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DVDylan ID: D004
Recording type: ProShot
Also known as commercial bootlegs "Bob Dylan Songbook" and "Tight Connection To Bob's Promos" (see cover artwork)
  1. To Ramona
  2. Subterranean Homesick Blues
  3. Tangled Up In Blue
  4. Shot Of Love
  5. Heart Of Mine
  6. Sweetheart Like You
  7. Jokerman
  8. Tight Connection To My Heart
  9. When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky
  10. Emotionally Yours
  11. Band Of The Hand
  12. Handle With Care
  13. End Of The Line
  14. Political World
  15. Most Of The Time
  16. She's My Baby
  17. Inside Out
  18. Nobody's Child
  19. Unbelievable
  20. Wilbury Twist
  21. Series Of Dreams (raw version)
  22. Series Of Dreams (art version)
  23. Blood In My Eyes
  24. Not Dark Yet
  25. Things Have Changed
Number of discs: 1
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating

This DVD has some of the cheesiest stuff Dylan did. But its
fun to watch, once. I would much rather listen to the songs,
the videos are so confining as far as images go. Sound quality
is very good. Some of the collection is on other DVDs. Some of
the stuff from the 80s is downright violent and I guess reflects
an aspect of Dylan I don't appreciate. Hopefully, he'll grow
out of it.

Reviewed by Pinkcloud on 10th October 2007

Highlights will depend on your particular preference for the songs included. All are professional and so sound and picture quality is as good as it gets. There’s the classic version of “Subterranean Homesick Blues” and the Renaldo & Clara version of “Tangled up in Blue” which it just doesn’t get any better than that for me. There are many of the MTV videos you’ve probably seen, the best are where he is playing the song with little of the acting out of the song, some are gems, others are a little less so. “Political World” is a favorite, if only the whole video would’ve just been his performance.

The Wilbury selections are great; what a band; talk about super groups! George really stands out on these. I’m a big fan of all these guys and they really go well together; nice tribute to Orbison on “End of the Line”

This disc starts strong, has some ups and downs in the middle, and then finishes as strong as it started covering nearly 40 years time from “To Ramona” to “Not Dark Yet” & “Things Have Changed” or have they? Still great music after all the years.

Thanks for sharing this!

Reviewed by johnbrown on 23rd May 2005

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