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DVDylan ID: D406
Recording type: ProShot
Chabad 1986 & 1989 (12:10)
- Chabad 1986
- Speech from Hearts of Fire location, Wales, September 1986
- Chabad 1989 intro
- Einsleipt Mein Kind Dein Eigalach
- Adelita
- Hava Negila

Spitting Image (2:54)
- The Times They Are A-Changin' parody

MTV Unplugged TV (7:08)
- TV sales, incl. medley of "Love Minus Zero" and "No Limit" - embarrassing error on US TV!!!
- I Want You (outtake)

"Lost" Infidels promos (9:26)
- Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight
- License To Kill

Warner Reprise Video: Traveling Wilburys Off-Line Edit (60:04)
(includes shots of Dylan in the recording studio, playbacks of Lynne's LP at Keltner's home and several promos)

Traveling Wilburys: The Wilbury Twist promo (2:58)

Rapido feature, 12 June 1990 (10:35)
(George Harrison interview, some Wilburys content)

Auckland airport landing, 17 April 1992 (1:22)
Number of discs: 1
Running time: 01:46
Video standard: PAL
Authoring: DVDs with proper chapter marks are circulating
Quality varies

Thanks to moe I was able to enjoy this one. Not necessarily a great night of Bob T.V. but interesting enough for die hards. The bulk of this disc is what appears to be Jim Keltner's home videos around the Wilbury's 2nd record, which is something in itself. Bob is missing in the footage as he was already on the road again by the time they wrapped. Yes they are middle-aged men drinking beer, but it's good to see George Harrison laughing candidly talking and enjoying himself with Tom Petty and Jeff Lynn. The audio is straight off of the home video and after I selected noise filter and mono on my tuner it silenced a lot of the hiss and crackle. Besides you gotta laugh when you see Milli Vanilli in the Wilbury's video. I guess they were on top with their hit while the Wilbury Twist video was in production so they were included. This was before they were discovered lip synching everything and disgraced and dumped.

The spitting image parody was funny for about ten seconds, but I've never gotten much enjoyment out of bob parodies. The host of the rapido feature that introduces some of the Wilbury's videos I strongly recommend that you fast forward through this guy. That's what I did about 15 seconds after I realized it was not improving or going anywhere or being funny at all. It actually started being annoying, kind of like a stupid commercial.

I think that the Chabad, MTV clip and the footage from the Infidels recording sessions that kicks off the disc paints a nice, humble, down to earth side of Bob that is pretty revealing. A side we don't see all the time when a full rock show is in swing or bob is belting out Highway 61 live. These first few clips are more intimate and it's a little fly on the wall vibe to a degree that runs through this whole disc. Had I seen most of the filler before? Yeah, but not a bad disc. Not great, but not bad. The NZ airport arrival is again Bob pretty vulnerable, not a lot of people around. Hooded and trucking through Bob matter-of-factly replies to the question " What kind of music will you be playing in these shows? " ...." Oh all kinds " and then the reporter persists all the while well bob keeps trucking along, " acoustic or electric? " which Bob replies before he jumps in the van " YEP "

Reviewed by anotheroadtrip on 08th April 2008

Just how exciting is it to watch a bunch of middle-aged men sitting around drinking beer from bottles ? This is a boring DVD, by the time it's half-way through you're wishing it would end. But no, it goes on and on and on....
The fillers, which strangely, mostly come first are all available in much better quality. Spitting Image, you'll smile ...once.
Then comes the "Main Feature". If you think that the TW era was the height of Bobs artistic creativity, you might just be amused,... for a short while. But if you class it as goodtime throwaway stuff, well this'll do nothing to change your opinion. Just how many renditions of "The Wilbury Twist" can anyone stomach ?
I'll defy anyone to watch this more than once.

And what on earth is the Auckland Airport Arrival doing at the end ?

Reviewed by napbon on 04th April 2005