Balc. L60°
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DVDylan ID: D1015
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Zürich, Switzerland/Hallenstadion
Date: Sunday, 25th April 1999
Never-Ending Tour Concert #1089

Special thanks for the video to THE UNKNOWN TAPER, TOM P. & RAYGUN.

Additional thanks for the audio to SCHUBERT & ROBERTS.

Always grateful for the back-up audio support to OUTSIDETLAW.

Edited, sound upgraded and shared by YASSOU.

Disk author's rating: 4544+5-
  • Disk 1 (songs 1-7) (47:57:16)
    -Opening Titles [titles over 14:12 still/used 14:12 audience applause from CD2 pre-"Can't Wait" to filll]
    -Introduction [missing/4:20 still]
    -Cocaine Blues [missing/10 stills]
    -Mr. Tambourine Man [only have 1:02:14 useable footage/8 stills]
    -Masters Of War
    -Girl Of The North Country [cut 1:39:16 @19:47:25/4 stills]
    -A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall [trans. to next song cut 14:12:17/1 still w/trans.]
    -Tangled Up In Blue [start obstr. 10:16/1 still]
    -It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [fade out to End Disk 1 message over 10:23 black still]
  • Disk 2 (songs 8-17) (58:43:23)
    -Opening Titles [fade in to titles over 14:28 still]
    -Can't Wait [clipped 59:15/2 stills]
    -Not Dark Yet
    -Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
    -Make You Feel My Love [missing after first 2:20/12 stills]
    -Band Introductions [missing/5 stills (Kemper from Valencia 15-April-11 show)]
    -Highway 61 Revisited [clipped 15:00/1 still; cut 1:17 @26:28:21/1 still; encore break cut 1:56:01 audio/video/3 stills]
    -Love Sick [missing/14 stills; fade out to black still]
    -To Be Alone With You [missing/12 stills w/fade out to still]
    -Don't Think Twice, It's All Right [clipped 41:10/1 still; trans. to last song cut 44:26/3 stills]
    -Not Fade Away [clipped 25:08/1 still; end thanks, credits, salute, fadeout]
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Number of discs: 2
Running time: 01:46:42
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Sony DCR-TRV480 H18 camera>Firewire> HD>Vegas 6 (.avi)>external hard drive>iMovie 6.03

Sound upgraded w/excellent (A) SCHUBERT recording.
LB-4099>Toast Titanium 10>disk images>Sound Designer II>iMovie 6.0.3.

Audio and video assets edited in iMovie 6.0.3; authored, multiplexed and burned to VIDEO_TS folder in iDVD 7.1.2 (Professional Quality 2-pass variable bit rate encoding); torrent generated in Bittorrent 4.4.1. or 7.0.1 or Transmission 2.42.d

So, so what if four songs are missing, and a few other are substantially cut? So, so what if the high right balcony vantage point above a huge speaker means that we never see Kemper and rarely see Tony or Bucky?

So, what?! Schubert was in the house, and you can close your eyes as the stills go by. And when you open them, you'll see as fine a performance as any nay sayer has a right to enjoy. And, as an added bonus, you'll see Springsteen side men Little Steven and Nils Lofgren sit in on as great a cover of "Not Fade Away" as you'll ever hear short of Buddy coming back to lead the band.

You don't believe me, then check this out:

Oh, Momma! Who's the boss?

Did I say 5 Stars?

Reviewed by yassou on 03rd January 2012