3.4 (9 votes)
DVDylan ID: D607
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: various
This disc is really all about the rare and quite decent 1979 and 1980 films. The 1980 in particular is quite good.

  1. 1974- Saramonies of the Horsemen, Toronto. (20 min)
  2. 1978- unknown venue (4.5 min)
  3. 1979- Warfield Theater, San Francisco Intro (1 min)- Tempe, AZ, 25 November, (9.5 min)- Albuquerque, 6 December (13.5 min)- Leaving the Warfield (0.5 min)
  4. 1980- San Francisco, 10-19 November (33 min)- Salem, 2 December (6.5 min)
Number of discs: 1
Video standard: PAL
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Pretty good considering the vintage. Chapter marks at the beginning of each year segment and venue. Mostly clipped and partial songs.

I found this dvd really enjoyable. Thanks kindly to BlackCat for passing it along to me. It may not be the best dvd to introduce someone to Bob Dyaln, as it is basically a compilation of 8mm home videos, but maybe it is. The quality on most of the footage is not pristine, but it is a glimpse into what it may have been like to be in the audience at some of these legendary shows.

The 74 footage is rough at best, and the audio doesn't always sync up so perfectly. Some of the audio on some of the clips could be from alternate sources, but they appear to be the right songs. I appreciate the better quality audio dubbed in, as it makes up for the loss of quality in picture. It still works, it's still bob, and the audio matches the period. Some of the audio through this dvd definately matches the video sources.

The audio from the footage of the 78' chapter is fast, but still oddly enjoyable all the same, only lasting 4 1/2 minutes. Kind of like the " Chipmunks " doing " Like A Rolling Stone. "

I have many many hours of footage of Bob on VHS as well as DVD and there were quite a few clips in this dvd I have never seen before, and we all know how fun that is. The 80' San Francisco footage has a clip of a nice duet on piano with Bob and Clydie King(?) sitting, singing and playing next to each other on the piano bench.

The Salem footage only has highlights of songs lasting a few minutes at best, but the audio and video is not bad at all, and pretty rare in my book. If you're a fan of the song " Solid Rock, " like myself, than this dvd will be a treat, as the song makes many appearances in the 79-80 footage.

Some people would see the beginning of this dvd and say, what a pile of crap, but it has been well authored with menus, and showing some scare gems of some rare footage. Open your mind and appreciate the fantastic legacy and memories of these tours. Don't be fooled, get in the right mood, and sit back and enjoy a great night of Bob TV. Thanks to all those who continue to make this site the fantastic resource and community it has proved to be. Peace.

Reviewed by anotheroadtrip on 17th January 2008