Floor centre
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DVDylan ID: D889.2su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Greek Theatre - UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California, USA
Date: Sunday, 11th October 2009
Never-Ending Tour Concert #2174
  • Disc 1 (48:48:24)
    -Opening Credits [titles over 15:22 still]
    -Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
    -This Dream Of You [wand. 29:02/2 stills w/trans.; wand. 11:26/1 still w/trans.]
    -Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again [wand. 14:01 @ start/1 still w/trans.]
    -Beyond Here Lies Nothin'
    -Tryin' To Get To Heaven [wand. 20:28 @ start/1 still w/trans.]
    -High Water (For Charley Patton)
    -A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall [wand. 19:09 trans. to next song/1 still w/trans.]
    -My Wife's Hometown [wand. 27:08 @ start/2 stills w/2 trans.; wand. trans to next disk/1 still w fade out and end disk 1 message]
  • Disk 2 (59:49:23)
    -Opening Titles [titles over 14:04 still]
    -Honest With Me [wand. 20:05 @ start/1 still w/trans.; wand. 17:22 trans. to next song/1 still]
    -Forgetful Heart [wand. 28:29 @ start/1 still w/trans.; obs. 51:22/2 stills w/2 trans.; wand. 14:14 trans. to next song/1 still w/trans.]
    -Highway 61 Revisited [wand. 16:26 trans. to next song/1 still w/trans.]
    -Workingman's Blues #2 [obs. start 4:07/1 still; wandering end and trans. to next song cut 19:02/1 still]
    -Thunder On The Mountain [cut 5:46:20/10 stills w/10 trans.; obs. trans. to next song 16:28/1 still w/trans.]
    -Ballad Of A Thin Man [obs. start 3:28/1 still w/trans.; shaky/cut 1:29/28/2 stills w/2 trans.; cut 22:08/2 stills w/1 trans.; obs. trans. to next song 16:28/1 still w/trans.; cut 4:57:10 break audio/video]
    -Like A Rolling Stone
    -Band Introductions
    -All Along The Watchtower [fade out @ end w/6:11 still for transition to ending; end thanks/salute/credits/cut 18:19 video to match audio cut]
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Number of discs: 2
Running time: 01:48:39
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Special thanks to jimrome for filming and sharing the master mini-dv tapes and to soomlos for recording and uploading the excellent audio to the DIME tracker.

Position dead center lawn until 10 degree move to left after Workingman's Blues.

Video sourced from master mini-dv tapes.

Sound upgraded with excellent soomlos audio.

Audio and video assets edited in iMovie 6.0.3, authored, multiplexed and burned to VIDEO_TS folder in iDVD 7.0.4, torrented in Bittorrent 4.4.1, and uploaded to the DIME tracker.