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Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Peoria, IL, USA/Peoria Civic Center Theater
Date: Wednesday, 13th April 1994
Special thanks for the video to THE UNKNOWN TAPER & THE LATE GLENN LEE.

Special thanks for the audio to NET TAPER A & TBC.

Perpetual gratitude for audio support to OUTSIDETLAW.

Edited, sound upgraded and shared by YASSOU.
  • Disk 1 (songs 1-9) (1:03:22:09)
    -Opening Titles [titles over 15:06 still]
    -Introduction [missing/7:09 still]
    -Jokerman [start clipped 29:00/2 stills]
    -You're A Big Girl Now
    -All Along The Watchtower [1:23 glitch before next song/1 still]
    -Simple Twist Of Fate
    -Tangled Up In Blue
    -Under The Red Sky
    -Lady Came From Baltimore
    -Mr. Tambourine Man
    -It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [end disk 1 message]
  • Disk 2 (songs 10-15) (43:34:24)
    -Opening Titles [fade in to titles over 22:12 clip]
    -God Knows
    -Tears Of Rage [end cut 17:18/1 still w/fade out to 8:10 black still]
    -She Belongs To Me [start clipped/shaky 1:08:12/3 stills]
    -Band Introductions/Maggie's Farm [fade out to 14:14 black still before encore/removed 59:06 audio/video ]
    -Ballad Of A Thin Man [obstructed/shaky/cut start 2:06:20/8 stills; cut 35:15/1 still]
    -It Ain't Me, Babe [end thanks/credits/salute/fade out; added 1:09 applause from break to fill out ending]
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Number of discs: 2
Running time: 01:46:57
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
unknown camera>NTSC tape>trade tape>D058>MacBookPro4,1.>VIDEO_TS>MPEGStreamclip 1.9.1>dv>iMovie 6.0.3.

Sound upgraded with excellent (A) LB-8399 (net taper A)
LB-8399>flac download>xACT>aiff>Toast Titanium 10>disk images>iMovie 6.0.3

Audio and video assets edited in iMovie 6.0.3; authored, multiplexed and burned to VIDEO_TS folder in iDVD 7.1.2 (Professional Quality 2-pass variable bit rate encoding).

LB notes for LB-8399
?? -> portable DATrecorder - clone -> (digital transfer) m-audio delta audiophile 2496-> Wavelab -> ssrc -> cdwave for tracking -> tlh bittorrent download 03/10; different recording than iar LB-1485 based on different crowd at end of d1t2; in comparison this has a fuller warmer sound and that has some hiss and seems from cassette; background talking d1t7, d1t10; excellent sound [A]

As the screenshots make abundantly clear, the lighting for this show was deficient, at least partly in terms of the camera's capacity to compensate. This is unfortunate because Dylan's performance is energetic, the band is tight, and the crowd enthused, as is also made abundantly clear by the excellent Net Taper A audio that was used for the sound upgrade. (Previous attempts to sound upgrade this item were thwarted by sync problems with other available recordings, so the availability of the NTA audio was indeed fortunate.)

As pointed out in my review of D058, the filmer captured almost all of the show from a mostly steady and unobstructed vantage point, so the use of stills to fill missing or shaky parts is at a minimum. The setlist is fairly standard for the Spring 1994 run, with "Lady Came From Baltimore," "Tears Of Rage," "Simple Twist Of Fate" and "Under The Red Sky" being the exceptions to the usual fare.

While there are better representatives of the Spring 1994 tour (see, for example), I don't think anyone will be disappointed in this worthy addition to our catalog.

4 Stars

Reviewed by yassou on 26th February 2012