Balc. L80°
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Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Cardiff, Wales/Motorpoint Arena
Date: Thursday, 13th October 2011
Special thanks for filming and sharing the video to COOPS2009.

Additional thanks for taping and sharing the audio to SPOT.

Edited, sound upgraded and shared by YASSOU.

This DVD requires a single DVD-/+R.dl dual-layer aka DVD9
  1. Opening Titles [fade in to titles over 18:02 still]
  2. Introduction [27:15/2 stills]
  3. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
  4. Shooting Star [added 2:10 shooting star effect @end]
  5. Things Have Changed [cut except for 14:10 fragment/4 stills w/fadeout to black still]
  6. Man In The Long Black Coat [clipped 24:24/fade in to still; obstr. 24:03/2 stills; obstr. end 20:06/1 still w/fadeout to black still]
  7. Watching The River Flow [obstr. 33:23/1 still w/fade in]
  8. High Water (For Charley Patton)
  9. Summer Days [slightly clipped/obstr 36:03/fade in to still]
  10. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
  11. Highway 61 Revisited [very slight cut/11-frame still]
  12. Tryin' To Get To Heaven [clipped/obstr. 21:22/fade in to still]
  13. Thunder On The Mountain
  14. Ballad Of A Thin Man
  15. All Along The Watchtower [cut 39:15/1 still w/fade out to 4:11 black still]
  16. Band Introductions
  17. Like A Rolling Stone
  18. End Credits [end thanks/credits/salute/fadeout]
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Number of discs: 1
Running time: 01:23:54
Video standard: PAL
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Recorded by coops2009 on a Lumix TZ20 in HD 1920 x 1080 AVCHD.

Lumix TZ20>AVCHD/m2ts>Toast Titanium 11.0.4>.mov (1440 x 1080i)>iMovie 6.0.3.

LB-9649 downloaded from DIME tracker>>flac>eXACT 2.13>aiff>Toast Titanium 11.0.4>disk image>SD II>iMovie 6.0.3.

Audio and video assets edited in iMovie 6.0.3; authored, multiplexed and burned to VIDEO_TS folder in iDVD 7.1.2 (Professional Quality 2-pass variable bit rate encoding); torrent generated in Bittorrent 4.4.1. or 7.0.1 or Transmission 2.42.d

Well, I haven't written on here for a while! I have been busy with other things, but I've been keeping an eye on the site occasionally to see how everyone is doing. I was pleased to see this show in Cardiff was filmed, as I attended the concert and found it enjoyable (then again, after the barely-a-performance Roundhouse gig from 2009, just about anything would have been impressive. But this concert was surely a vast improvement).

I've just written this review as a very quick first impression, so the following shouldn't be taken as the definitive word on the matter.

I haven't watched this film all the way though yet, but to be honest...I'm not really looking forward to doing so. This film seems to be very shaky for the most part. Significant parts of it border on being unwatchable. Yassou does his usual first-class job of editing and fixing, but overall the video is far too erratic to get much enjoyment from, even when 'cleaned up'. It's one of those films where you can't settle down and enjoy any of it because the camera is constantly flying off on a tangent. In other words, you have to work hard to enjoy it - much of it is headache-inducing to the extreme. The most enjoyable parts are where Yassou cuts to a still image and just lets the music play to that.

Although filmed in HD the picture quality is understandably murky and faded (low lighting), but also unnaturally jittery when the camera moves, which is the main problem here.

The upgade to the sound has been done very professionally as usual. The sound quality is much better than the visuals are, not top class but very listenable and not at all distorted. Having said that, it doesn't really capture the powerful impact and clarity of the sound as I experienced it on the night (the sound mix at the show was very good, as I have come to expect at Bob's shows). The recording does sound good overall, but it lacks a little punch, and so there is much less perceived volume in comparison to the 'real thing', even with the volume turned up.

So, I'm afraid to say this is not one of the better DVDs I've seen. Thanks as usual to all involved in the production, I appreciate all the effort that goes into the filming and production of these DVDs, but I can't really recommend this particular film due to it detracting from my enjoyment of the show more than it adds. Both Cardiff 2006 and Birmingham 2007 (other shows I attended) were recorded very well, so I have been spoiled by previous experiences I guess!

*As a slightly off-topic side note, Cardiff arena has a ridiculous seating design which restricts the view of many of the seats in the first few rows of the seating section at the back. If you have to attend a concert there, I suggest avoiding the first few rows of the seating section to reduce the significant risk of getting a bad seat (without any prior warning of restricted viewing, or indeed any ticket price reduction). I abandonded my seat after Mark Knopfler's set and joined the standing crowd, which could have been disastrous (certain members of the general admission crowd seem to be prone to spoiling things by being rude and/or inconsiderate to other audience members) but in this case actually saved the night. I meant to write a letter of complaint, but of course never got around to it. The performance itself was enjoyable, so despite the difficulties all turned out okay!)

Reviewed by yellowgoat on 25th April 2012