DVDylan ID: D698
Recording type: ProShot

Remember the Simpsons episode where for her science project, Lisa tries to determine which is the more intelligent, Bart or her hamster ? The cup-cake wired to an electric charge, Bart reaches for it, get a shock, reaches up again..and again..and again... Hamster-1, Bart-0.
For 'cup-cake' substitute 'TV Bob Bios'; and for 'Bart' substitute 'Kenny'
Precious little Bob footage here, and what there is, is dubbed over or ran behind voice-overs. Nothing you haven't seen before, and I doubt that 10 seconds or so of clearer (but inaudible) Buffalo '86 footage is going to be just that much of an attraction.
Otherwise it's an hour and a half of 'The Usual Suspects' going over some very well trodden territory; you're halfway through it afore it reaches '66; the NET gets about 5 minutes.
If you speak Italian, and know next to nothing about Bob, this might just interest you, but as that probably excludes 99% of DVDlanland..well.
Only another 4 years till Bob reaches 70, then they can regurgitate all this stuff once more; and no doubt I'll go for it again. Hamster -2, Kenny -0
You might just watch this all the way through once, after all there's always the chance that they'll throw up something new ( I'll tell you the 'ending' - they don't) but I doubt if many of you'll go back round again.
1 star, and that's more for quality than content.

Reviewed by napbon on 02nd June 2007