Balc. L40°
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DVDylan ID: D120
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Irving Plaza, New York, NY, USA
Date: Monday, 8th December 1997
  1. Maggie's Farm
  2. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
  3. Cold Irons Bound
  4. You're A Big Girl Now
  5. Can't Wait
  6. Silvio
  7. Cocaine Blues
  8. To Ramona
  9. Tangled Up In Blue
  10. White Dove
  11. I And I
  12. 'Til I Fell In Love With You
  13. Highway 61 Revisited
  14. Don't Think Twice
  15. Love Sick
  16. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
Number of discs: 1
Running time: 01:45:11
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
There are two versions of D120 circulating, one with the title menu shown in the first screenshot, the other with the title menu shown in the sixth screenshot. The track menus are the same (see second screenshot).

Excellent recording with a steady camera from a balcony on the left side. The focus is more or less on Bob (dressed in a sparkling redish suit) from head to feet and also on the whole stage from time to time. The show I find rather average though, many other performances from the fall 97 tour I would have preferred to see in such splendid video quality (funnily the second only soundboard recording of 97 also comes from this show). Some highly intense moments happen during a silken "You´re a Big Girl Now" and a storming "I and I".

Reviewed by honestwithme on 18th December 2003