Balc. L30°
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Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York, US
Date: Tuesday, 27th July 1999
"A HW Sound Upgrade"
    - Cocaine Blues
    - Mr Tambourine Man
    - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
    - Love Minus Zero/No Limit
    - Tangled Up In Blue
    - Highlands
    - All Along The Watchtower
    - Just Like A Woman
    - Silvio
    - BONUS: All Along The Watchtower (Neil Young)
    - Like A Rolling Stone
    - Blowin' In The Wind
    - The Sound Of Silence (duet with Paul Simon)
    - I Walk The Line (duet with Paul Simon)
    - Knockin' On Heaven's Door (duet with Paul Simon)
    - BONUS: Nix Mitnehma (aka Gotta Serve Somebody) -- "Ringsgwandl", Bavarian (German) cabaret
Number of discs: 2
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Very steady, not very close. Transferred from a moderate quality tape.

As noted, this is not a top quality video source, but very easy to watch. HW has enhanced it with an excellent audio upgrade, authoring, and bonus tracks. The Bavarian cabaret 'Gotta Serve Somebody' alone is worth the price of admission here.

Each HW upgrade is a treasure, typified by seamless audio/video sync and professional quality authoring.

This is a great show, slightly downbeat, more rolling than rocking. Hard Rain, Highlands, Love Minus Zero, many nice moments.
Dylan's harp solo on Sound of Silence is timeless, and this may be the best Dylan/Simon duet segment on DVD to my mind.

Excellent work (you spoil us!) from HW. Thanks to everyone involved in bringing this out and sharing it around.

Reviewed by jman on 10th July 2006