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ProShots only, listed by title
D005.alt  "Hard Rain" (NBC TV Special) CMS-R
D344.alt  "Hard Rain" (BBC "Old Gray Whistle Test") CM---
D478  "Polar Worlds Night" compilation CMS-R
D186  11 Entwürfe für 1 Geburtstagsgruà (Bob Dylan wird 50) CMSAR
D530.cc  1960s and 1974 (The Cine Collection Series 002) CMS--
D2058.1  1978 Tour (part 1) (Restoration Series Vol. 003.1) CMS--
D2030  1981 8mm film Footage (The Elite Series Vol. 017) CMS--
D413  1985... Year Of The Burlesque (Commercial Bootleg) CM-AR
D371.es  1986 News Clips (The Elite Series Vol. 021) CMS--
D100  1990 London and Paris Compilation C--AR
D591  1992 Sampler CMS--
D035  20/20 Interview (ABC TV Interview Raw Footage) CMSAR
D581  20/20 Interview (ABC TV Interview Final Cut) -----
D035.es  20/20 Interview and more (Elite Series Vol. 033) CMS--
D343  30th Anniversary Conc. Rehearsal (Commercial Bootleg) CMS--
D050.3  30th Anniversary Concert Celebration (on 3 DVDs) CMS-R
D050  30th Anniversary Concert Celebration --SA-
D680  3sat clip (Video clips from German TV) CMS-R
D731  60 Minutes Outtakes CMS-R
D529  70s/80s TV Parts (70s-80s ProShot Compilation) C-S--
D562  90's Live CM---
D642  A Visit To The Dylan Shrine CMSAR
D386  Akron, OH (23-Nov-96) CMSA-
D586  Amazon.com 10th Anniversary Event (16-Jul-05) CMSAR
D658  Amazon.com 10th Anniversary Event ("Buried Treasure") -MS--
D014.es  Amnesty and More: 1986 (The Elite Series Vol. 019) CMS--
D2093.dl  Anaheim, CA (27-Jul-87) (Dylan and the Dead) CM--R
D2093  Anaheim, CA (27-Jul-87) (Dylan and the Dead) CM--R
D135  Another Compilation #01 -----
D136  Another Compilation #02 ---A-
D137  Another Compilation #03 --S--
D138  Another Compilation #04 -----
D139  Another Compilation #05 -----
D140  Another Compilation #06 -----
D141  Another Compilation #07 -----
D142  Another Compilation #08 -----
D143  Another Compilation #09 ---A-
D144  Another Compilation #10 -----
D145  Another Compilation #11 -----
D146  Another Compilation #12 --SA-
D147  Another Compilation #13 -----
D148  Another Compilation #14 --SA-
D149  Another Compilation #15 ---A-
D150  Another Compilation #16 --S--
D151  Another Compilation #17 ---A-
D152  Another Compilation #18 --SAR
D153  Another Compilation #19 --SA-
D514  Arena di Verona 1984 (Italian Documentary) CMS--
D006.es  Atlanta, Georgia (03-Aug-96) (Elite Series Vol. 005) CMS--
D698  Atlantide - Storie Di Uomini E Di Mondi (Italian Documentary) CMS-R
D119  Aussie 1992 Compilation C----
D099  Australia 1992 Compilation C--AR
D256  Australian Videos (1998-2001) C----
D2096  Barcelona, Spain (18-Jun-1984) (DYLAN. & SANTANA) C----
D952.es  Barcelona, Spain, (28-jul-84) (The Elite Series Vol. 028) CMS--
D010  BBC Docs ("Getting to Dylan" and "Highway 61") CMSAR
D612.rev  BBC Four Bob Dylan Season (200 (Talking Bob Dylan Blues) CMS-R
D611  BBC Four Bob Dylan Season (2005) Vol. I CM-AR
D612  BBC Four Bob Dylan Season (2005) Vol. II CM-A-
D613  BBC Four Bob Dylan Season (2005) Vol. III CMSA-
D485  Best Of Telecasts CMS--
D371  Bits And Pieces (Rare Pro-Shots 1969-2000) CMSAR
D572.ms  Blackbushe, UK (15-Jul-78) (The Masters Series Vol. 235) CMS--
D852  Bob Dylan & Eric Clapton (At The Crossroads) CMS-R
D696  Bob Dylan & Joan Baez '97 CMS--
D944  BOB DYLAN & OTHERS (53rd Annual Grammy Awards) -----
D633  Bob Dylan - Rockin' (ProShot Compilation) CM--R
D634  Bob Dylan - Twangin' (ProShot Compilation) CM--R
D441.1  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 1 CMSAR
D441.2  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 2 CMSAR
D441.3  Bob Dylan 1978 Part 3 CM-A-
D552  Bob Dylan 2004 (TV Pro-Shots) CMS--
D673  Bob Dylan And The Band / 69 - 70 (Commercial Bootleg) CMSAR
D639  Bob Dylan Convention Footage + Bonus CMS--
D826  Bob Dylan Now CMS--
D2045  Bob Dylan On Tour In 1966 (Sony Legacy Promo Video) -M---
D640  Bob Dylan Talking+Singing CM---
D814  BOB DYLAN'S Indian Birthday (Broadcast: BBC Four, May 21st ) CM--R
D2051  Bob Dylan: Master of Change (NHK TV special 11-dec-16) CM---
D411.es  Bob Umatic 1 (Elite Series Vol. 009) CMS-R
D363  Bob, Willie & The Apollo (TV Appearances 2004) CMSAR
D363.es  Bob, Willie, Apollo, and more (Elite Series Vol. 002) CMS--
D122  Bobfest CM---
D374  Brussels 1998 + Dresden 2000 (+ NL/NO TV docs) --S--
D007.m  Buffalo (04-Jul-86) (Farm Aid II) CM---
D007  Buffalo (04-Jul-86) (Farm Aid II) CMSAR
D007.ra  Buffalo (04-Jul-86) (Farm Aid II) CMS-R
D466.a  CBS "60 Minutes" Interview (Alternative authored version) CMS--
D466  CBS "60 Minutes" Interview (Early "BitTorrent" version) -MS--
D445  CBS Sunday Morning (Short DVD Series Vol. 1) CMSA-
D551  Celebrating Bob (Semi-Official Brazilian DVD) CMS--
D998  Champaign, Ill (22-Sep-85) (Farm Aid) CMS--
D961  Clearwater, Fl (22-april-1976) CMS-R
D330.hof  Cleveland, Ohio (02-Sept-95) (Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame) CMS--
D056  Compilation (no name yet, temp.#01) CMS--
D059  Compilation (no name yet, temp.#02) CM---
D114  Compilation (no name yet, temp.#04) CM---
D115  Compilation (no name yet, temp.#08) C----
D596  Covered By Bob Dylan (2 DVDs) CMSAR
D250  Dana's DVD 1 (The 60's) C--AR
D251  Dana's DVD 2 (Hard Rain Inside and Out) C-SA-
D252  Dana's DVD 3 C--A-
D253  Dana's DVD 4 (The 90's) C--AR
D254  Dana's DVD 5 (Unplugged +) C--A-
D483  De Kalb, IL (31-Oct-04) ("Bob Dylan Mask Revisited") CMSA-
D483.su  De Kalb, IL (31-Oct-04) CMS--
D545.m  Den Haag, Netherlands (10-Jun-89) (a Zimmy21 master ) CMS--
D545.su  Den Haag, Netherlands (10-Jun-89) (Sound Upgrade, 2 DVDs) CMSAR
D519  Desolation Row (The Marionette Performance) --SAR
D181  Dharma & Bob ("Play Lady Play") CMS--
D725  Documentary Of The First Italian Tour (1984) CMSA-
D131  Don't Start Him Talking (Compilation (=Compilation #7?)) CM--R
D592.m  Dublin, Ireland (03-Jun-89) (Masters Series 111) CMS--
D592.su  Dublin, Ireland (03-Jun-89) (Sound Upgrade) CMSAR
D592.a  Dublin, Ireland (03-Jun-89) (Authored, w/Bonus) CMS-R
D011  DVD Compilation #01 (Just a Song and Dance Man) CMSAR
D012  DVD Compilation #02 (Moving With a Simple Twist of Fate) CMSAR
D013  DVD Compilation #03 (Early 80s) CMSAR
D014  DVD Compilation #04 (Late 80s) CMSA-
D015  DVD Compilation #05 (Like a Rolling Stone) CMSAR
D016  DVD Compilation #06 (For the Pope and for the people) CMSAR
D017  DVD Compilation #07 (Letterman, Grammy, and more...) CMSAR
D018  DVD Compilation #08 (Shalom Aleichem!) CMSAR
D019  DVD Compilation #09 (The Bobfest) CMSAR
D020  DVD Compilation #10 (Unplugged and Plugged) CMSAR
D021  DVD Compilation #11 (Seven Hard Rains) CMSAR
D516  Dylan 2004 (Italian fan project) CMS--
D629  Dylan and the Dead (East Rutherford 1987) CMSAR
D629.es  Dylan and the Dead (The Elite Series Vol. 022) CMS--
D457.su  Dylan and the Dead, 24-Jul-87 (Sound upgrade) CMS--
D660  Dylan+Friends Rehearsals for 30th Anniv. Concert --SA-
D660.es  Dylan+Friends Rehearsals for 30th Anniv. Concert (The Elite Series Vol. 018) CMS--
D069  Dylan-Live Clips CMS--
D132  Dylavision (by "Bobzilla TV") CMSAR
D410  Early 90's TV clips CMS-R
D369  Early Performances (TV Collection 1963-64: Commercial Bootleg) CM-A-
D108.m  East Rutherford, NJ (12-Jul-87) ((Master transfer DVD-9) CMS--
D108.su  East Rutherford, NJ (12-Jul-87) (Sound Upgrade) CMSAR
D108.bd  East Rutherford, NJ (12-Jul-87) (Master transfer Blu-Ray) CMS--
D108  East Rutherford, NJ (12-Jul-87) --SA-
D108.mkv  East Rutherford, NJ (12-Jul-87) (Master transfer MKV video) CMS-R
D002  Eat The Document CM-A-
D101  Emotinally Yours (The Making Of...) CMS--
D874  European Hangover 2009 CMS-R
D036  Farm Aid Rehearsals and Raw Footage --SA-
D022.es2  Folk Songs and More Folk Songs (Elite Series Vol. 008a) CMS--
D022.do  Folk Songs and More Folk Songs (Westinghouse 63, Dylan-Only) --S--
D022.es  Folk Songs and More Folk Songs (Elite Series Vol. 008) CMS--
D022.a  Folk Songs and More Folk Songs (Alternate authored) CMS-R
D022  Folk Songs and More Folk Songs (Westinghouse TV Special '63) CMSAR
D891.es  For George and Frank (The Elite Series Vol. 027) CMS--
D891  For Willie and Frank (Short DVD vol. 2) CMS--
D547.ra  Foxboro, MA (04-Jul-87) (Remastered Sound) CMSA-
D547.bd  Foxboro, MA (04-Jul-87) (Master Hi-8 sourced Blu-Ray) CM--R
D547.m  Foxboro, MA (04-Jul-87) (Master Hi-8 ) CM--R
D547  Foxboro, MA (04-Jul-87) (Pro-Shot with Greateful Dead) C-SAR
D547.su  Foxboro, MA (04-Jul-87) (Soundupgrade) CMS-R
D547.hq  Foxboro, MA (04-Jul-87) (Pro-Shot with Greateful Dead) CMS--
D468  From 60 Minutes to 20/20 (TV Interviews, 1985 & 2004) CMS-R
D609  From the Madhouse to the Marketplace CMS--
D829  G. Harrison Bobfest Rehearsals CMS--
D010.pal  Getting To Dylan CMS--
D010.upg  Getting To Dylan-The Interview CMS--
D499.JTT  Guitar Legends (From EXPO '92 at Seville) CMS--
D499  Guitar Legends (From EXPO '92 at Seville) CMSA-
D005.com  Hard Rain (Commercial) CMSA-
D005  Hard Rain CMSAR
D005.ra  Hard Rain (The Real Hard Rain) CMS-R
D263  Hard Rain (Commercial Bootleg) CMSA-
D005.ext  Hard Rain (Extended) CMS--
D047  Hard to Handle CMSAR
D371.es2  Hearts of Fire News (The Elite Series Vol. 037) CMS--
D2097  Hearts of Fire Press Conferenc --S-R
D010.p2  Highway 61 Revisited: BBC2 (Arena: Tales of Rock 'n' Roll ) CMS--
D420  Hollywood/Palomino (19-Feb-87) CMS--
D006  House Of Blues (Atlanta, 03-Aug-96) CMSAR
D342.es  House Of Blues, 2nd Evening (Elite Series Vol. 006) CMS--
D342  House Of Blues, 2nd Evening (Atlanta, 04-Aug-96) CMSA-
D1125  How Does It Feel? (50 years on the road) CMS-R
D330.es  Hyde Park & the Hall of Fame (Elite Series Vol. 001) CMS--
D528  Hyde Park & TV Parts (90s ProShot Compilation) C-S--
D015.es  Hyde Park HBO Broadcast (The Elite Series Vol. 020) CMS--
D849  I Was There (Summer tours 2008) CMS-R
D2084  If Not For You (A Bob Dylan Film) --S--
D365  In Concert 1984 C--AR
D055  In Concert 1987 CMSA-
D004.es3  Infidels promos (The Elite Series Vol. 038) CMS--
D572  Infinity Goes Up On Trial 001 CMS-R
D573  Infinity Goes Up On Trial 002 (Earls Court 1981) CMS--
D574  Infinity Goes Up On Trial 003 CMS-R
D599  Infinity Goes Up On Trial 006 (San Sebastian 1999 + Dylan/Simon) CMS--
D1169  Isle of Wight CMS--
D266  Knockin' On Dylans Door (Bob Dylan wird 60) --S--
D1020.hq  Ladies and Gentlemen-Bob Dylan (TV appearances 1999-2012) CMS-R
D1020  Ladies and Gentlemen-Bob Dylan (TV appearances 1999-2012) CM---
D846  Liverpool '96 + 1988 R&R HOF -----
D935.14  London, England (08-Feb-90) (Hammersmith Odeon) CM---
D102  London, England (08-Feb-90) (Hammersmith Odeon) CMS--
D688.m  London, England (12-Jun-93) (Masters Series Vol. 142) CMS--
D688  London, England (12-Jun-93) (+ProShots 1984) CMS--
D330.hp  London, England (29-Jun-96) CMS--
D009  London/Wembley (07-Jul-84) CMSAR
D1178  London/Wembley (07-Jul-84) (Masters Series #116) CMS--
D246  Made In France, Vol.1 (Compilation from French TV 1965-90) CMS--
D247  Made In France, Vol.2 (Compilation from TV 1982-84) CM---
D248  Made In France, Vol.3 (Compilation 1985-86) CM--R
D249  Made In France, Vol.4 (Compilation 1986-94) CM---
D290  Made In France, Vol.5 (Compilation 1965-81) CMSA-
D317  Made In Sweden CMSAR
D831  Madhouse Talking CM---
D330  Man In The Long Black Coat CMSA-
D544.su  Mannheim, Germany (18-Jul-81) (Sound Upgrade; +London'81) CMSA-
D851  Martin Luther King Birthday CMS--
D830  Martin Scorsese on Bob Dylan (the making of NDH) CMS--
D601  Mel's Chronicles, Volume One CMS-R
D556  Mel's Compilation # 0ne CMSAR
D707  Merano 92 + Hamburg 90 + RAI Uno CMS--
D802  Miami 1993 and Oslo 1995 CMS-R
D036.es  Mid-1980s Rehearsals (Elite Series Vol. 007) CMS-R
D896.a2  More Videos & Things CMS--
D004.es2  Mostly Promos (Elite Series Vol. 030) CMS--
D388  MTV Unplugged Rehearsal --SAR
D388.es  MTV Unplugged Rehearsal (The Elite Series Vol. 032) CMS--
D906.i  Nara, Japan 22nd May 1994 (The Great Music Experience) CMS-R
D906.ep  Nara, Japan 22nd May 1994 (The Great Music Experience) CMS--
D823  Nassau, NY, USA. Nassau County Coliseum -----
D017.ep  New York City, NY (22-Mar-84) (Late Night w/ David Letterman) CMS-R
D1191  New York, New York (30-Jun-99) (Crossroads Antigua Benefit) CMS-R
D030  New York, NY (1974, 1976, 1978) (16 mm footage) -----
D255  NHK TV (Japan), 1978 CMS-R
D628  Northwest Passage (Seattle & Portland 2005) CM-AR
D868  Norway 2001 CM---
D724  Notte Rock Special -Un Mito Di Cinquant'Anni CMSA-
D457.a  Oakland + East Rutherford '87 (with Grateful Dead; partly audience) --SA-
D999  Oakland, CA (12-Dec-88) (The Bridge School Benefit) CMS--
D411  Oh No! Not Another Dylan Compilation! C-S--
D441.ms  Peace Sunday and 1978 (Masters Series Vol. 237) CMS--
D917  Performance At The Whitehouse (The Civil Rights Movement) CMS-R
D957.com  Pesos 4 Bezos (commercial bootleg) CMS--
D946  Place that Proshot CMS--
D690  Polar Music Prize 2000 (Full Program) CMS--
D004.com  Promo Videos 1966-2000 (Commercial Bootleg) CMS-R
D159  Quest for Newport (Commercial) CMSAR
D1026  Recent Times CMS--
D340.JTT  Renaldo & Clara - The Music CMS--
D630  Renaldo & Clara Concert Clips (In Stereo) CMSAR
D630.alt  Renaldo & Clara Songs (In Stereo) CMS--
D340  Renaldo & Clara Songs C-SA-
D003.pal  Renaldo and Clara (PAL) C-SAR
D003.de  Renaldo and Clara (With German Subtitles) CMSAR
D003  Renaldo and Clara CMSAR
D003.JTT  Renaldo and Clara (JTT transfer) CMS-R
D839.ep  Rock In Rio CMS--
D407  Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame 1988 induction C-S--
D051.a  Rolling Stone 20th Anniversary (1987) (Reauthored) CMSA-
D051  Rolling Stone 20th Anniversary (1997) -----
D361  Rolling Thunder Revue: 75-76 Video Anthology (Watchdog) CMSAR
D008.es  Saugerties, NY, (14-Aug-94) (The Elite Series Vol. 024) CM---
D473  Series Of Dreams Vol. 1 (Commercial bootleg) CM-A-
D499.es  Seville, Spain, (17-Oct-91) (Elite Series Vol. 003) CMS--
D895  Six Music Videos CMS--
D643  So Many Directions Home, Vol. 1 CMSA-
D664  So Many Directions Home, Vol. 2 CM-A-
D2002  Song And Dance Man (A Buried Treasure Production) CMS--
D2041  Stibal 8mm collection (The Elite Series Vol. 029) CMS--
D329  Stolen Moments CMSA-
D758.es  Taj Mahal &Friends (19-feb-87) (The Elite Series Vol. 034) CMS--
D758  Taj Mahall & Friends CMS--
D2094  Tangled Up with Dylan (The Ballad of AJ Weberman) CMS--
D004.es  The (Elite) Promos (Elite Series Vol. 041) CMS--
D757  The 20th Anniversary Kennedy Center Honors CMS-R
D187.dl  The Blood Of The Lamb (DVD-DL (dual layer)) CM--R
D001.sf  The Born Again Music (Toronto 1980 (Smiling Face edition)) CMSAR
D510  The Clips CM-A-
D303  The Complete Thunder CMS--
D517  The DVD-Bootleg Series Vol. 1 - 63-71 (Commercial Bootleg) CMSAR
D2031  The Elite Series Vol. 011 CMS--
D2032  The Elite Series Vol. 012 CMS--
D2029  The Elite Series Vol. 014 CMS--
D2033  The Elite Series Vol. 015 (Isle of Wight and 1978 clips) CMS--
D441.es  The Elite Series Vol. 025 (Mostly 1978) CMS--
D014.es2  The Elite Series Vol. 035 (Mostly 1986) CM---
D700.bhp  The Final Waltz CMS--
D487.uc  The Genuine Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Celebration ("The Uncut Bobfest") CMS--
D487  The Genuine Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Celebration (4 DVDs) CMSAR
D472  The Genuine Telecasts 1963-2002 (Commercial bootleg, 6 DVDs) CMSAR
D472.2  The Genuine Telecasts 1963-2002 (Commercial bootleg. 2 Disks) CM--R
D472.i  The Genuine Telecasts 1963-2002 (Improved version, 6 DVDs) CMSAR
D484  The Genuine Video Series Vol. 2 (Hard Rain & More...) ---A-
D187  The Gospel Years (1979-1980) CMSAR
D193  The Interview Disc (Various Interviews 1985-1987) CM---
D310  The Interviews (2 DVD Set) CMSA-
D310.i  The Interviews Upgrade (2 DVD Set) CMS--
D309  The Japanese Hard Rain (From Japanese TV) CMSAR
D309.su  The Japanese Hard Rain (Sound Upgrade) CMSAR
D700.dl  The Lost Waltz (Commercial Bootleg, DL) CMS-R
D700  The Lost Waltz (On two DVD-Rs) CMS--
D700.a  The Lost Waltz (On two DVD-Rs) CMS--
D700.ep  The Lost Waltz (Dylan set only) CM---
D004  The Promo Videos (25 Bob Dylan Promo Videos) CMSAR
D004.alt  The Promo Videos (28 Bob Dylan Promo Videos) CMS--
D530.rsu  The Restoration Series: 1974 (Upgraded version RS Vol. 001.1) CMS--
D530.rs  The Restoration Series: 1974 CMS--
D344  The Rolling Thunder Revue Collection 1975 & 1976 (HOJO) CMSAR
D1047.alt  The Times, They Are A-Changin' (Quest TV (CBC)) CMS--
D659  The Video Collection ("Buried Treasure") CMSAR
D828  The Video Collection Volume 2 CMS-R
D1045  The World Of John Hammond (PBS Soundstage) CMS-R
D274  Through The Years, Vol. 1 (ProShot Compilation) CMSAR
D326  Through The Years, Vol. 2 (ProShot Compilation) CMSAR
D361.dl  Thunder Crashed... (...And Lightning Followed) CMS--
D918  Times At The Whitehouse (The Civil Rights Movement) CMS--
D530  Tokyo 86 & Rare 70s Clips (ProShots+Audience) --S--
D1183.su  Tokyo, Japan (10-March-86) (Elite Series Vol. 004 upgrade) CMS--
D1183  Tokyo, Japan (10-March-86) (Elite Series Vol. 004) CMS--
D001.es  Toronto, Canada (20-Apr-80) (Elite Series Vol. 040) CMS--
D001.esi  Toronto, Canada (20-Apr-80) (Elite Series Vol. 040 improved) CMS--
D001  Toronto, Canada (20-Apr-80) (The Born Again Music) CMSAR
D406  Traveling Wilburys Off-Line Edit (plus extras) C-SAR
D406.es  Traveling Wilburys Off-Line Edit (Elite Series Vol. 010) CM---
D493  Traveling Wilburys Ride Again C---R
D554  TV Appearance 1963-1975 CMS--
D414  TV Appearances (Commercial Bootleg) CM-AR
D415  TV Live & Rare '63-'75 (Semi-official "Brazilian" release) CM-A-
D474  TV Live & Rare '63-'75 (Semi-official "German" release) CMSA-
D425.rev  TVNZ #1 Revisited (Pro-Shot Compilation) CMSA-
D426.rev  TVNZ #2 Revisited (Pro-Shot Compilation) CMSA-
D425  TVNZ Compilation #1 CMS--
D327  Two Riders Promos CMS--
D2095  Urban Myths (Knockin' on Dave's Door) -MS--
D896.alt  Videos & Things CMS--
D896  Videos and Commercials (A Buried Treasure Production) CMS--
D1156  Vienna, Austria (28-Jun-2014) (People's Choice Vol. 26) CMS--
D2013  With One Hand Waving Free (A Buried Treasure Production) CMS-R
D008  Woodstock II (14-Aug-94) CMSAR
D008.su2  Woodstock II (14-Aug-94) CM--R
D008.su  Woodstock II (14-Aug-94) (Sound Upgrade) CMSAR
D265  ZDF Nachstudio (Bob Dylan wird 60) CMS--