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DVDylan ID: D602
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Various (Terre Haute, Paris and Rotterdam)
  1. TERRE HAUTE, 14 OCTOBER 1978- Venue/Intro [0:37]- Shelter From the Storm [1:00]- Its All Over Now, Baby Blue [4:35, complete]- Maggie's Farm [4:45, complete]- I Don't Believe You [4:20]- Like A Rolling Stone [6:15, complete, but tracking fault]- It Ain't Me, Babe [3:20]- Am I Your Stepchild? [2:50]- One More Cup Of Coffee [3:00]
  2. ROTTERDAM, 23 JUNE 1978- Venue/Intro [0:45]- Love Her With A Feeling [2:20]- Baby Stop Crying [0:40]- Shelter From The Storm [2:30]- Tangled Up In Blue [3:20]- One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) [2:00]- You're A Big Girl Now [1:05]- Don't Think Twice, It's Alright [2:45]- All Along The Watchtower [0:30]
  3. PARIS, 3 JULY 1978- Intro [12 seconds]- Baby Stop Crying [25 seconds silent then 3:17]- Mr. Tambourine Man [3:20]- It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [2:00]- Tangled Up In Blue [1:20]- Ballad Of A Thin Man [3:15]- I Don't Believe You [2:15]- Like A Rolling Stone [4:20]- True Love Tends To Forget [2:00]- One More Cup Of Coffee [15 seconds]- Blowin' In The Wind [1:00]- Masters Of War [1:35]- All Along The Watchtower [1:35]
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Number of discs: 1
Running time: 01:23
Video standard: PAL
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Many edits and cut songs, though some from Terre Haute are complete or almost so. Authoring is a little jumpy at times: probably an early DVD transfer. Still very enjoyable.

This is a great '78 compilation, complete with exterior shots of the venues. Just keep in mind that you are getting 30 year old audience film transfers and enjoy!
This seems to be an early attempt at digitization, and the menu system is a bit lacking compared to later projects.
This would also look to be another Michpom production, Michpom of France who has supplied us with quite a few rare and early digital transfers.
Merci Michpom, et merci
I have my D553 filed under 1981, but i'm not at all comfortable with this solution.

Reviewed by jman on 24th August 2007

Hogmanay 1978, Bob's in a funny mood, says "F^*£-IT, No More", and that's it, no more tours, nothing, just the odd studio album, as he retreats into upstate Minnesotta to breed Ferrets. DVDylan would look a bit different, Vine Board would be gae sparse, couple of vines could just about cover everything. Vygi would his life back, the SU crew could put their talents to more usefull things, Jim could complete his Phil Collins DVD collection...
There just ain't a lot of 70's Bob footage about, even less that's any good. "But it's the age, the times, people didn't/couldn't record concerts"; Was it ? Take a look over at some of the Elvis Boards, look at the wealth of concert films available, - and cry. What made Bob fans different ?; too broke ? or concentrating too much on getting High, getting Laid, and planning revolution ? What did they think when they saw their parents, elder siblings trooping off to see Elvis clutching all the camera gear ? (Of course '70's Elvis audiences didn't go in far all that High/Laid/Revolution nonsense.)
So just be gratefull for what '70's Bob footage we have, quality's mostly crap, as here, but if it's all you've got, it's priceless.
The 3 shows here, Terre Haute is in B/W, ( Dark Grey/Light Grey really) Rotterdam in colour, and Paris a bit in-between. Hardly any songs are complete. Of the 3 I'd pick Paris as my favoutite, seems to 'capture' the '78 mood better, despite it being the worst film here.
Menu shows Paris as 5th July but it's the same footage as D553 which is identified as the 3rd July.
And talking of Menus...
I'd have given this 5 stars, despite having all the stuff already , if it wasn't for the wierd'n'wonderfull menu. All the tracks are there, but getting to them ? Paris is OK, plays right through, but TH & Rotterdam - to get at all the tracks in my stand-alone means clicking a pattern of Skip/FF/Back/Select/Skip....... You get there in the end, just don't ask me how. Rotterdam even has a Menu with Track Selection, but I've no idea how to get back to it, and once you're in can't get out. I needed to switch off and reload to get to Paris/TH.
If you've already got D441 and D553 you don't need this, quality's just as bad here as there, unless, that is, you're another Obsessive who can't stand the sight of '78 and '81 films on the same DVD as in D553. (well where do you file it ? under Compilations, Tours, '78 or '81, ? Maybe make a second copy so that one can go in '78 and the other..... Much simpler to have them all together.....But that still leaves the problem of where to put D553 ? S%^$.)

Reviewed by napbon on 19th May 2007