4.0 (1 vote)
DVDylan ID: D163
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: various US midwest
  1. Jokerman (Ames)
  2. Senor (Sioux City)
  3. Every Grain Of Sand (Lincoln)
  4. Disease Of Conceit (Rochester)
  5. Tangled Up In Blue (Lincoln)
  6. You're A Big Girl Now (Sioux City)
  7. Mama, You Been On My Mind (Ames)
  8. Lady Came From Baltimore (Davenport)
  9. Boots Of Spanish Leather (Lincoln)
  10. God Knows (Sioux City)
  11. In The Garden (Ames)
  12. I Believe In You (Lincoln)
  13. I And I (Lincoln)
  14. She Belongs To Me (Lincoln)
  15. Maggie's Farm (Ames)
  16. What Good Am I? (Ames)
  17. It Ain't Me, Babe (Sioux City)

  18. Bonus tracks (MTV Unplugged):
    - John Brown
    - Dignity
    - With God On Our Side
Number of discs: 1
Video standard: NTSC
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
Often dark but overall a quite fine compilation
Made by Hoffmanzilla

I took a VHS tape that was in fairly good condition & transferred this to DVD. It's probably from a 2nd generation tape cause I didn't make or have the master. Overall, I would say it's decent and nice because of the different dates from 94 and the different songs. Some very nice performances of it. I didn't want to rate this DVD, but I wanted to answer your question.

Reviewed by Bobzilla on 12th August 2004

I've only seen the VCD version, so I can imagine/ hope it is even better.

But I wonder - this DVD did not show up ( on my radar anyway) until long after the VCD version - did the collector who put it together redo it for DVD from the original sources used?

There are others like it - the three VCD Acoustic Compilation, the Hammersmith Highlights from Feb 93 come to mind. I don't see them here ( yet) - but wondering if they'll show up from the source as DVD, but not made from mpeg one files......

Meanwhile, I can say it is a fine compilation!

Reviewed by seetee on 07th August 2004