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DVDylan ID: D847
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: NYNEX Arena, Manchester, England, UK
Date: Thursday, 25th June 1998
Never-Ending Tour Concert #994
  1. Introduction [4:15 still w/opening titles]
  2. Gotta Serve Somebody [shaky 40:13/2 stills w/2 transitions; shaky 22:22/2 stills w/1 transition; shaky end /1 still w/transition; over-exposed red color adjusted]
  3. I Want You [obstructed end/used 9:15 of D220 w/2 transitions and 9:15 black still]
  4. Cold Irons Bound [D691 over-exposed and shaky; used D220]
  5. Make You Feel My Love [used D691/removed 5 frames for a/v sync; obstructed end 18:12/used D220 w/1 transition]
  6. Silvio [transition from D220 to D691 added at start; shaky 13:12/1 still w/transition; wandering cam 28:15/used D220 clip to fill; 4-frame glitch @end/1 still w/transition @end to next song]
  7. To Ramona [clipped 55:21/used clip from D220 to fill + 12:08 for a/v sync/1 transition; end obstructed 15:06/used clip from D220 to fill/transition to next song]
  8. Masters Of War [shaky start 26:16/used clip from D220 to fill/1 transition; shaky 38:20/used D220 clip/1 transition; over-exposed red color adjusted]
  9. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [shaky 10:17/1 D220 movie clip w/2 transitions; D691 substantially cut 5:15:10 /used D220 movie clip w/transition; filled out end w/stills]
  10. Mama, You Been On My Mind [missing on D691/usedD220]
  11. Tangled Up In Blue [missing on D691/usedD220]
  12. Forever Young [D691 clipped 21:08/D220 used to fill w/ transition]
  13. Band Introductions [used D220 clip w/2 transitions]
  14. Highway 61 Revisited [overexposed red color-adjusted; D691 end cut 5:01/used D220 to fill w/ transition; D691 1:03:02 audience applause to next song cut/used D220 to fill/2 transitions and purple fog effect]
  15. Love Sick [D691 clipped 5:10/D220 used to fill w/1 transition]
  16. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 [end obstructed 6:20; cut 44:03 audience applause before last song]
  17. Blowin' In The Wind [clipped 43:13/used D220 to fill w/1 transition; final 35:02 shaky/cut/used D220 w/2 transition; end thanks/salute/2 transitions]
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Number of discs: 1
Running time: 01:30:36
Video standard: PAL
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
This disk combines footage from the incomplete D691with the complete, but less close and focused D220 to make a complete show of excellent quality.
Sound upgraded with excellent LB-4898 (Legendary Taper J).
Video 1 (D691): Left rear 40 deg., 55335- (audio rating is for LB-4898).
Video 2 (D220): Right rear 40 deg., 45244 (audio rating is for LB-4898).
Combined rating is 45445- and position is mostly from the left rear 40 degrees.
D691 tape counter on from "To Ramona" to end and had overexposed reds on several songs, but very colorful, sharply focused, and often super-close.
D220 tape counter on at start and was not as close or as well-focused as D691.

Many thanks to mary and silentype for the video sources and to OutsideTLaw for the audio.