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This is my Dylan-DVD-list.
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D548  "Three Concerts" (Vancouver '98 + Austin, TX 2002) C-
D186  11 Entwürfe für 1 Geburtstagsgruß (Bob Dylan wird 50) --
D602  1978 Films (Terre Haute, Paris & Rotterdam) CM
D413  1985... Year Of The Burlesque (Commercial Bootleg) --
D594  1988 Shows (Canandaigua, Charlevoix, Chicago) CM
D100  1990 London and Paris Compilation C-
D591  1992 Sampler CM
D035  20/20 Interview (ABC TV Interview Raw Footage) CM
D343  30th Anniversary Conc. Rehearsal (Commercial Bootleg) --
D050.3  30th Anniversary Concert Celebration (on 3 DVDs) CM
D680  3sat clip (Video clips from German TV) CM
D562  90's Live CM
D642  A Visit To The Dylan Shrine CM
D128  Aberdeen, Scotland (16-Sep-00) --
D386.su  Akron, OH (23-Nov-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D203  Albany, NY (18-Apr-1997) --
D586  Amazon.com 10th Anniversary Event (16-Jul-05) CM
D610.su  Ames, IA (02-Nov-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D169  Ames, IA (07-Apr-94) CM
D189.su  Amherst, MA (18-Nov-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D740.b  Amsterdam, The Netherlands (09-Apr-07) ("The Lost Tape") --
D740.a  Amsterdam, The Netherlands (09-Apr-07) (1st Part) CM
D152  Another Compilation #18 --
D086  Aosta, Italy (08-Jul-92) C-
D704  Aschaffenburg, Germany (15-Mar-95) (+ Brussels 95) CM
D054  Asheville, NC (06-Nov-94) C-
D796.su  Assago, Italy (27-Apr-07) CM
D333.su  Athens, GA (28-Oct-1990) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D508  Atlanta, GA (10-Nov-89) --
D507  Atlanta, GA (15-Aug-89) --
D385  Atlanta, GA (16-Aug-89) CM
D110  Atlanta, GA (25-Jul-88) --
D110.ra  Atlanta, GA (25-Jul-88) (Remastered Audio) CM
D031  Atlantic City, NJ (18-Nov-00) (Early Show) --
D032  Atlantic City, NJ (18-Nov-00) (Late Show) --
D351  Atlantic City, NJ (20-Jul-89) --
D525  Atlantic City, NJ (31-Jan-98) CM
D698  Atlantide - Storie Di Uomini E Di Mondi (Italian Documentary) CM
D784  Auckland, New Zealand (11-Aug-07) CM
D023  Austin, TX (24-Feb-02) --
D099  Australia 1992 Compilation C-
D568.su  Avignon, France (25-Jul-81) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D774.su  Bad Mergentheim, Germany (22-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D666  Bakersfield, CA (05-Apr-06) --
D130.su  Baltimore, Maryland (08-Nov-1999) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D167  Barcelona, Spain (16-Jun-89) --
D113.su  Basel, Switzerland (02-Jun-84) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D644.su  Basel, Switzerland (10-Sep-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D010  BBC Docs ("Getting to Dylan" and "Highway 61") CM
D611  BBC Four Bob Dylan Season (2005) Vol. I CM
D612  BBC Four Bob Dylan Season (2005) Vol. II CM
D613  BBC Four Bob Dylan Season (2005) Vol. III CM
D576  Belfast, Northern Ireland (06-Feb-91) CM
D695.su  Belfort, France (02-Jul-92) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D065.su  Berkeley, CA (10-Jun-88) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D372  Berkeley, CA (13-Jun-86) CM
D418  Berkeley, CA (26-May-95) (2 DVDs) CM
D073  Berlin, West Germany (04-Jul-95) C-
D302.su  Bern, Switzerland (17-Jul-93) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D454  Besançon, France (04-Jul-94) --
D463  Bethlehem, PA (16-Nov-04) --
D785.su  Bethlehem, PA (18-Feb-99) CM
D285  Bethlehem, PA (8-Nov-00) CM
D066  Binghampton, NY (12-Oct-92) C-
D461.su  Binghamton, NY (14-Nov-04) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D578.su  Birmingham, AL (05-Jun-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D284.su  Birmingham, AL (07-Feb-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D753.su  Birmingham, England (17-Apr-07) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D077  Birmingham, England (20-Sep-00) CM
D647  Birmingham, UK (18-Nov-05) CM
D359.su  Birmingham/Aston Villa, UK (02-Apr-95) ("Series Of Dylan 003" S.U.) CM
D350  Bismarck, North Dakota (15-Jun-90) --
D371  Bits And Pieces (Rare Pro-Shots 1969-2000) CM
D696  Bob Dylan & Joan Baez '97 CM
D633  Bob Dylan - Rockin' (ProShot Compilation) CM
D441.1  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 1 CM
D441.2  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 2 CM
D441.3  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 3 CM
D441.4  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 4 (Earls Court) CM
D673  Bob Dylan And The Band / 69 - 70 (Commercial Bootleg) CM
D492  Bob Dylan in Israel 1993 (Tel-Aviv & Be'er-Sheva Sound Upgrade) CM
D363  Bob, Willie & The Apollo (TV Appearances 2004) CM
D395.su  Bologna, Italy (07-Jun-91) ("Dangerous 005" Sound Upgrade) CM
D632.su  Bologna, Italy (10-Nov-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D222  Bournemouth, UK (01-Oct-97) CM
D223  Bournemouth, UK (02-Oct-97) CM
D590.vcd  Braunschweig, Germany (05-Jul-01) (VCD-sourced) CM
D763.su  Bremen, Germany (14-Jun-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D771.a  Bridgeport, CT (30-Sep-07) (Fully Authored) CM
D685  Brighton 2002 + Bournemouth 2006 ("Motions Of The Sea") CM
D157  Brighton, UK (04-May-02) --
D332  Brighton, UK (26-Mar-95) --
D126  Brookville, NY (30-Jan-98) CM
D313  Brussels (08-Oct-87) ("Hidden Treasure Series" Sound Upgr.) CM
D571.su  Brussels, Belgium (07-Jun-84) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D364.su  Brussels, Belgium (17-Jun-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D294  Brussels, Belgium (23-Mar-95) --
D703.su  Brussels, Belgium (23-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D235.su  Brussels, Belgium (30-Jan-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D390  Budapest, Hungary (12-Jun-91) ("Dangerous DVD 001") CM
D007  Buffalo (04-Jul-86) (Farm Aid II) --
D053  Burgettstown, PA (09-Aug-97) CM
D049  Burgettstown, PA (18-Jul-99) C-
D117  Burlington, VT (27-Oct-92) --
D382  Cardiff, UK (18-Jun-04) ("Series of Dylan 005") CM
D239.su  Cardiff, Wales (06-May-02) (16:9 Sound Upgrade) CM
D078  Cardiff, Wales (23-Sep-00) --
D684.su  Cardiff, Wales (27-Jun-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D214  Cardiff, Wales (27-Mar-95) CM
D172  Cardiff, Wales (3-Oct-97) --
D745.su  Cava de'Tirreni, Italy (21-Jun-89) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D166  Cedar Rapids, Iowa (03-Apr-00) --
D467  Cernobbio, Italy (03-Jul-04) --
D268  Charleston, WV (23-Oct-90) CM
D665  Charlotte, NC (17-Sep-88) CM
D336  Chicago, IL (25-Oct-98) CM
D755.su  Chicago, IL (26-Oct-99) (Early Show; Sound Upgrade) CM
D751.su  Chicago, IL (26-Oct-99) (Late Show; Sound Upgrade) CM
D788  Cincinnati, OH (19-Feb-98) CM
D787  Cincinnati, OH (19-Feb-98) CM
D185.su  Cleveland, OH (17-Nov-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D790.su  Colorado Springs, CO (06-Jun-9 CM
D750.su  Copenhagen, Denmark (11-Jun-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D733.su  Copenhagen, Denmark (23-24 July 1996) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D393  Correggio, Italy (05-Jul-92) ("Dangerous DVD 003") CM
D754  Costa Mesa, CA (26-Jul-07) CM
D596  Covered By Bob Dylan (2 DVDs) CM
D734.su  Crossing the San Francisco Bay (SF & Berkeley 1992) CM
D251  Dana's DVD 2 (Hard Rain Inside and Out) C-
D252  Dana's DVD 3 --
D253  Dana's DVD 4 (The 90's) --
D254  Dana's DVD 5 (Unplugged +) C-
D093.su  Davenport, IA (06-Apr-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D347  Davenport, IA (10-Jun-90) --
D070  Davenport, IA (16-Nov-96) C-
D483  De Kalb, IL (31-Oct-04) ("Bob Dylan Mask Revisited") CM
D545.su  Den Haag, Netherlands (10-Jun-89) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D811.su  Denver, CO (05-Jun-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D792.su  Denver, CO (07-Jun-99) CM
D334  Des Moines, IA (10-Aug-01) CM
D440  Des Moines, IA (28-Aug-04) --
D519  Desolation Row (The Marionette Performance) --
D181  Dharma & Bob ("Play Lady Play") CM
D603  Dignity in the UK (1995 UK Compilation) CM
D542  Do You, Mr. Smith? (1989-90 Compilation) CM
D423  Dortmund, Germany (15-Sep-87) CM
D720  Dublin + Blue Jean Bash '93 CM
D592.su  Dublin, Ireland (03-Jun-89) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D621  Dublin, Ireland (03/04-Jun-89) CM
D045  Dubuque, IA (12-Nov-96) ("Stage Diving in Dubuque") --
D133  Duluth, MN (03-Jul-99) --
D416  Dunkerque (Dunkirk), France (30-Jun-92) --
D767.su  Durham, NH (17-Nov-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D011  DVD Compilation #01 (Just a Song and Dance Man) --
D012  DVD Compilation #02 (Moving With a Simple Twist of Fate) --
D013  DVD Compilation #03 (Early 80s) --
D014  DVD Compilation #04 (Late 80s) --
D015  DVD Compilation #05 (Like a Rolling Stone) --
D016  DVD Compilation #06 (For the Pope and for the people) --
D017  DVD Compilation #07 (Letterman, Grammy, and more...) --
D018  DVD Compilation #08 (Shalom Aleichem!) --
D019  DVD Compilation #09 (The Bobfest) --
D020  DVD Compilation #10 (Unplugged and Plugged) --
D021  DVD Compilation #11 (Seven Hard Rains) --
D516  Dylan 2004 (Italian fan project) CM
D132  Dylavision (by "Bobzilla TV") CM
D108  East Rutherford, NJ (12-Jul-87) --
D042  East Rutherford, NJ (13-Nov-99) --
D453.su  East Rutherford, NJ (21-Jul-86) (Sound Upgrade, PAL) CM
D498.su  East Troy, WI (18-Jun-88) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D002  Eat The Document --
D679.su  Edinburgh, Scotland (06-Apr-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D079  Edinburgh, Scotland (07-Apr-95) --
D067  Eindhoven, Netherlands (17-Feb-93) C-
D762.su  Essen, Germany (16-Jun-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D404  Essen, Germany (18-Jun-91) CM
D204.su  Essex Junction, VT (07-Sep-88) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D191  Essex Junction, VT (10-Jul-91) CM
D046.su  Fairfax, VA (22-Feb-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D089  Fargo, ND (14-Jun-90) CM
D036  Farm Aid Rehearsals and Raw Footage --
D719  Ferrara, Italy (05-Jul-96) CM
D744  Foggia, Italy (19-Jul-06) CM
D022  Folk Songs and More Folk Songs (Westinghouse TV Special '63) --
D585  Fort Worth, TX (04-Jul-05) CM
D547  Foxboro, MA (04-Jul-87) (Pro-Shot with Greateful Dead) C-
D312  Frankfurt (28-Sep-87) ("Hidden Treasure Series" Sound Upgr.) --
D482  Frankfurt, Germany (06-Nov-03) (with extras) CM
D387  Frejus, France (13-Jun-89) CM
D609  From the Madhouse to the Marketplace CM
D455  Gainesville, GA (04-Nov-94) --
D392  Genoa, Italy (04-Jul-92) ("Dangerous DVD 002") CM
D097  George, WA (16-May-98) --
D741.su  Glasgow, Scotland (11-Apr-07) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D449  Glasgow, UK (21-Jun-98) CM
D442  Glasgow/Barrowland (24-Jun-04) CM
D427  Glasgow/SECC, UK (23-Jun-04) ("Series Of Dylan 006") CM
D173  Gothenburg, Sweden (10-Jun-98) --
D760.su  Gothenburg, Sweden (14-May-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D324  Grand Rapids, MI (05-Aug-89) --
D656.su  Graz, Austria (14-Jul-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D624.su  Groningen, The Netherlands (18-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D064  Göteborg, Sweden (28-Jun-92) C-
D764.su  Halle, Germany (23-Jul-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D749.su  Hamburg, Germany (03-Jul-90) (Sound Upgr. Mastertape) CM
D631.su  Hamburg, Germany (24-Oct-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D383.su  Hamburg, Germany (31-May-84) (Sound Upgrade) --
D156  Hamilton, Ontario (11-Jul-88) CM
D676  Hannover, Germany (03-Jul-95) CM
D496.su  Hannover, Germany (20-Sep-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D005  Hard Rain --
D047  Hard to Handle --
D040.su  Hartford, CT (17-Nov-02) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D726  Hartford, CT (21-Jul-00) CM
D379  Hartford, CT (24-Jul-99) CM
D071.su  Helsinki, Finland (30-May-89) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D727.su  Hollywood / Los Angeles, CA (14-May-92) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D420  Hollywood/Palomino (19-Feb-87) --
D452  Holmdel, NJ (13-Jul-91) --
D300.a  Holmdel, NJ (28-Jul-99) (Authored+edited) CM
D006  House Of Blues (Atlanta, 03-Aug-96) --
D342  House Of Blues, 2nd Evening (Atlanta, 04-Aug-96) CM
D319  Houston, TX (20-Feb-2002) CM
D773  I Remember You (Bob Dylan and Freddy Koella DVD Compilation) CM
D678  I've Been To London and Gay Paree (Paris/London 1990) CM
D365  In Concert 1984 C-
D083  Indiana, PA (22-Apr-97) C-
D354  Indianapolis, IN (15-Jul-88) --
D337  Indianapolis, IN (26-Oct-98) CM
D573  Infinity Goes Up On Trial 002 (Earls Court 1981) CM
D531.su  Inglewood, CA (12-Feb-89) (Grateful Dead with Dylan, s.u.) CM
D296.su  Iowa City, IA (08-Nov-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D728  Italia 2006 (Pistoia, Roma & Foggia) CM
D834  Ithaca, New York, USA (15-Nov-99) CM
D456  Jackson, TN (10-Nov-94) --
D575  Jones Beach Amphitheater Compilation (2-disk set) CM
D084  Juan-les-Pins (Antibes), France (12-Jul-92) --
D714.su  Kansas City, MO (04-Sep-04) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D085  Kerkrade, Netherlands (19-Mar-95) --
D261  Kiel, Germany (25-Jul-94) --
D261.su  Kiel, Germany (25-Jul-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D163  Kindest Cuts (Midwest Tour 1994 Compilation) CM
D694  Kindest Cuts 1992 (Mid-West 1992 Compilation) CM
D479.up  Knight of the Hurricane & Toronto 2 Dec 1975 CM
D266  Knockin' On Dylans Door (Bob Dylan wird 60) --
D063  Knoxville, TN (05-Nov-94) C-
D638.su  La Spezia, Italy (20-Jul-01) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D683.su  Las Vegas, NV (11-Nov-95) (Sound Upgrade, PAL) CM
D702  Linz/AT + Utrecht/NL 1991 CM
D198  Liverpool 2001 + Brighton 2002 --
D197.su2  Liverpool, UK (12-Jul-01) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D216  Liverpool, UK (26-Jun-96) CM
D217  Liverpool, UK (27-Jun-96) C-
D396  Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (10-Jun-91) ("Dangerous DVD 006") CM
D366.su  Locarno, Switzerland (05-Oct-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D604.su  London, England (03-Feb-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D652.su  London, England (04-Feb-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D335  London, England (08-Feb-90) --
D243  London, England (11-May-02) CM
D244  London, England (12-May-02) C-
D230.su  London, England (13-Feb-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D746.su  London, England (15-Apr-07) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D747  London, England (16-Apr-07) (+ Sheffield) CM
D635.su  London, England (20-Nov-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D646  London, England (22-Nov-05) CM
D123  London, England (29-Mar-95) CM
D593.su  London, England (30-Jun-81) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D124  London, England (30-Mar-95) --
D328  London/Brixton (25-Nov-03) --
D182  London/Brixton (31-Mar-95) CM
D399  London/Fleadh, UK (20-Jun-04) CM
D501  London/Hammersmith (07-Feb-93) ("Two Riders Film") --
D502  London/Hammersmith (08-Feb-93) ("Two Riders Film") --
D503  London/Hammersmith (09-Feb-93) ("Two Riders Film") --
D504  London/Hammersmith (11-Feb-93) ("Two Riders Film") --
D505  London/Hammersmith (12-Feb-93) ("Two Riders Film") --
D506  London/Hammersmith (13-Feb-93) ("Two Riders Film") --
D280  London/Hammersmith (24-Nov-03) --
D306  London/Shepherd's Bush (23-Nov-03) C-
D277  London/Shepherd's Bush (23-Nov-03) --
D105  London/Wembley (05-Oct-00)
(2 discs)
D237  London/Wembley (06-Oct-00) CM
D009  London/Wembley (07-Jul-84) --
D518  London/Wembley (07-Jul-84) ("The Lighting Rig Film") C-
D540.su  London/Wembley (14-Oct-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D275  London/Wembley (15-Nov-03) --
D515.su  London/Wembley (15-Oct-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D535.su  London/Wembley (15-Oct-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D563  London/Wembley (16-Oct-87) ("Cat 161087A") CM
D567  London/Wembley (17-Oct-87) ("Cat 171087B") CM
D154  Loreley, Germany (17-Jul-81) --
D174.su  Los Angeles, CA (22-May-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D088  Louisville, KY (30-Apr-03) C-
D569  Lucky Dip CM
D451  Lyon, France (05-Jul-94) --
D246  Made In France, Vol.1 (Compilation from French TV 1965-90) CM
D247  Made In France, Vol.2 (Compilation from TV 1982-84) CM
D248  Made In France, Vol.3 (Compilation 1985-86) CM
D249  Made In France, Vol.4 (Compilation 1986-94) CM
D290  Made In France, Vol.5 (Compilation 1965-81) CM
D317  Made In Sweden CM
D330  Man In The Long Black Coat CM
D241  Manchester (09-May-02) CM
D699.su  Manchester, England (03/04-Apr-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D648  Manchester, UK (16-Nov-05) CM
D220  Manchester, UK (25-Jun-98) CM
D080  Mankato, MN (10-Nov-96) C-
D074  Mannheim, Germany (02-Jul-96) C-
D544.su  Mannheim, Germany (18-Jul-81) (Sound Upgrade; +London'81) CM
D717.su  Maple (Vaughan), Canada (29-Jul-89) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D129  Medford (Central Point), OR (09-Oct-01) CM
D556  Mel's Compilation # 0ne CM
D419  Mel's Home Movie of Tour '74 (NY, Jan 1974) CM
D384  Mel's Personal Footage (1974-2000) CM
D782  Melbourne, Australia (19-Aug-07) (Two-Camer Mix, S.U.) CM
D394  Merano, Italy (07-Jul-92) ("Dangerous DVD 004") CM
D315  Mesa, Arizona (20-Oct-96) CM
D269  Milano, Italia (02-Nov-03) --
D497.suu  Milano, Italy (04-Oct-87) (Sound Upgraded Mastertape) CM
D072.su  Milano, Italy (08-Jul-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D398  Milano, Italy (08-Jun-91) ("Dangerous DVD 008") CM
D424  Milano, Italy (19-Jun-89) CM
D175  Milano, Italy (20-Apr-02) --
D287  Milano, Italy (27-Jun-93) CM
D338  Milano, Italy (28-May-00) CM
D320  Milwaukee, WI (30-Oct-1999) CM
D486.su  Minneapolis, MN (23-Oct-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D509  Minneapolis, MN (30-Aug-92) CM
D686.su  Modena, Italy (12-Sep-87) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D323  Moline, IL (12-Jul-00) CM
D033  Moncton, New Brunswick (08-Aug-02) --
D118  Montreal, Canada (29-May-90) --
D373  Morrison, CO (27-Jul-86) CM
D388  MTV Unplugged Rehearsal --
D636.su  Munich, Germany (19-Jul-81) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CM
D258  Munich, Germany (21-Jun-91) --
D615.su  Munich, Germany (30-Sep-87) (Sound Upgraded Mastertape) CM
D653.su  Münster, Germany (01-Jul-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D164  Münster, Germany (01-Oct-00) (If Dogs Run Free) --
D435  Napoli (Naples), Italy (25-Jun-93) CM
D076  Nashville, TN (06-Feb-99) C-
D448  Nashville, TN (08-Nov-94) --
D298  Nashville, TN (09-Nov-94) CM
D353  Nashville, TN (14-Nov-81) CM
D024  New Haven, CT (10-Nov-99) CM
D447  New Morning (Sound-upgraded UK 97/98 compilation) C-
D120  New York, Irving Plaza (08-Dec-97) --
D048  New York, NY (01-Nov-98) --
D405  New York, NY (08-Dec-75) (Mel's Night of the Hurricane) --
D043  New York, NY (11-Nov-02) (Two-Camera Mix) --
D259  New York, NY (12-Aug-03) --
D264  New York, NY (13-Aug-03) --
D044  New York, NY (13-Nov-02) --
D267  New York, NY (14-Dec-95) CM
D655  New York, NY (15-Oct-90) --
D299  New York, NY (16-Oct-90) CM
D299.su2  New York, NY (16-Oct-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D039  New York, NY (17-Oct-90) --
D039.su  New York, NY (17-Oct-90) ("Welcome To The Beacon" s.u.) CM
D273  New York, NY (18-Oct-90) (Beacon Theatre) --
D190.su  New York, NY (19-Nov-01) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D316  New York, NY (19-Oct-90) (Beacon Theatre) CM
D260  New York, NY (20-Aug-03) --
D739.su  New York, NY (20-Nov-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D052  New York, NY (21-Jan-98) CM
D557.su  New York, NY (29-Apr-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D558.su  New York, NY (30-Apr-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D194  New York, NY, MSG (16-Jan-98) CM
D195  New York, NY, MSG (17-Jan-98) --
D196.2  New York, NY, MSG (18-Jan-98) CM
D288.su  New York, NY, MSG (27-Jul-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D027.a  Newcastle, England (05-Jul-84) (Authored off-master) CM
D736.su  Newcastle, England (19-Sep-00) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D218  Newcastle, England (20-Jun-98) CM
D428  Newcastle, England (22-Jun-04) ("Series Of Dylan 005") C-
D692  Newcastle/Sheffield/Birmingham-1998 -M
D255  NHK TV (Japan), 1978 CM
D134  Niagara Falls, Canada (23-Aug-03) --
D628  Northwest Passage (Seattle & Portland 2005) CM
D724  Notte Rock Special -Un Mito Di Cinquant'Anni CM
D649  Nottingham, UK (15-Nov-05) CM
D377.su  Offenbach, Germany (19-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) --
D034.su  Ottawa (Kanata), Ontario (13-Aug-02) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D112  Owings Mills, MD (22-Feb-91) CM
D376  Oxford, OH (29-Oct-99) + Columbus, OH (03-Nov-99 --
D271.su  Paris 31-Jan-90 & London 05-Feb-90 (Sound Upgrade) CM
D362.su  Paris, France (01-Feb-90) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) C-
D450  Paris, France (03-Jul-94) --
D748  Paris, France (23-Apr-07) CM
D476.su  Paris, France (29-Jan-90) (Sound Upgrade, 2DVDs) CM
D617.su  Paris, France (30-Jan-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D281  Paris, France (31-Jan-90) CM
D121  Paso Robles, CA (26-Jul-03) --
D675.su  Passariano, Italy (08-Jul-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D057.de  Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (German) --
D058  Peoria, IL (13-Apr-94) CM
D588  Perth, Australia (18-Mar-01) CM
D650.su  Pescara, Italy (22-Jul-01) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D037.sse  Philadelphia, PA (15-Nov-02) (Surround Sound Edition) CM
D480  Philadelphia, PA (16-Dec-95) --
D480.su  Philadelphia, PA (16-Dec-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D188  Philadelphia, PA (17-Nov-01) CM
D738.su  Philadelphia, PA (18-Nov-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D421.su  Philadelphia, PA (19-Jul-86) (Sound Upgrade; plus NYC 86) CM
D521  Philadelphia, PA (20-Aug-97) CM
D092  Phoenix, Arizona (09-Nov-95) --
D155  Piano Performance (Bob Dylan Live 2002) --
D431.su  Pisa, Italy (26-Jun-93) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D495.su  Pistoia, Italy (07-Jul-96) (Sound Upgrade) --
D682.su  Pistoia, Italy (15-Jul-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D775.su  Portland, OR (11-Mar-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D127  Portland, OR (12-Jun-99) CM
D127.su  Portland, OR (12-Jun-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D580.su  Portland, OR (12-Mar-05) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D687  Portsmouth + Dresden 2000 CM
D176  Portsmouth, England (24-Sep-00) --
D236  Portsmouth, England (25-Sep-00) --
D654.su  Prague, Czech Republic (07-Nov-05) (Sound Upgrade, 2DVDs) CM
D436.su  Prague, Czech Republic (11-Mar-95) (Alt. S.U. +Bonus) CM
D491.su2  Prague, Czech Republic (11-Mar-95) (S.U.; +Offenbach 1991) CM
D389.su  Prague, Czech Republic (12-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D437.su  Prague, Czech Republic (13-Mar-95) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D737.csu  Prague, Czech Republic (16-Jul-94) (Complete Sound Upgrade) CM
D820.su3  Prague, Czech Republic (23-Oct CM
D125  Providence, RI (17-Apr-97) CM
D662  Puyallup, WA (22-Sep-98) ("Infinity 021") CM
D584  Reims & Belfort, France (1&2-Jul-92) CM
D630  Renaldo & Clara Concert Clips (In Stereo) CM
D003  Renaldo and Clara --
D003.de  Renaldo and Clara (With German Subtitles) --
D607  Replay the Past (1974-1980) CM
D292  Rochester, MN (31-Mar-00) CM
D620  Rochester, NY (22-Oct-94) CM
D062  Rockford, IL (25-Oct-95) CM
D533  Rollin' Down The Road (1984-2004 Compilation, 2 DVDs) CM
D361  Rolling Thunder Revue: 75-76 Video Anthology (Watchdog) CM
D489.su  Rome+ Livorno, Italy 1989 (Sound Upgrade) C-
D605.m  Rome, Italy (03-Oct-87) ("Master Copy") CM
D470.su  Rome, Italy (05-Jul-98) ("Dancing Child With His American Suit") CM
D397.su  Rome, Italy (06-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D104  Roskilde, Denmark (01-Jul-95) CM
D827.su  Roskilde, Denmark (26-Jun-98) (plus bonuses) CM
D368.su  Roskilde, Denmark (29-Jun-90) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) C-
D641.su  Rotterdam, Netherlands (04-Jun-84) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D512.su  Rotterdam, Netherlands (06-Jun-84) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D311  Rotterdam, Netherlands (19-Sep-87) ("Hidden Treasure Series" Sound Upgr.) CM
D697.su  Sacramento, CA (09-Jun-88) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D381  Salisbury, MD (15-Nov-00) CM
D716.su  Salzburg, Austria (09-Jul-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D708.su  San Francisco, CA (16-Oct-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D352  San Francisco, California (04-May-92) --
D439.su  San Remo, Italy (07-Jul-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D339  San Sebastian, Spain (11-Apr-99) CM
D475  San Sebastian, Spain (17-Jun-89) CM
D600  Sauget, IL (08-Jul-05) CM
D283  Seattle, WA (21-Aug-93) CM
D473  Series Of Dreams Vol. 1 (Commercial bootleg) CM
D276  Sheffield, UK (20-Nov-03) --
D570  Shot Of Love (Loreley/Mannheim/Avignon '81 Sound Upgr.) CM
D297.su  Sioux City, IA (26-Apr-94) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D367  Sioux Falls, SD (13-Jun-90) --
D643  So Many Directions Home, Vol. 1 CM
D664  So Many Directions Home, Vol. 2 CM
D553  Sometime In The Summertime (Europe 1978/1981) CM
D289  Springfield, MA (12-Oct-90) CM
D345  St. Louis, MO (01-Mar-2004) CM
D346  St. Louis, MO (02-Mar-2004) CM
D322  St. Louis, MO (03-Mar-2004) --
D026  St. Louis, MO (04-Nov-90) --
D661  St. Paul, MN (29-Aug-97) ("Infinity 019") CM
D183.su  Stanhope, NJ (10-Sep-88) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D321.su  State College, PA (06-Nov-99) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D233  Stirling Castle (13-Jul-01) --
D756.su  Stockholm, Sweden (28-Mar-07) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D329  Stolen Moments CM
D477  Stra, Italy (02-Jul-04) CM
D349  Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK (14-Jul-95) CM
D360.su  Stuttgart (29-Sep-87) +Gothenburg '87 (Sound Upgrade) CM
D623.su  Stuttgart, Germany (17-Jun-91) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D178  Sunrise, FL (01-Feb-02) --
D402  Sydney, Australia (12-Feb-86) (2 DVDs) CM
D549  Sydney, Australia (25-03-92) ("The Video Bootleg Series") CM
D462  Syracuse, NY (04-May-80) ("Mel's Tour '80") CM
D608  Temples In Flames (London 16-Oct & Birmingham 11-Oct-87) CM
D757  The 20th Anniversary Kennedy Center Honors CM
D520  The Best Of Larry Campbell (1997-2002) CM
D001.sf  The Born Again Music (Toronto 1980 (Smiling Face edition)) --
D472  The Genuine Telecasts 1963-2002 (Commercial bootleg, 6 DVDs) CM
D187  The Gospel Years (1979-1980) --
D310  The Interviews (2 DVD Set) CM
D309  The Japanese Hard Rain (From Japanese TV) CM
D309.su  The Japanese Hard Rain (Sound Upgrade) CM
D004  The Promo Videos (25 Bob Dylan Promo Videos) --
D735  The Times They Are A Changin' (Twyla Tharp Jukebox Musical) CM
D291  The UK Tour 2003 (Compilation) CM
D471  Through The Years LIVE Vol. 1 CM
D550  Through The Years LIVE Vol. 2 CM
D671  Through The Years LIVE Vol. 3 CM
D274  Through The Years, Vol. 1 (ProShot Compilation) CM
D326  Through The Years, Vol. 2 (ProShot Compilation) CM
D712.su  Thunder Bay, Canada (27-Aug-92 CM
D712  Thunder Bay, Canada (27-Aug-92) CM
D341  Tinley Park, IL (09-Jul-99) CM
D060.su  Toronto, Canada (05-Jun-90) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D158  Toronto, Canada (07-Aug-97) --
D068.su  Toronto, Canada (08-Nov-01) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D331  Toronto, Canada (19-Mar-2004) --
D116  Toronto, Canada (29-Oct-98) --
D618  Toulouse, France (21-Jun-81) CM
D406  Traveling Wilburys Off-Line Edit (plus extras) C-
D836  Trento, Italy (15-Jun-08) --
D091  Troy, NY (27-Oct-89) --
D414  TV Appearances (Commercial Bootleg) --
D415  TV Live & Rare '63-'75 (Semi-official "Brazilian" release) --
D029  Two Nights in Boston (24/25-Oct-89) --
D627  Two Nights In Boston (Boston, MA, 24/25-Oct-89) CM
D522  Two Nights in Europe (Mannheim & Avignon '81) CM
D469  Uncasville, CT (05-Jun-04) --
D729.su  Uniondale, NY (13-Nov-06) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D672.su  Utica, NY (24-Apr-97) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D761.su  Utrecht, Netherlands (21-Jun-96) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D025  Vancouver, Canada (13-May-98) --
D180.su  Vancouver, Canada (14-May-98) (Sound Upgrade) CM
D705  Verona, Italy (01-Oct-87) CM
D400  Verona, Italy (29-May-84) CM
D559.su  Verona, NY (20-Apr-05) (Watchtower Sound Upgrade) CM
D797.su  Vienna, Austria (10-Jun-08) CM
D262.su  Vienna, Austria (21-Jul-81) (Sound Upgr., 2 DVDs) CM
D668.ra  Wallingford, CT (18-Aug-97) (Remastered Audio) CM
D380  Wantagh, NY (10-Sep-93) CM
D087  Wantagh, NY (17-Aug-97) C-
D202  Wantagh, NY (23-Jul-89) CM
D095  Wantagh, NY (26-Jul-00) C-
D759  Wantagh, NY (29-Jun-07) -M
D082  Wantagh, NY (30-Jul-99) C-
D061  Wellington, New Zealand (24-Feb-03) (VCD-Sourced) C-
D348  Werchter, Belgium (08-Jul-90) (+ Hamburg 03-Jul; S.U.) C-
D378  West Palm Beach, FL (02-Sep-99) CM
D543.psu  West Point, NY (13-Oct-90) (Partial Sound Upgrade) CM
D583  West Point, NY (15-Oct-94) CM
D075  Wheeling, West VA (28-Apr-97) C-
D098  Wiesbaden, Germany (20-Feb-93) CM
D041  Wilkes Barre, PA (21-Nov-02) --
D595.su  Wilkes Barre, PA (21-Nov-02) (Sound Upgrade, 2DVDs) CM
D008  Woodstock II (14-Aug-94) --
D301  You Ain't Seen Nothing Like Me Yet (UK '98 + Dharma&Greg) C-
D265  ZDF Nachstudio (Bob Dylan wird 60) CM
I'm interested in non-Dylan-DVD's too