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DVDylan ID: D773
Recording type: Audience

A compilation in honour of Freddy Koella, lead guitarist in Bob Dylan's Band during the summer and fall 2003 Tours and the spring 2004 Tour.

Koella arrived, took the lead and played all of the many Dylan songs in that period without a problem. He was a brilliant guitarist which was (sadly) not recognised by all fans. Most of them could not get past the loss of Charlie Sexton. Koella never repeated himself, even when playing the same song two nights running. Just compare this to Denny Freeman, say, and I rest my case.

  1. Down Along The Cove (St. Louis 2-Mar-04)
  2. Silvio (Hammerstein NY 12-Aug-03)
  3. Blind Willie McTell (Brixton London 25-Nov-03)
  4. Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dum (Hammerstein NY 20-Aug-03)
  5. Every Grain Of Sand (St. Louis 3-Mar-04)
  6. Man In The Long Black Coat (St. Louis 1-Mar-04)
  7. Romance In Durango (Hammersmith London 24-Nov-03)
  8. Wicked Messenger (Hammerstein NY 13-Aug-03)
  9. Can't Wait (St. Louis 2-Mar-04)
  10. Watching The River Flow (Hammerstein NY 20-Aug-03)
  11. It Takes A Lot To Laugh (Shepherd Bush London 23-Nov-03)
  12. Dear Landlord (Hammersmith London 24-Nov-03)
  13. Jokerman (Hammersmith London 24-Nov-03)
  14. Shooting Star (St. Louis 2-Mar-04)
  15. Cat's In The Well (St. Louis 2-Mar-04)
  16. Like A Rolling Stone (Hammerstein NY 13-Aug-03)
Number of discs: 1
Running time: 01:33:26
Video standard: PAL
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