Balc. R70°
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DVDylan ID: D213.m
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Wembley Arena, London, England, UK
Date: Saturday, 17th October 1987
  • DVD 1
    -The Times They Are A-Changin'
    -Like A Rolling Stone
    -Maggie's Farm
    -Forever Young
    -Dead Man, Dead Man
    -I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
    -Simple Twist of Fate
    -I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
    -Watching The River Flow
    -Gotta Serve Somebody
    -Man of Peace
    -I and I
  • DVD 2
    -Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
    -Tomorrow Is A Long Time
    -Heart of Mine
    -In the Garden
    -Knockin' On Heaven's Door
    -Chimes Of Freedom
    -Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
    -Go Down Moses
Number of discs: 2
Running time: 01:24
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Author/Filmer's Notes: "Back in 87 cameras were still in their infancy,, I was not sure whether it was a passing fad
Then I discovered it was possible to RENT a camera from "Radio Rentals" so with 2 like minded
mates we proposed to do just that. The camera was MASSIVE the batteries were almost a foot long an
weighed about 4lbs each and only lasted 40 mins ! I rented 3. Getting the gear in was going to
be quite a challenge. Some amazing things were tried, but as previously related we had some success on the 15th
but were stopped going in on the 16th so we needed a new means of entry for the last show.

Now I warn you this is gonna sound insane, but its true !
We looked at means of hiding it on our person but it was just too big, so we deceided to disguise it in some way
And then we hit on the loaf of bread! We got a large "bloomer" loaf, uncut that was bigger than the camera. We slit it across the bottom and scooped out the soft bread leaving the crust. Then after putting the camera in a plastic bag it was placed in the loaf! Obviously if you picked it up it was clearly too heavy for a loaf of bread
so we decided to just put it in a carrier bag that way security could easily see what it was right?
We started out and J decided we needed some extra props. We stopped at a shop an bought some tomatoes and a piece
of cheese. (I told you this was crazy) An in we went! You know, NO ONE asked us why we were taking in a loaf and
not sandwiches, we had no knife an no butter...But as you can see it worked,. So we reach our seat. I want the camera out of the loaf asap as I am worried we may get condensation. But in the dark thats not so easy. We had bought the loaf the evening before an by now the crust was getting pretty stale so it was going hard. In the end I had to rip it off an there were pieces of bread everywhere. Oh Bob, you
have cost me my dignity so many times ! But when he came on we were ready.
J had the blank tapes, me the camera and K was holding used tapes We took 3 as before. Howver this proved to be a much longer show. I knew I was getting a better film so wanted to try an catch it all. But by the time of the encores we were almost through tape 3, So I asked K for one of the previous tapes so I could use what was left on there. Obviously we had no time to rewind so that would be ok,. J did not hear that conversation and was horrified to see K hand me a used tape back and I started to use it again. J tried to stop me, K tried to stop him stopping me! So I got this scuffle going on either side of me whilst I am tryng to get the encores!! This cost us part of "Chimes" Eventually J got it, listen hard and you will hear J tell me George Harrison had come on..

I was even keener than ever to get past security on the way out the feeling of elation when we left the Arena was even greater than before K and I were bobbing around in the car park. And I knew now that we'd do this again. And so 25 years later.....

Its still not a great film, but its very watchable and quite an improvement on the 15th, and what a show!!

My helpers were J and K J is still a mate but less involved. K and I worked together for a few years till
he discovered women! Maybe a story for another day


Shot an unknown Hitachi model; camcorder onto TDK EXG tapes
Played in adaptor on a Phillips VR550 VHS Recorder transfered to PC and
edited with TEMPGENC DVD AUtjor 4"