Balc. L40°
3.4 (5 votes)
DVDylan ID: D964.ytb
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Taipei Arena, Taipei, Taiwan
Date: Sunday, 3rd April 2011
Experimental DVD, mixing lossy vid-files with lossless audio

Rating is for Taipei footage.
  • Taipei
    -Sugar Baby
    -Simple Twist Of Fate
    -Forgetful Heart
    -Ballad Of A Thin Man
    -Like A Rolling Stone
    -Blowin' In The Wind
  • Bonus:
    -Like A Rolling Stone (Diff/Cam, Beijing/Bach 2011-04-06) (Band Intros follow)
    -Ballad Of A Thin Man (Hopfarm 2010-07-03 Godfatherecords Silver Bootleg)
    -Like A Rolling Stone (Auckland NZ 2011-04-30 ) Sound by: Fenderboy
Number of discs: 1
Running time: 00:54:16
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Thanks to mixedup for the video, to madhasse for the editing, sound upgrading, and authoring, to arashi for the Sydney audio, and to fenderboy for the Auckland audio.

madhasse's notes:
Soundupgrade with lossless Arashi recording
Mpeg4 files downloaded from chinese site (with many thanks to "Mixedup" for the clips)
Mpeg4>Pinnacle Studio 11.1>Sound Forge 7.0>EF CheckSum Manager>btcompletedir>HC>you
The video quality is often very low, but the music here is on top !
"Sugar Baby" reminds me off Jerry Garcia's final composition "Days Between", great song!
The bonus "Ballad" is a leftover from the "Peoples Choice", and one of my favourites from the 2010 tour
4 different cams have been used for complete song (all wobbly) but what a version, the public and Bobs favourite song of the year, here in a wild and a very high energy top version!
Please enjoy, but "Think twice before it's alright" MH
Quality: VHS or better.(mostly unfocused,but great music) check screens!