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Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: UK-Various
Audience shot compilation of Bob's performances
in the UK between 2000 and 2007
  1. Tangled Up In Blue
  2. Trying To Get To Heaven
  3. Fourth Time Around
  4. Boots Of Spanish Leather
  5. This Wheel's On Fire
  6. Subterranean Homesick Blues
  7. I Am The Man, Thomas
  8. Like A Rolling Stone
  9. It's Alright Ma
  10. Ain't Talkin'
Number of discs: 1
Running time: 01:00:40
Video standard: PAL
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Tracks 1, 2: Wembley Arena, London, 5 October 2000 (D105.sse)

Tracks 3, 4, 5: King's Dock Liverpool 12 July 2001 (D197.su2)

Tracks 6, 7, 8: Docklands Arena, London, 12 May 2002 (

Tracks 9, 10: National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, 17 April 2007 (

All taken from sound-upgraded sources. Compiled by Madhasse.

Lossless>MagicDVDRipper>Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 11.1 Modern Bob in the UK

Number of disks: 1
Running time: 60min 40sec
Video standard: PAL
DVD with menu and chapter
Recording type: Audience

Modern Bob in the UK is a compilation of 10 performances taken from four UK shows ranging from 2000 to 2007. All selections are from sound upgraded sources, and although the visual quality varies, this does not detract from an overall enjoyable viewing experience (there are minor problems throughout with heads, wandering camera, blackouts, etc).

Beginning with Tangled Up in Blue and Tryin’ to Get to Heaven from D105.sse in 2000, the disk then moves on to 2001 where we have three selections from the superb D197.su2; 4th Time Round, Boots of Spanish Leather, and This Wheel’s on Fire. Dylan is in good voice throughout and there is some nice band interaction and fine playing on Tangled, Boots, and This Wheel’s on Fire. 4th Time Round is especially well sung, Dylan’s voice is clear and true with the lyric well phrased and enunciated. Couched in a simple yet subtle lyric, 4th Time Round is a sophisticated description of that moment in a relationship when interaction suddenly becomes guarded and the downward spiral of separation begins. Sung this well, the emotional nuances of the almost coded lyric are brought into relief and the song has real impact.

The fine acoustic guitar work on Boots and the lovely harmonies on Wheel shine and make one a little nostalgic for the Campbell/Sexton guitar days. Tryin’ to Get to Heaven is the only letdown here. The song is slowed down and although Bob’s vocal is good he almost croons as in a lullaby, an approach that takes all the drive out of the song and negates the urgency of the lyric – after all there is rather a lot at stake, if he doesn’t make it then Heaven’s door may be shut! Perhaps a stronger choice from D105.sse would have been the masterfully played and sung Standing in the Doorway.

Moving on, there are three songs from the last show of the 2002 Spring Tour; Subterranean Homesick Blues, I am the Man, Thomas, and Like a Rolling Stone. Resplendent in black cowboy hat, a sharp-looking Dylan delivers the fast rap of Subterranean with aplomb. One small lyric stumble in the last verse is quickly resolved and does nothing to mar the impact of the song. LARS is similarly well delivered with nice interaction between Larry and Charlie and some good, close shots of Bob. I am the Man, the show’s opening number, is sandwiched between the two and feels out of place. In itself, it’s not the most convincing version of this song but after watching two numbers well into the show with Dylan, band, and audience well warmed up the “beginning” status of this song is evident.

We then jump five years to 2007 with two very fine performances from; It’s Alright Ma and Ain’t Talkin’. It’s Alright Ma features Bob on guitar looking comfortable with the instrument and completely engaged with the lyric. His delivery is sure and clear with wonderful phrasing that does justice to the lyric power of the song. This version of Ain’t Talkin’ is also a gem; in a very different landscape to the “I can make it” confidence of Ma, the narrator here is isolated, wounded, and wandering with the idea of any sort of resolution abandoned. These two selections from complement each other very well and show 2007 Bob at his best.

Compilations are fiendishly subjective, to have any real performance coherence there needs to be a unifying theme – the idea of a selection of contemporary performances in the UK doesn’t really bind this compilation into a coherent musical or performance package. The primary reason for this is the jump in chronology – since there is no clear theme to the compilation the five years that separates and is disconcerting. Not only does Dylan have a different band, but also his voice, appearance, and stage presence have markedly changed and, in my view, there isn’t really any connection between the section of the disk and what comes before. To illustrate this point, I think that D789 Modern Times Live* is an excellent idea for a compilation as the logic of a performance version of an album offers a coherent and interesting framework that could be applied to other albums where all of the songs have been performed live. Especially if the performances are culled from shows around the time of the album’s release (As Jim50 points out, all of the songs from Under the Red Sky have been performed live but if anyone broached that project I’d definitely “ need something strong to distract my mind” before watching it).

The above reservation aside, taken as a series of individual performances, this disk does not disappoint. Speaking personally, I find shows more satisfying than compilations, however, if you don’t already have some or all of the shows, this is a good sampler. All the source disks are all highly recommended – especially D197.su2 and

To give this any less than 4 stars would be downright mean. Most of the selections are first rate and there is a good balance between acoustic and electric numbers. My problems with the chronology and the song order are minor in the face of this. So 4 stars it is.

Thanks: Madhasse, Esdr, Baggy and J50.

* According to reviewers there are some technical problems with D789 that need to be resolved before it hits its true potential.

Reviewed by Leesa on 29th July 2008