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DVDylan ID: D573
Recording type: Mixed
Rare audience & pro-shot recording compilation, Volume 2
  1. EARLS COURT 28-Jun-81 (35 min) Gotta serve somebody, I believe in you, Like a rolling stone, Man gave names, Maggies farm, Deadman deadman, Ballad of a thin man, Girl of the north country, Slow train, Mary from wild Moor, All along the watchtower, In the summertime, Mr tambourine man, Solid rock, Just like a woman, Watered down love, Forever young, When you gonna wake up, In the garden /// Blowin' in the wind, It's alright ma @
  2. EARLS COURT 29-Jun-81 (73 min) Show me the way, Gotta serve somebody (cut), I believe in you (cut), Like a rolling stone, Keep on falling in love, Man gave names (cut), Maggie's farm (cut), Simple twist of fate (cut), Deadman deadman, Girl of the north country, Ballad of a thin man (cut), Slow train (cut), Walk around heaven all day (cut), Let's begin, All along the watchtower (cut), Lenny bruce (cut), Mr tambourine man, Solid rock (cut), In the summertime (cut), Masters of war (cut), Forever young (cut), In the garden (cut) /// Blowin' in the wind, Love minus zero @, Knockin' on heaven's door
Number of discs: 1
Video standard: PAL
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
All recordings in this series are taken direct from the best known circulating, or uncirculating films. Nothing is more than 2 generations from the master.