Balc. L20°
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Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Cleveland, Ohio, Music Hall
Date: Saturday, 17th November 1990
  1. Introduction [2 titles/2 stills/white fog effect on both]
  2. The Marine Hymn (instrumental) [43:11 video missing/1 still/flash efefct]
  3. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) [clipped 30:20/3 stills]
  4. Ballad Of A Thin Man [16:16 shaky beginning/two stills/second with white fog effect]
  5. You're A Big Girl Now [16:26 shaky beginning/one still w/fairy dust effect; 45:09 wandering camera/two stills + 10 frames for a/v sync; 5:26 shaky part/1 still]
  6. All Along The Watchtower [5-frame still added at start for a/v/sync]
  7. What Good Am I? [5-frame still added at start for a/v sync; one sec. audio static @00:24 filled w/extracted audio from DVD audio track; shaky end/8:14 still added]
  8. Gotta Serve Somebody [25-frame still at start for transition; 11:07 still for shaky start and a/v sync/electricity effect; 9:18 cut at shaky end/2 stills w/purple fog + 5 frames for a/v sync]
  9. Love Minus Zero/No Limit [10:08 still at shaky end + 5 frames for a/v sync]
  10. Song To Woody [11:04 still for shaky end]
  11. Desolation Row [12:16 still w/sepia effect for shaky start + 15 frames for a/v sync]
  12. It Ain't Me, Babe [15-frame still at start for a/v sync; 14:29 still for shaky end]
  13. Silvio [brief 15-frame audio gap filled w/audience sound/7:25 still w/double electricity effect for shaky start + a/v sync]
  14. T.V. Talkin' Song
  15. Under The Red Sky [pre-song still added 9:21 w/blue fog effect; 5 frames added in middle for a/v sync]
  16. Joey [15:20 still for transition; band false starts "I Shall Be Released"; end cut 1:09:02/audio restored/4 stills]
  17. I Shall Be Released [missing/audio restored/9 stills]
  18. Like A Rolling Stone [clipped 2:00:09/audio restored/5 stills; 6:01 shaky part/1 still + 5 frames for a/v sync/4 sec. audio static @04:39 filled w/extracted audio from DVD audio track]
  19. Blowin' In The Wind [3 sec. audio static @00:03 filled w/extracted audio from DVD audio track; 4 sec. audio static @00:49 filled w/extracted audio from DVD audio track]
  20. Highway 61 Revisited [12-frame shaky start/1 still + 10 frames added for a/v sync; 1:05 shaky part/1 still + 10 frames for a/v sync]
  21. BONUS: G.E. Smith interview (Night After Night w/Allan Havey, Comedy Central, October 1988, NYC) (17:10)
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Number of discs: 1
Running time: 01:26:01
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Sound upgraded with LB-1227 (excellent except for brief static on tracks 7, 18 and 19, each filled as indicated above).
Before Joey, band start "I Shall Be Released," then stop and go into "Joey."
Sound on G.E. Smith interview has static. Video might be balky on some DVD players @11:17.
Total Running Time (concert + bonus): 1:43:16