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Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Stockyards 40-acre North Forty Field, Fort Worth, Texas, US
Date: Monday, 4th July 2005
Willie Nelson's 32nd Annual 4th of July Picnic
  1. Introduction [opening titles over still frame; 21-frame "play" display removed/audio extracted/2 stills w/flash effect]
  2. Drifter's Escape [shaky start 9:17/1 still; double lightning effect at drumbeat]
  3. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight [shaky transition to next song 10:19/1 still]
  4. Absolutely Sweet Marie [shaky start 1:23/1 still w/fade in transition; shaky 4:21/1 still; "pause display 0:20/1 still; "play" display 4:31/1 still; shaky end 5:18/1 still]
  5. You Win Again [shaky start 9:21/1 still w/fade in and cross dissolve transitions; shaky end 7:14/1 movie clip w/fade out transition]
  6. Highway 61 Revisited [shaky start 14:01/ 1 still with electricity effect and fade in transition; wandering cam 9:04/1 still w/washout transition; shaky end 17:28/1 still w/fade out transition]
  7. Shooting Star [shaky 20:23/2 stills w/fade out transition; shooting star effect; shaky 4:20/1 still w/fade out transition; shaky end 16:06/1 still ]
  8. Cold Irons Bound [fade in transition; shaky 14:23/1 still w/fade in and fade out transitions; shaky 17:05/1 still w/billow transition; shaky end 21:02/1 still w/fade out transition]
  9. Like A Rolling Stone [shaky start 2:15/1 still; shaky 6:03/1 still w/ripple transition; shaky 10:29/2 stills w/fade out transition; shaky end 11:25/1 still]
  10. Band Introductions [shaky start 3:15/1 still w/radial transition]
  11. All Along The Watchtower [shaky 18:25/2 stills w/push transition; shaky 15:07/1 still w/overlap transition; shaky 14:19/1 still w/circle opening and scale down transitions]
  12. Closing thanks and salute [jpeg w/2 disintegrate transitions, fade out transition]
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Number of discs: 1
Running time: 00:55:25
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Right floor 30 degrees.
D585>MPEGStreamclip 1.8b2>dv>iMovie 6.04>iDVD 6.03.
Sound upgraded with LB-2979 (M&A recording, excellent sound).
LB-2979>Roxio Toast 7 disk image>Sound Studio 3>wave>iMovie 6.04.
Menu audio clips derived from V4TX (LB-2916?) recording.