Edmonton, Canada Nov. 28, 2012» (1DVD) Exc AudShot
* 2012-11-29 «On The Run In Edmonton, Canada Nov. 29, 2012» (2DVD) Exc AudShot
* 2013-07-07 «Out There Ottawa, Canada July 07, 2013» (2DVD) Exc AudShot
* 2013-08-12 «Out There Winnipeg, Canada August 12, 2013» (2DVD) Exc AudShot
* 2013-08-14 «Out There Regina, Canada August 14, 2013» (2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2013-11-15 «Out There Fukuoka Yafuoku Dome» Japan. (1DVD) Exc AudShot

- 1988-??-?? «Paul Simon documentary» BBC broadcast (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
* 2000-11-28 «Live In Toronto 2000» Toronto, ON, Canada (2DVD)
- 2011-06-06 «Live At Webster Hall» New York, NY. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 2011-06-26 «Gladstonbury Festival» Pilton, UK. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV

- 1970 & 1972 «Mind Your Throats Please» (1DVD) VG ProShot b&w
- 1970-04-29 «KQED» San Francisco, CA. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1970-08-08 «Saint-Tropez Festival» Saint-Tropez, France. TV broadcast. (1DVD)
- 1972-05-22 Amsterdam Rock Circus. Netherlands. (1DVD) B&W VG AudShot
- 1980-08-09 «The Wall Live At Earl’s Court» London, UK. Aug. 9, 1980. (1DVD) VG Aud
- 1989-07-15 «A Venezia 'A Concert For Europe'» Italy (1DVD) G/VG ProShot
* 1987-08-07 «Hangar Rehearsals ’87» Toronto, ON, Canada (2DVD) Exc ProShot (UPGRADE)
* 1987-09-13 «Maple Leaf, Canada» Montréal, QC, Canada (1DVD) VG Aud. [PAL]
* 1987-09-14 «Momentary Relapse in Montreal» QC, Canada. (1DVD) VG Aud.
- 1987-11-3/4 «Omnipresent» Atlanta, GA. (1DVD) ProShot
* 1994-05-23 «Olympic Stadium Montreal» Canada (1DVD) AudShot / Bad video-VG Audio
- 1994-10-20 «Dark Side Of The Moon Live» London UK. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot [PAL]
- 2005-07-02 «Reunited At Live 8» London, UK. (1DVD) [PAL]

- 1981-03-22 «The Ritz, NY 81» New York, NY. (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 1983-08-03 «First Avenue» Minneapolis, MN. (1DVD) VG ProShot
- 1988-09-09 «Lovesexy 88 Live» Dortmund, Germany. (2DVD) Exc ProShot
* 1988-10-05 «LoveSexy Tour Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canada» (1DVD) VG Aud
* 2004-07-28 «Much More Music Live» Toronto, ON, Canada (1DVD) Exc. Proshot
- 2007-02-04 «Super Bowl Halftime Show» Miami, FL. (1DVD) Exc. Proshot TV
- 2007-09-13 «The Earth Tour In London» UK. (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2009-07-18 «Montreux Like Jazz» Switzerland. (2 DVD) EXC ProShot
- 2010-12-18 «Welcome To America» New York, NY. (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2010-??-?? «Best Of Europe 2010» (2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2011-06-30 «SDF (Stade de France + Ghent + Perugia) (2DVD) Exc AudShot
* 2011-??-?? «Highlights Europe & Canada 2011» (1DVD) Exc ProShot
* 2011-??-?? «Highlights USA 2004 & Canada 2011» (1DVD Exc Pro & AudShot

* 1992-05-30 «Edmonton Reunion 1992» Edmonton, AB, Canada. (1DVD) Exc ProShot

* 1982-11-24/25 «We Will Rock You» Montréal, QC. Canada (1DVD) Exc. ProShot (Upgrade)

* 1981-05-17 In Concert with The Edmonton ITV Concert Orchestra (1DVD) Exc. ProShot

- 2003 «World From My Window» included in History of Rock & Roll The 70s (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 2010-06-27 «Gladstonbury Festival». UK. June 27, 2010. (1DVD) Exc ProShot BBC TV

* 2003-05-15 «Bell Centre Montreal» Montréal, QC, Canada. (1DVD) NEW NC

* 2001-05-17 «Much Music TV» Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot

- 2001-08-22 «Ringo & His New All-Starr Band» Chicago, IL. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot

* 2006-04-17/18 «Charlebois Tout Écartillé» ThĂ©atre National, MontrĂ©al, QC. (1DVD) Français, Exc ProShot TV

* 1983-09-08 «Montreal 1983» Montreal, QC, Canada (1DVD)
* 1988-05-10 «Toronto Canada 1988» (2DVD) Exc AudShot
* 2001-03-06 «Live At Massey Hall, Toronto 2001» Canada. (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2010-10-23 «Avo Session, Basel, Switzerland» (1 DVD) Exc. ProShot

- 2005-03-22 «One Night With Rod Stewart» VH1 TV, London, UK. (1DVD) Included with McCartney's «Chaos And Creation In The Backyard»
- 2009-12-05 «One Night Only» London, UK. ITV (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV

* 2011-09-27 North American Tour 2011 (Montréal/Toronto/San Jose) (1DVD) Exc ProShot

* 1984-07-31 «The Pros And Cons Of Early Bootleg» Montréal, QC, Canada. AUD (1DVD) NEW NC
* 1984-07-29 «Maple Leaf» Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD) VG Aud. (Incomplete show)
* 1987-11-07 «K.A.O.S. By Satellite» Québec, QC. Canada. (2DVD) VG AudShot
* 1999-07-31 «In The Flesh Eh? Montréal, Canada» (2DVD) VG Aud/Exc Audio
* 1999-08-01 «In The Flesh Toronto 1.8.1999» (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2006-06-02 Rock In Rio. Lisbon, Portugal. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV
* 2006-09-21 «Dark Side Of The Moon Monteal» (3 camera mix) (2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2007-03-18 «The Dark Side Of The Moon In Argentina» (2DVD)Exc. Snbd ProShot [PAL]
- 2007-05-05 «Three Sides Of The Moon» Arnhem, Holland. May 5, 2007. (1DVD) 3 camera Exc. Aud
- 2007-??-?? Video Anthology. Harvested HRV 004 (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 2010-09-15 «The Wall Opening Night In Toronto» Sept. 15, 2010 (1DVD)
- 2010-10-10 "The Wall Live" Verizon Center, Washington, DC. (1DVD) Exc. AudShot.

- ????-??-?? «Live From Frankfurt» Germany (1DVD) Exc ProShot (VH1 TV Classic)
- 1976-12-10 «Caught In The Act» Passaic, NJ. (1DVD) G ProShot
* 1981-03-27 «Exit
Stage Left» MontrĂ©al, QC, Canada. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
* 1983-04-09 «Visual Chemistry» Forum, Montréal, QC, Canada. (1DVD) G/VG Aud.
* 1984-09-21 «Grace Under Pressure» Toronto, ON. Canada. (1DVD) Exc ProShot
* 1986-03-03 The Big Money Takes Control. Coliseum-Quebec City, QC, Canada. (1DVD) VG AudShot
* 1988-03-07 MapleLeaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada 1988. (2DVD) VG AudShot
* 1990-05-16 «Hometown» Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD) VG Aud.
- 1990-06-27 «Mountain Views» Mountain View, CA. (1DVD) VG ProShot
- 1991-12-12 «Dem Bones» Albany, NY. (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 1994-03-22 «A View From The Palace Palace» Auburn Hills, MI. (2DVD) Exc. ProShot
* 1994-05-07 «A Farewell To The Gardens» Toronto, ON. Canada. (2DVD) Exc Aud.
* 2002-07-17 «Toronto 2002» Toronto, ON, Canada. AUD (2DVD) Exc AudShot
* 2002-10-22 «Canadian Trail Mix "The Live Video"» (2 DVD on 1 disc) VG AudShot
- 2002-11-06 «By-Tor and the Pink Wig» East Rutherford, NJ. (2DVD) Exc. Aud.
- 2002-11-23 «Rush in Rio» (1DVD) Official Release – NO TRADE
- 2002-11-23 «Rush In Rio» (VH1-TV broadcasts the Official release) (2 DVD) no menu/no chap
* 2003-07-30 «Molson Canadian Rocks» Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot with AC/DC.
- 2004-08-18 «Project R-30: New York-01» New York City. (3DVD) Exc. Multi-cam AudShot
- 2007-07-23 «Hollywood Bowl 2007» Los Angeles, CA. (3DVD) Exc Aud.
- 2008-03-15 «Adrenaline Splurge» Amway Arena Orlando, Florida. (3DVD) Exc Aud.
– 2010-??-?? «Beyond The Lighted Stage» documentary. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV
- 2011-04-08 Rush Time Machine Tour, Hershey, PA. 2011. April 8, 2011. (1DVD) Exc AudShot

- 1970-1971 Tanglewood Music Shed 1970 / Montreux Jazz Fest. 1971. (1DVD) Exc AudShot
* 1992-03-10 «Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, Canada» (2DVD) ProShot
* 2010-07-13 «Quebec City 2010» complete, filmed by Jean-Pierre (1DVD) Exc AudShot
* 2010-07-13 «Quebec City 2010» (ScreenShot) (1DVD) (35 minutes) Exc AudShot
* 2010-07-15 ~ Bell Center, Montréal, QC, Canada. (1DVD) Exc AudShot

* 2008-10-18 MuchMoreMusic Studios, Toronto, ON, Canada. ProShot (1DVD) Exc. ProShot, TV.

* 1999-06-21 «Hamilton [1999]» Canada. (1DVD) VG AudShot

* 1997-03-07 Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada. Aud. shot (1DVD) Exc. Aud.Shot
* 2002-06-08 Mel's Studio, Montreal, QC, Canada. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot, TV.
* 2005-11-29 MuchMoreMusic Studios, Toronto, ON, Canada. pro shot (1DVD) Exc. ProShot, TV.
* 2009-05-21 «Toronto 2009» ACC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (1DVD)

- 1968-01-03 «The Kraft Music Hall» NBC-TV broadcast. (1DVD) Exc ProShot B&W

- 2011-?? «Godmother of Rock And Roll» BBC4 broadcast. (1DVD) Exc ProShot B&W

- 2006-08-12 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Charlotte, NC. (1DVD) Exc. PorShot

* 2006-08-18 «Ottawa Folk Festival» Ottawa, ON. (1DVD) ProShot (Cannot Copy)

* 2010-07-13 Quebec City, QC, Canada. (1DVD) Exc AudShot complete

- 1985-1989 «TV Appearances 1985-1989» Various (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
* 1983-07-11 «Live At The El Mocambo» Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
* 1983-12-06 «In Session on PrimeTV» w Albert King, CHCH-TV, Hamilton, Canada (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
* 1983-12-06 In Session On Prime TV (Uncut/Unedited)» Hamilton, ON, Canada (2DVD) Exc ProShot
- 1984-08-25 «RosckPalast» Loreley Festival, Germany (Upgrade) (1DVD) Exc. ProShot [PAL]
- 1985-01-24 Tokyo, Japan. Jan. 24, 1985.(1DVD) 90 mins Exc. ProShot
- 1985-07-11 «Pori Jazz Festival» (Evening show). Yyteri, Finland. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1985-09-21 «Capitol Theater [09-21-1985]» long version upgr. Passaic, NJ. (1DVD) VG ProShot
- 1985-09-21 «Rock Influences» short version upgr. (1DVD) + 1985 interview Passaic, NJ. (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 1986-01-27 «Athens, GA. 1986» Athens, GA. (1DVD) G AudShot
- 1986-08-26 «American Caravan» Memphis, TN (2DVD) Exc. ProShot.
- 1986-12-13 «Duffy’s Rooftop» Peoria, IL. (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 1987-03-23 «The Forgotten Show» Daytona Beach, FL. (1DVD) VG/Exc ProShot
- 1987-06-09 «Volunteer Jam XIII» Nashville, TN. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1988-03-03 «Fox Theater, St. Louis 1988» St. Louis, MO. (1DVD) G AudShot
* 1988-05-07 «Montreal Forum 1988» Montréal, QC, Canada (1DVD) VG AudShot
* 1988-05-08 «Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto 1988» + Much Music tribute 1990 Toronto, ON, Canada (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 1988-08-28 «Chastain Park» Atlanta, GA. (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 1989-10-10 «One Night In Texas» AustinCity, TX. (1DVD) 30 minutes, Exc. ProShot TV
* 1989-11-02 «Fire And Fury In Toronto» Canada. w/Jeff Beck. (2DVD) G/VG AudShot
- 1990-07-21 «George, WA. 1990» George, WA. (1DVD) (4 songs) VG AudShot
- 1995-05-11 «A Tribute To Stevie Ray Vaughan» Austin, TX. Various artisits (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
- 2001-??-?? «Austin City Limit Outtakes» KLRU-TV Austin, TX. PBS 2001 (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV

- 1988-10-25 «Sting Tokyo Dome 1988» Japan. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV

* 1983-08-24 Live in Toronto 1983 (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV broadcast

- «Rarities» (compilation 26 tracks) VG/Exc ProShot TV

* 1970 «Festival Express Outtakes» Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 1976-07-20 Asbury Park, NJ. (1DVD)
- 1976-11-26 The Lost Waltz (w Bob Dylan) San Francisco, CA. (2DVD) VG ProShot

- 1962-1964 «Collectors Items Vol 1: 1962-1964» (1DVD) Exc. ProShot (documentary)
- 1964-1970 «Collectors Items Vol 2: 1964-1970» (1DVD) Exc. ProShot (documentary)
- 1964..... «Invades Paris, Conquer America 1964» (2DVD) Exc. ProShot (documentary)
- 1964-1970 «27 No. 1 Singles (1DVD) Exc.ProShot
- 1964-1970 «By The Bushel» (1DVD)
- 1964-1970 «By The Bushel 2» (1DVD)
- 1964-1970 «The Beatles On The Ed Sullivan Show» (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
- 1965-1970 «Live in Concert» (2DVD) (Washington/Wembly/Paris/Shea/Roof Top) VG ProShot
- 1968 «A Mad Day Out 1968» Released in 2004 (1DVD) VG/Exc. ProShot
- 1969-1970 «The End 1969-1970» Released in 2004 (1DVD) VG/Exc. ProShot

- 1964-06-17 «Channel 9 Master» Melbourne, Australia. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1966-06-24 «Germany 1966» Munich. Germany. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1965-08-15 «Shea!» (concert only) (30 minutes) Exc. ProShot
- 1966-06-30 & 1966-07-01 «Japan 1966» (1DVD) NEW NC
- 1967 «Four Sides Of The Circle» (1DVD) VG/Exc. ProShot
- 1969-01-30 «3, Saville Row, London» (The Rooftop Concert) (1DVD) ProShot

- «All Things Must Pass» (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- «Almost a Reunion» (Documentary) (1DVD) NEW NC
- «Chronology 1962-1970» (2DVD) VG/Exc. ProShot
- CNN The Sixties The British Invasion (mostly The Beatles) aired 2014-01-30 (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
- Grammy’s Beatles Tribute The Night That Changed America 2014 (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV
- «Let It Be» [From Japanese Laser Disc] (1DVD)
- «Meet The Beatles» (1DVD)
- «Meet The Threetles» (1DVD)
- «The Beatles Anthology Directors Cut» (10 DVD + 1 picture CD) Exc ProShot
* «The Beatles In Canada» CBC-TV documentary.
- «The Get Back Chronicles 1969» Vol. One (1DVD)
- «The Get Back Chronicles 1969» Vol. Two (1DVD)
- «The Get Back Chronicles 1969» Vol. Three (1DVD)
- «Watching Rainbows DVD» (2DVD) [missing DVD #2]
- 1992 «The Making of SPLHCB» ITV (UK) documentary, Exc.(1DVD)ProShot

- «Soundstage Performances» (3 TV shows [1 in Canada] 120 min) (1DVD) Exc. ProShot

* 2003-10-09 Air Canada Center, Toronto, Canada 2003. (1DVD) Exc AudShot

* 1983-06-29 «Together Again» Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD) ProShot

* 1980-11-25 «Univ. of Montreal. QC, Canada» (1DVD) G/VG Aud.
* 1983-08-02 «Le Spectrum» Montréal, QC, Canada. (1DVD) VG ProShot [PAL]

- 1964-1969 «The Complete Ed Sullivan Shows» (1DVD) Exc. TV broadcast
- 1966-2002 «The Complete Promos 1966-2002» (5DVD) (PRO) NEW NC
- 1967-1982 «Never Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll; Live In Germany 1967-1982» (1DVD)
- 1971-1998 «Video Clips» (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
* 1974-1979 «7479» (New Barbarians). Promos+ Largo 1979+ part of CNIB, Oshawa, ON, 1979-03-22 (2DVD) Pro
- 1976..... «Knebworth 1976 & Don Kiershner Rock Concert» (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 1976..... «Stones On The Road '76» (Thames TV Special) (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 1989..... «The Rolling Stones In Morocco» (1DVD) Exc ProShot BBC2

- 1972-06-24/25 «Ladies & Gentlemen» Houston/Fort Worth, TX. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1975-07-11 «L.A. Blues» Inglewood, CA. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1976-08-21 «Hot August Night» Knebworth, UK. (2 DVD) VG ProShot
- 1981-10-28 «Still Live In Houston» Houston, TX (1DVD) VG ProShot
- 1981-11-22 «Father & Sons w Muddy Water». Checkerboard, Chicago, IL. (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
* 1989-09-03 «Steel Weels In Toronto 89» Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD)
- 1989-12-10 «The Rolling Stones In Morocco» (BBC2 documentary) (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
* 1989-12-14 «Olympic Stadium, Montréal, QC, Canada» (2DVD) Exc ProShot
- 1994-10-17 «Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego, CA» (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1994-10-31 «Voodoo Halloween» Oakland, CA. (2DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1995 «Stripped» Studio & live (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1995-02-25 «Johannesburg 1995» South Africa (2DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
- 1997-09-18 «Live At The Double Door» Chicago, IL. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
* 1997-10-02 «Salut Edmonton» Edmonton, AB, Canada (1DVD) VG AudShot from big screen
- 1998-04-11 «Praca de Apoteose, Rio de Janeiro» Brazil (2DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
- 1998-08-14 «Bridge To Poland» Slaski Stadium, Chorzów, Poland. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
- 1998-09-02 «Live In Bremen 1998» Bremen, Germany. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1998-09-19 «Turkish Delight» Istanbul, Turkey (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV (incomplete show)
* 1999-02-25 «Toronto 1999» No Security Tour, Toronto, Canada (1DVD) NEW NC
* 2002-08-16 «Palais Royale» Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
* 2002-08-16 «Palais Royale +» (Rehearsals, MTV highlights & RPM Club Toronto 1994. Canada (2 DVD) Exc ProShot
* 2002-10-16 «Air Canada Centre 10/16/2002» Toronto, ON, Canada. (1DVD)
* 2002-10-18 «Toronto 2002» Licks Tour, Toronto, Canada (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
* 2003-01-08 «Bell Centre, Montreal 2003» (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2003-04-04 «Dripping Away in Bangalore» India. (1DVD) [PAL]
* 2003-07-30 «SARStock» Toronto, (2DVD) Complete Stones show. Exc. ProShot
* 2003-07-30 «SARS» Toronto, ON, Canada, (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 2003-11-07 «Hong Kong Soundcheck» China (1DVD) Exc AudShot 31 min.
- 2005-09-28 «Pittsburgh, PA. 2005» (1DVD) Exc AudShot
* 2006-01-10 «Debauched Geriatrics Quake Montréal» QC. Canada (1DVD) VG Aud.
- 2006-01-18 «Live in Madison Square Garden» (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2006-02-18 «A Bigger Bang Tour Rio» Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
- 2006-02-21 «River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires» Argentina. (2DVD) Exc. ProShot TV
- 2006-03-14 «Radio City Music Hall» New York, NY. March 14, 2006 (1DVD) Exc. AudShot
- 2006-04-02 «Rolling Bang Live» Saitama, Japan (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 2007-06-10 «Ilse Of Wight Festival» (2 songs only) (1DVD) Exc proShot
- 2012-11-24/25 «50 And Counting» London, UK. (2DVD) Exc Pro & AudShot
- 2012-11-24 «The O2 Arena 2012» London, UK. (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2012-12-15 «50 Years» Newark, NJ (2DVD) Exc ProShot
- 2012-12-15 «50 Years PPV Upgrade» Newark, NJ (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 2012-12-15 «One More Shot Live» Newark, NJ (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 2013-05-15 Anaheim, California. (2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2013-06-29 Glastonbury Festival. Worthy Farm, Pilton, England. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV

- «The True History Of The Travelling Wilburys» (1DVD) Exc ProShot

- 1975-11-20 «The Summit 1975» Houston, TX. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 1981-03-28 Rockpast Rehearsals. Essen, Germany. (1DVD) ProShot
* 1982 «Rocks America Live From Toronto 1982» (1DVD) Exc. ProShot.
* 1989-06-20 «Live From Toronto» ON, Canada. (1DVD)Exc. Aud.
* 1997-07-29 «Quatrophenia in Montreal» QC, Canada. (1DVD) Exc. Aud. (Incomplete show)
- 1999-10-30 «Bridge School Benefit» Mountain View, CA. (1DVD) ProShot
- 2000-07-09 «Jones Beach 2000» Wantagh, NY. (1DVD)
- 2002-07-31 «Back In The Big Apple. MSG, New York, NY. (1DVD)
- 2002-09-17 «Live at the Greek 2002» Los Angeles, CA. (1DVD)
- 2002-09-28 «Toronto 2002» Air Canada Centre. (2CD)
- 2004-07-24 «The Rock Odyssey» Yokohama, Japan (1DVD) ProShot TV
* 2006-09-15 «Ottawa Encore 2006» Ottawa, ON, Canada. (1DVD) ProShot
* 2006-10-08 «Vancouver 2006» GM Place, Vancouver Canada. (1DVD) ProShot

TOM PETTY & The Heartbreakers
* 1995-03-17 «Toronto 1995» Canada. (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 1999-03-31 «Storytellers» (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV
- 1999-04-23 «Live in Hamburg 1999» Germany. (2DVD) Exc ProShot TV
- 2012-06-23 «Isle Of Wight 2012» Newport, UK. (1DVD) Exc ProShot. TV broadcast only

- 1977-04-18 «Waits At The RockPalast» Köln, Germany. (1DVD) ProShot
* 1981-07-03 «Shadow Of Intolerence» Montreal Jazz Festival. (1DVD) ProShot TV
- 2004-10-07 «PBS Tom Waits Jul 25, 2002 included with Peter Barakan Show Oct 7, 2004. (1DVD) ProShot TV

- «Be Here To Love Me» 2005 documentary (1DVD) Exc. ProShot

TRIO (Linda Ronstadt/Dolly Parton/ Emmylou Harris)
- 1987 & 1999 «Trio TV Compilation» (1CD) Exc ProShot TV

- ????-??-?? «18 Videos» (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV no menu, no chap
- 1981-11-04 «Metropol Berlin 1981» Germany. 2012 TV broadcast (1DVD) Exc ProShot
- 1987-1991 «Angels in Devils Shoes» compilation (1DVD) NEW NC
- 1989 «Lovetown» copilation (1DVD)VHS –> standalone NEW NC
- 1990 «90's videos» (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV no menu
- 1992-2002 «Unseen, Unheard, Unearthed» compilation (1DVD) TV NEW NC
- 1992-2005 «Special Compilation» (1DVD) NEW NC
* 1997-06-15 «Etown» Pop Mart Edmonton, AB, Canada. (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 2000-12-05 «Gangs In New York» (Irving Plaza) New York, NY. (1DVD) Exc ProShot
* 2001-10-12 «Montreal, Canada 12 October 2001» (1 DVD) VG AudShot
- 2004-11-22 «Live Under The Brooklyn Bridge» New York, NY. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV
- 2005-07-05 «Vertigo Tour Chicago» (1DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2005-07-31 «How To Dismantle Denmark» Copenhagen. (1DVD) VG AudShot
- 2006-03-02 «Vertigo Tour Live From Buenos Aires» (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV
- 2009 - «U2 on TV in 2009» Various. (2DVD) Exc ProShot TV
- 2009-08-06 «Slaski Stadium-Chorzow, Poland» (2DVD) Exc. AudShot
* 2009-09-16 «Toronto Sept 2009» Canada. (2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2011-06-22 «360 Tour Baltimore, MD.» (2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2011-06-24 «Glastonbury 2011» Pilton, England. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV
- 2011-07-05 «360 Tour Chicago, IL.» (2DVD) Exc AudShot
- 2011-07-26 «Better To Bad» Pittsburgh, PA. (1DVD) Exc AudShot

* 1984-04-19 «Live At The Montreal Forum 1984» April 19, 1984. (2DVD) VG AudShot

- «Best of Hollywood Palace (2DVD) Exc ProShot TV broadcast
- 60ÂŽs Collection (3DVD) G/VG/Exc. ProShot
- 1967/1968 Top Of The Pops Dec 26, 1967 + Feb 15, 1968 (1DVD) ProShot
* 1970 «Festival Express» (1DVD) Exc. ProShot
Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, The Band, Buddy Guy, etc. Filmed account of a Canadian rock festival train tour. Released in 2005
- 1985-09-22 «Farm Aid 1: Made In America» Champaign, IL. (2 DVD) Exc. ProShot
- 53rd Grammy Awards (Mick Jagger, Nora Jones, Bob Dylan) (1DVD) NEW NC
* 2005-07-02 «Live 8 From Barrie» (2DVD) Exc ProShot TV
- 2006 -2008 «Guitar Heroes At The BBC» (6DVD) Exc ProShot TV
* 2008-06-26 «Chapeau Mr. Cohen» A Tribute at Montreal Jazz Festival. (1DVD) Exc ProShot, TV.
- 2011-02-17 «53rd Grammy Awards» (1DVD) Exc ProShot, TV.
- 2011-03-14 «2011 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame» (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV

- 1995-03-25 «German Stroll» Bonn, Germany. (1DVD) Exc ProShot TV

* 1983-03-28/29 «9012 Live In Edmonton [1983]» Canada. Exc ProShot TV
* 2001-08-28 Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON, Canada. AudShot (1DVD) NEW NC
* 2002-07-31 Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON, Canada. AudShot (2DVD) NEW NC
* 2004-05-07 Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada. Aud. shot (2DVD) Exc. AudShot

* 1985-12-01 «Back To 1985 Montreal» Forum, QC, Canada. (1DVD) G AudShot
* 1990-10-11 «Live In Toronto 1990» Maple Leaf Gardens, Canada (1DVD) VG AudShot

NEW ARRIVALS May 19, 2016:

1988 Sasketchewan Prison Canada + 1977 New Years Rocking Eve (1DVD) Exc ProShot

2006 Germany (2DVD) Exc ProShot

1984 Austin City Limits (1DVD) Exc ProShot

1990 Shoreline Ampitheater Mountain View, CA (1DVD) VG ProShot

1985 Pori Jazz Festival (1DVD) Exc ProShot
1986 American Caravan Memphis, TN (2DVD) with "OUTTAKES" and alternate camera angles Exc ProShot
RARE TV Compilation: Saturday Night Live, MTV un-Plugged, etc. (1DVD) Exc ProShot

1999 Hamburg Germany (2DVD) NEW NC ProShot
2012 Isle of Wight Festival (1DVD) New NC ProShot

2000 Irving Plaza New York (1DVD) New NC ProShot
2006 Argentina (1DVD) New NC ProShot
2010 RARE TV Compilation: (2 DVD set) Every TV appearance in the USA and ENGLAND. (1DVD Exc ProShot

NEW NC = New arrivals Not Checked