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Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, USA
Date: Monday, 16th October 2006
A "Berkelium Brothers" Production

Never-Ending Tour Concert #1885
  1. Lenny Bruce [06:10; 54 secs used from camera #2]
  2. Rollin' And Tumblin' [06:29; 20 secs used from camera #2]
  3. Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power) [05:38]
  4. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight [05:42]
  5. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) [06:46]
  6. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right [06:53]
  7. Desolation Row [11:35]
  8. Tangled Up In Blue [07:40]
  9. Highway 61 Revisited [05:27; 01:00 used from 3 different "YouTube" cameras]
  10. When The Deal Goes Down [05:26]
  11. Watching The River Flow [07:45]
  12. Workingman's Blues #2 [07:25]
  13. Summer Days [07:10]
  14. Thunder On The Mountain [05:29]
  15. Like A Rolling Stone [06:20; 04:08 used from 5 different "YouTube" cameras + 1:14 used for slides]
  16. Band Introduction [00:52]
  17. All Along The Watchtower [05:51]
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Number of discs: 1
Running time: 01:48:38
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
This DVD was made by "The Berkelium Brothers". It was going to be a two camera shoot, but The Man busted camera #2 (though we still got about 90 secs of film from it). Sound has been upgraded using Soomlos (LB-4279) audio; 24/96 quality version.

Unique features:

- The earliest audience film (so far: NET #1885) with Modern Times content.
- Excerpts from five different YouTube cell phone videos spliced in during H61 and LARS.

Absolutly Brilliant!
Probaly my best dvd in my collection.
Clear Picture
Clear Sound
Nice Setlist
It's got everything
My only tiny complaint is that Bob's voice goes a little, little but rusty at times but thats about it.
I would recommend this dvd to everyone!
Thank you 11DollarBills for sending me this fantastic DVD!

Reviewed by Josepi on 05th April 2007

This is a very good dvd that complements perfectly. Nicely filmed, although it doesn't get as close as at least this time the camera is facing Bob! The sound is never less than listenable, I can't really hear any sound gremlins; only the inherent draw backs of the medium.

Performance seems to be par for the course these days and if you like that you'll like this dvd. Some highlights include : a strong version of 'Lenny Bruce',nice idea to feature the intro from 'Thunder On The Mountain', which even features the 'taxi' verse (just shows the benefits of having the lyric sheets perched on the piano!). The 'Modern Times' songs all work well, with the possible exception of 'Thunder On The Mountain' which is just noise, although 'Workingmans Blues' is the clear highlight. There is also a good version of 'Senor'.

Overall if I had to choose I'd probably go with on the basis of the set-list. Tonights show has a few more 60s tunes and one of my pet hates 'Watching The River Flow'. One final point the production of this disc has obviously been a labour of love and deserves special recommendation. Many thanks to 'FRANKANDY' for sending me this.

Reviewed by Bobfan1 on 28th March 2007

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