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DVDylan ID: D009
Recording type: ProShot
City/Venue: London, Wembley Stadium
Date: Saturday, 7th July 1984
On-stage camera, shaky at times, riveting at others; Martha Quinn interview prior to show.
  1. Martha Quinn Interview [35:25]
  2. Highway 61 Revisited [audio complete, not all filmed]
  3. Hard Rain [a minute from each end]
  4. Like A Rolling Stone [1:15 and 4:25 excerpts]
  5. Mr. Tambourine Man [1:15 and 1:25 excerpts]
  6. It Ain't Me, Babe [two minute excerpt]
  7. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [4:35 complete]
  8. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [4:40 complete]
  9. Tombstone Blues [4:45 complete]
  10. SeƱor [1:55 excerpt]
  11. The Times They Are A-Changin' [5:20, start clipped, otherwise complete]
  12. Blowin' In The Wind [2:30 excerpt]
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Number of discs: 1
Running time: 01:21:35
Video standard: Both PAL and NTSC versions are available
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating

these reviews are a funny business. they change like the weather.

this DVD offers a priceless and rare view of the Bob.

Reviewed by jman on 27th July 2007

Not really a review but just to add to the other comments here. When this appeared on video back in the 80's we were told that it was unused MTV footage,maybe they would show just a clip on the evening news.
In other words it's a Pro-shot item,the cameraman moving from one side of the stage to the other to get his shots,his camera pointing down at the floor as he moved,making no attempt to capture the complete
show.This would explain why the interview is on there also.

Reviewed by 11DollarBills on 15th September 2005

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to chat with Bob before a concert, or wished you could be the one to apply Bob's make-up, then this is the DVD for you. The filming at times can be annoying, as the camera person scans the floor, or loses input all together, but as you listen to the powers that be telling them to stop recording, you get a glimpse of what our glorious tapers go through to bring us these master pieces. The interview part of the video is delightful, the concert is full of energy, by both the audience and our "Minstrel King". This is one you will be glad you tracked down.

Reviewed by Isayitagain on 25th July 2004