Balc. L20°
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Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Park West, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Date: Tuesday, 26th October 1999
  1. Introduction [video missing/1 still with opening titles]
  2. I Am The Man, Thomas [video missing/9 stills/1 flash effect at start/fade out transition to next song]
  3. To Ramona [fade in transition; clipped 3:08:27/5 stills/3 fade in transitions/1 fade out transition]
  4. Visions Of Johanna [audio clipped 3:14/1 3:14 movie clip added for a/v sync]
  5. Stone Walls And Steel Bars
  6. Tangled Up In Blue
  7. Watching The River Flow
  8. Blind Willie McTell
  9. Tombstone Blues
  10. Make You Feel My Love [band intros misplaced/audio and video synced/1 still 6:00/fade in transition]
  11. Band Introductions [intros from incorrect audio moved here/3-frame still added for a/v sync]
  12. Everything Is Broken [followed by audience applause 1:55:03/gold fog effect]
  13. Like A Rolling Stone [1:35:22 audience video cut before song/same cut from audio for a/v sync]
  14. Blowin' In The Wind [fade out to final "Thanks" and Dylan salute/fade out to end]
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Number of discs: 1
Running time: 01:10:43
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Sound pgraded with excellent LB-3750 (marred only by misplacement of band intros before rather than after "Make You Feel My Love").
Video lineage: master DV>Firewire>Canopus ADVC110>firewire>vegas>AVI>MpegStreamclip 1.8b2>DV>iMovieHD>iDVD5.

Excellence in a fan made video project. Lovely sources, both audio and video, skillfully patched and synced for our pleasure.

MrClive's reviews nail it down.

Only to add: This was a special phase of the tour. Dynamic, long, and varied shows were the order of the day.
The Yassou transfers and audio-syncs of Tom's video's from this tour are spectacular so far. My hat is off to their skill, persistance, and community spirit.

Reviewed by jman on 01st October 2007

Bob started his 1999 Fall tour with a double show on October 26th at the small capacity Park West in Chicago before continuing the tour with Phil Lesh. Together with its companion DVD,, we now have to relive this tour start again. As far as I am able to tell these videos are, if not completely, then atleast largely, uncirculated for 8 years until they were masterfully sound upgraded and authored by Yassou in september of 2007. For that we must be most very grateful.

What we have here are two videos that are shot by someone that really knows how to utilize the camera. You will find no shots of neither the ceiling nor the floor (or if I missed any they are really rare) and with the film being shot from the balcony no audience members are obstructing the view. Furthermore, it's very much in focus and gives a perfect view of the entire band. The shows are almost completely captured except for I Am The Man, Thomas and bits of To Ramona which are nicely restored using stills. Both setlists are short but sweet (12 songs) and amazingly with no songs repeated between the shows(!) Among highlights for me are the 3rd spot which is shared between Desolation Row and Visions Of Johanna, a breathtakingly beautiful Not Dark Yet, Blind Willie McTell and Tombstone Blues plus the fact that both shows starts with strong acoustic parts that I love so dearly from other shows from the 1999/2000 era. Needless to say, both picture quality (off the master) and the sound is excellent. Zoom is used but not much but isn't required either. The camera man that is very close to the stage. and should to be in the collection of every DVDylan collector. Due to the skills of the camera man and the sound-upgrader we have here a wonderful 2DVD set of 24 unique songs that only gets better and better on each time I watch them over again.

Thanks to all involved!

Reviewed by MisterClive on 27th September 2007