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DVDylan ID: D335.su2
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England
Date: Thursday, 8th February 1990
Never-Ending Tour Concert #185
Sourced from master source of D102
  • Disk 1 (59:33:21)
    -Announcement [used LB-6137 for missing audio and for brief sound drop after announcement; opening titles over 16:00 still w/ fade in transition followed by 31:04 still w/trans.]
    -Absolutely Sweet Marie [clipped 2:02:05/4 stills w/5 trans.]
    -Man In The Long Black Coat
    -Positively 4th Street
    -Ballad Of A Thin Man
    -Pledging My Time [start cut 56:15/used LB-6137 for missing audio and 1 still w/1 trans.]
    -I Want You
    -Political World
    -You Angel You
    -All Along The Watchtower [sound drop due to audio source split before next song/cut 8:02 audio-video for a/v sync ]
    -Boots Of Spanish Leather [10:03 clip covered with LB-6137]
    -To Ramona
    -She Belongs To Me
    -Mr. Tambourine Man [end clipped 1:42:23/3 stills w/3 trans./audio filled w/LB-6137; end disk 1/16:14 2 stills w/fade out]
  • Disk 2 (49:31:00)
    -Opening Credits [credits over 16:24 black still; used LB-6137 for audio; 7:14 clipped prior to first song/1 still w/trans.]
    -Disease Of Conceit [clipped/shaky start 17:11/1 still/used LB-6137 for audio]
    -You're A Big Girl Now (instrumental start)
    -I'll Remember You [sound drop @end before next song/used LB-6137 to fill]
    -Where Teardrops Fall [sound drop @start/used LB-6137 to fill]
    -Seeing The Real You At Last [sound drop @end before next song/used LB-6137 to fill]
    -Every Grain Of Sand [sound drop and clipped @start/used LB-6137 to fill; end cut 4:22/1 still w/ trans.]
    -Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 [missing/ added audio w/still @end; restored audio to correct place in setlist and added 7 stills w/7 trans.]
    -Like A Rolling Stone [clipped 15:09/1 still w/trans.; used LB-6137 to fill audio; fade out to end and transition to encore; cut 1:00 applause]
    -It Ain't Me, Babe [missing on; audio restored using LB-6137/added 9 stills w/ 8 trans.; 23:05 transition to next song filled w/1 still & trans.]
    -Hang Me, Oh Hang Me [clipped/shaky 43:24/2 stills w/3 trans.]
    -Highway 61 Revisited [used LB-6137 and black still w/trans for end credits/thanks/salute/fade out]
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Number of discs: 2
Running time: 01:49:05
Video standard: PAL
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Special thanks to coops2009 for yet another fine archival film and to OutsideTheLaw for audio resources.

Equalized and boosted bass of soundtrack using iMovie 6.0.3 audio editing feature.
Soundtrack of was probably sourced from either LB-6813 (Legendary Taper B) or LB-1271 (Holy Grail) based on splits.
Used LB-6137 as indicated in setlist notes for missing parts of source video.