DVDylan ID: D906.i
Recording type: ProShot
City/Venue: Todaiji Temple, Nara, Japan
Date: Sunday, 22nd May 1994

'94 Pro-Shot, good quality capture and transfer, nicely authored, and there the praise endeth. Maybe not, it's short, but I can't think of any more positives.
This is awful. Dire'd be the word. 'Hard Rain' and 'Released' have all the life, all the edge taken from them, like some bad musical, a second rate Peter, Paul & Mary chart single B-side . Almost makes the Brian Ferry Bob covers listenable. OK, Bob's singing them, but it could be any third-rate cabaret act. When Bob joins the Cruise Ship Jazz Lounge circuit, this's what it'll sound like.
Picks up a bit with 'Ring Them Bells', at last something worth more than a single listen ?, but no, a verse in and it's just as bland and uninteresting as all that went previously.
And come the Revolution, after I've got through my First-Against-The-Wall list(s), there's gonna be an edict banning any/all 'ensemble' sing-a-longs.

1 Star, but it won't stop you getting it, will it ?

Reviewed by napbon on 03rd April 2010