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DVDylan ID: D698
Recording type: ProShot
  1. Menestrello Ribelle
  2. La Strada Per Il Successo
  3. Il Capriccio Di Hammond
  4. Le Canzoni Del Dito Puntato
  5. Appunti Visionari
  6. Il Giuda Del Rock
  7. Motorpsycho Nightmare
  8. L'era Dell'acquario
  9. I Tempi Stanno Cambiando
  10. Voce Di Una Generazione

  11. BONUS: "OMNIA": Alessandro Carrera (translator into Italian of Chronicles)
Number of discs: 1
Running time: 01:48:50
Video standard: PAL
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
An Italian language bio-pic

Remember the Simpsons episode where for her science project, Lisa tries to determine which is the more intelligent, Bart or her hamster ? The cup-cake wired to an electric charge, Bart reaches for it, get a shock, reaches up again..and again..and again... Hamster-1, Bart-0.
For 'cup-cake' substitute 'TV Bob Bios'; and for 'Bart' substitute 'Kenny'
Precious little Bob footage here, and what there is, is dubbed over or ran behind voice-overs. Nothing you haven't seen before, and I doubt that 10 seconds or so of clearer (but inaudible) Buffalo '86 footage is going to be just that much of an attraction.
Otherwise it's an hour and a half of 'The Usual Suspects' going over some very well trodden territory; you're halfway through it afore it reaches '66; the NET gets about 5 minutes.
If you speak Italian, and know next to nothing about Bob, this might just interest you, but as that probably excludes 99% of DVDlanland..well.
Only another 4 years till Bob reaches 70, then they can regurgitate all this stuff once more; and no doubt I'll go for it again. Hamster -2, Kenny -0
You might just watch this all the way through once, after all there's always the chance that they'll throw up something new ( I'll tell you the 'ending' - they don't) but I doubt if many of you'll go back round again.
1 star, and that's more for quality than content.

Reviewed by napbon on 02nd June 2007