DVDylan ID: D131
Recording type: ProShot

No need for the '?', it is Compilation #7 D017. Same clips, same cuts, same quality, just with a different Menu Screen.

Letterman stuff, probably an essential. Johnny Cash Tribute, with 'Train of Love' a definite essential.
And all the rest, for watching once.
If only. Pretty near all these clips pop up again and again on other compilations, so there's nothing here that'll strike you as new. Just as well the 'skip' button was invented, with or without the intervention of some Deity or another.

Ah well, doesn't matter what I, or any other reviewer, will say, you'll get it anyway, probably fairly early in your collecting.

3 Stars, more for allowing me to tick off so many 'got' boxes, than for anything else.

Reviewed by napbon on 03rd April 2010