Balc. L30°
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Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Jackson County Fairgrounds, Medford (Central Point), Oregon, US
Date: Tuesday, 9th October 2001
  • Disk 1 (1:11:12)
    - Introduction [opening credits and intro 37:15/3 stills/2 special effects - gold fog and flash/1 transition]
    - Wait For The Light To Shine [one 6:10 movie clip w/flash effect/1 transition]
    - Mr. Tambourine Man [shaky end 9:10/1 still]
    - It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) [shaky start 2:00/1 still; shaky 2:17/1 movie clip/1 transition; shaky 24:28/2 stills/3 transitions/13:10 cut at end 13:10/1 still/1 transition]
    - Searching For A Soldier's Grave [missing 2:57:05/6 stills/1 transition at start/6:23 movie clip added at end/1 transition; 20:28 still for transition to next song/1 transition]
    - Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum [clipped 20:22/2 stills/shaky end 10:04/1 transition]
    - I Threw It All Away [obstructed 7:00 near start/1 still/1 transition/shaky end 13:00/1 still/1 transition]
    - Summer Days [shaky start 8:17/1 still/1 transition]
    - Mississippi [23:25 still at end for transition to next song/1 transition]
    - Masters Of War [clipped 3:14:09/5 stills/1 movie clip 1:55:15/slow-mo effect in black and white last 15:06/2 transitions]
    - Girl From The North Country [transition to next song shaky 2:25/1 still/1 transition ]
    - Visions Of Johanna [beginning 19:15 shaky/2 stills/1 transition; 1:05 cut @end for a/v sync]
    - Tombstone Blues [shaky start 55:06/3 stills; shaky 16:18/2 stills/1 transition]
  • Disk 2 (51:28)
    - Sugar Baby [4:20 still prior to song for a/v sync; shaky end 14:29/1 still]
    - Drifter's Escape [shaky start 13:18/1 still/electricity effect; shaky 1:31:02/5 stills/5 transitions; shaky end 21:15/1 still/1 transition]
    - Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat/Band Introductions [clipped 38:27/2 stills/2 transitions; shaky 3:15/1 still/1 transition; end cut 25:14/7 stills/2 transitions]
    - Band Introductions [30:05 cut/5 stills]
    - Love Sick [clipped applause 43:22/1 still; 29 frames of audio applause removed for a/v sync; clipped 57:05/5 stills/1 transition; shaky end 2:10/1 still/1 transition]
    - Like A Rolling Stone [shaky start 46:02/2 stills; shaky 16:29/ 1 still/1 transition; shaky 54:24/1 still/1 transition; shaky end 23:04/1 still/1 transition]
    - I Shall Be Released [2:15 video removed for a/v sync; shaky 15:03/2 stills/1 transition; shaky 21:22/1 still; shaky end 53:24/removed 39:14 audio/video/one 14:09 still/added audio applause for transition]
    - Honest With Me [shaky start 9:29/2 stills/1 electricity effect/ 2:15 video cut for a/v sync; wandering cam 11:16/1 still/1 transition; shaky end 30:06/1 still/1 transition]
    - Blowin' In The Wind [shaky start 4:14/1 still/2:04 cut for a/v sync/closing thanks 4:02]
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Number of discs: 2
Running time: 02:02:45
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating

some brief impressions and thoughts regarding

-here is another forgotten gem from the growing canon, beautifully restored and ready to take it's rightful place among the most cherished items in the catalog.

- sources, performances, setlist, all of the highest order.

-without the time machine, this is as close as you will get to bob at the top of his game 2001 style. even with the time machine, there are all those buttons and dials to manage, where even the slightest mistake be great trouble: why not just pop this one in and enjoy?

-highlights throughout make an easy 5 star recommendation. the author's thoughtful and efficient distribution via snail mail and bittorrent insures easy access for any interested trader.

-with my grateful thanks to all tapers/filmers/dvdauthors, and Vygi our faithful host.

Reviewed by jman on 01st March 2011