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Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: First Union Center, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, US
Date: Thursday, 21st November 2002
Never-Ending Tour Concert #1489
  • DISK ONE (Tracks 1-9; 53 minutes)
    - Maggie's Farm
    - I'll Remember You
    - Highway 61 Revisited
    - Accidentally Like A Martyr
    - Things Have Changed
    - Brown Sugar
    - Never Gonna Be The Same Again
    - It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
    - Girl From The North Country [patched]
  • DISK TWO (Tracks 10-20; 77 minutes)
    - Cold Irons Bound [mended]
    - Shelter From The Storm
    - Old Man
    - Honest With Me
    - Just Like A Woman
    - High Water
    - Mutineer
    - Bye And Bye
    - Introductions/Summer Days
    - Blowin' In The Wind
    - All Along The Watchtower
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Number of discs: 2
Running time: 02:10
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
*For same show, different source, see #D041, which is used here to patch Cold Irons Bound.
*The colors are a bit more faded than on the source video, but still better than average.
*The source for the sound upgrade is a good quality audience recording with audience chatter sometimes noticeable during the quieter numbers. (LB-0809 11/21/02, Wilkes Barre, 2CDR, A-, alternate version a, excellent sound)
*On Disk 1, there is a very slight glitch at the beginning of Girl From the North Country, but the audio and video remain in synch, so there was no attempt to patch that. However, it was necessary to insert a 28-second still shot near the end of the same song due to a cut of the same length on the source disk.
*A long clip on Cold Irons Bound was mended by inserting 4 min 13 sec of the D041 version. A 25-second still was inserted for the transition back to the source. A one-second still shot was inserted in High Water to fix a brief cut, and a 1-minute 54-second still was added before Blowin' In The Wind to accommodate the encore applause on the audio source. Finally, a 14-second still was added at the end of the show to allow the audio source applause to play itself out.

The Oct-Nov 2002 shows are a personal favourite of mine so it was great to get hold of some of the films from that era (thanks 11 dollar bills and Mr Clean respectively) while most may go for the New York films (and they are great) it would be a shame to pass this one over..Very nice colour and steady,consistent view of the stage(although no real close-ups we do get Bob and the band basically all on screen at the same time,after awhile you do miss the close ups of D043 and D044.ssu)good panning,the audio quality is very thin compared to some especially on the acoustic songs ( I noticed this on all 3 films,or is it just my hearing?! the audience is very intrusive at times too..but still never less than listenable..) oh and hardly any heads!! The film may not get as close as D043 or but it is consistently watchable from start to finish.
Bob's in good voice,a nice setlist with an inspired choice of covers..I really like Warren Zevon but was never really struck by his versions of "Accidentally.." or "Mutineer" but Bob just transforms them..the way he sings "Never thought I'd be so lonely for such a long,long time" in paticular brings a lump to the throat similarly the line "I was born to rock the boat" brings a smile to the about "Werewolves of London" next time Bob?!!
I was suprised by how well the band peform "Brown Sugar" ( intruiging choice of cover considering the subject matter although Bob does change the contentious line "Just like a black girl should" to the more pc "Just like I knew you would".. As for the Dylan originals "Highwater" and "Bye And Bye" make a nice pairing..and there's also an interesting version of "Never Gonna Be The Same Again"..
All in all a great show from a great tour..filmed well enough..If I had to pick just one film from this tour it would probably be D043 but as I don't this is also worth having..

Reviewed by Bobfan1 on 24th May 2006

An excellent Fan Made soundupgrade from the 2002 tour.
Its hard to believe that this is the authors first attempt at a su, it's very easy on the eye, and perfectly and naturally synced. This project features spliced in footage from an alternate source and still shots to complete the set.
Sound is a little boomy and chatty, but so it goes some nights. four of five stars compared to the best of the current audio recordings.
The camera work is excellent. Shot with a head on view of Dylan at the piano, very steady, excellent panning. every shot contains at least four of th five players head to toe, unobstructed. It takes a few moments for the filmer to get his/her bearings at the begining of the second DVD. no closeups, and not always sharp focus, but really fun and easy to watch over all. I find the colors to be better on DVD 2.
Great work from the audio and video tapers, and the author on this one.

Performances dont disappoint. Dylan misses barely a word, lick, or dance step all night. The band plays so beautifully together, lots of eye contact among them and Dylan. Looks like a fun night for them.
I'll Remember You features the first of many excellent guitar duals. By the time they turn onto Highway 61, the unit is smoking. Killer vocals and Great piano work from bob on this version, finished with a big swoop. Next the first cover song of the set: Accidently like a Martyr is no accident, all the vocal harmonies and changes are right in step. As it did every night on this tour, Brown Sugar brings everything up a notch, Bob on guitar. Larry puts the guitar solo to bed.
Now comes a variety of acoustic instrumentations. This show rocks. Bob to acoustic with the rest of the band electric. Now Bob on piano with the acoustic band. Finally a beautiful all acoustic North Country caps off a nearly perfect first half.
I could go on about each song. All kinds of cool different instrumentations through the set.
Cold Irons Bound....Harp solo on Shelter....Mutineer....Big Rocking Tony, on one knee Summer Days...etc...more highlights for me.

This 2 DVD set is surely another 'hidden gem' brought to light in an excellent soundupgrade. A high-quality showcase of this leg of the tour. If you like Dylan fan made DVDs, you gotta see this one. Share it with your friends!

Reviewed by jman on 03rd April 2006