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Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: various
These two DVDs contain selected highlights of some of the many films shot over the last 21 years of 'Bob watching'. All of this film was shot by the same two people, but without the help of far too many others to mention, many of these magic moments would not have been captured. Though all the selections are a purely personal choice, upon viewing it should become obvious why most were chosen. Witness the sheer power and joy of Bob crashing through an absolutely amazing version of I Want You (Hammersmith 1990). Hopefully you'll feel the same sense of joy and fun that we did while filming these incredible moments.

"Cramped Studio Productions"
  1. Jokerman (Newcastle 1984)
  2. Queen Jane Approximately (Rotterdam 1987)
  3. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (with George Harrison, Wembley 1987)
  4. Go Down, Moses (Wembley 1987)
  5. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Chicago 1988)
  6. Trail Of The Buffalo (Den Haag 1989)
  7. You Don't Know Me (Grand Rapids 1989)
  8. I Want You (Hammersmith 1990)
  9. Wiggle, Wiggle (Hammersmith 1991)
  10. Girl From The Green Briar Shore (Dunkirk 1992)
  11. Tomorrow Night (Hammersmith 1993)
  12. What Good Am I? (Hammersmith 1993)
  13. One Irish Rover (with Van Morrison, Fleadh, London 1993)
  14. To Be Alone With You [cut] (Paris 1994)
  15. In The Garden [cut] (Paris 1994)
  16. Disease Of Conceit (Gainesville 1994)
  17. Matchbox (with Carl Perkins, Jackson 1994)
  18. I Shall Be Released [start clipped] (Brighton 1995)
  19. Dignity [start clipped] (Cardiff 1995)
  20. Seven Days (Liverpool 1996)
  21. Alabama Getaway (Liverpool 1996)
  22. Cocaine (Bournemouth 1997)
  23. Roving Gambler (Bournemouth 1997)
  24. Love Sick (Glasgow 1998)
  25. Tryin' To Get To Heaven (Birmingham 2000)
  26. Everything Is Broken (Birmingham 2000)
  27. Visions Of Johanna (Cardiff 2002)
  28. Not Fade Away (Bournemouth 2002)
  29. If Not For You (unknown location 2002)*
  30. Dear Landlord (Hammersmith 2003)
  31. Tough Mama (Hammersmith 2003)
  32. Yea! Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread (Brixton 2003)
  33. Cold Irons Bound (Newcastle 2004)
  34. Tryin' To Get To Heaven (Glasgow 2004)
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Number of discs: 2
Running time: 02:54
Video standard: PAL
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Different years, different quality, but always enjoyable. Worth having!
*Unfortunately, If Not For You is not mentioned on most of the artwork

I simply did not like it
the sound quality is too bad on most of the tracks
so that it would immensely benefit from
a sound upgrade....
Otherwise it is a nice live compilation,
as pointed out by the other reviewers.

Reviewed by pelino on 12th February 2007

I find this review a hard one to do - Why?
Because it quite obviously has been a labour of love by those responsible for making it - both in their videoing of the concerts and also in the editing if the chosen material but here goes.
First the negatives - well i got what i expected some fuzzy picture quality - to be expected on material nearly 20 years old - also some of the sound was difficult to hear again to be expected.
What about the positives - these far outwiegh the 2 negatives mentioned.
1) Song selection - excellent starting of with my favorite track - Jokerman.
2) Guess appearances - George Harrison, Van Morrison and Carl Perkins - first time i had seen the performance with C.P in - really enjoyed it.
3) The rare tracks chosen - one i had never even heard before never mind seen - Girl From The Green Brier Shore
Other gems were - Trail Of The Buffalo, Disease Of Conceit, Wiggle, Wiggle, Yea, Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread and of course Matchbox.
Overall i really enjoyed this and if it was based on content only i would give this 5*****'s but that's life.
For those who have not got or who are not waiting for this through the tree arrangement look out for a freebie offer soon.
Thank you to those responsible - I look forward to vol 2.

Reviewed by babbling on 16th April 2005