DVDylan ID: D317
Recording type: ProShot

Thanks to Mary, I've had the pleasure of watching this DVD.
A very entertaining collection. The live footage from the 70's and 80's is very interesting and for the most part very good quality. I also particularly enjoyed the Isle of Wight footage, and the interview clips from 78, all in excellent quality. some nice footage of Dylan attentively getting the names right on some autographs....
This DVD is not for those who are bummed out by partial performances or incomplete songs. To me, the footage is very enjoyable regardless of the occasional snippets.
Beautiful menus and chapters. Thanks to all who made this available, and thanks to dvdylan.com.
A high 4 stars, certainly worth having.

Reviewed by jman on 02nd February 2005

Bootleg DVD Bob video just keeps getting better and BETTER. This DVD has a great selection of some classic Bob performances and is another REMINDER of the genius of BOB... long ago and far away in the 60s and into the 21st Century.

Nearly 10 STAR source video and 10 STAR DVD authoring.
Thanks to all who worked hard to put this out for the fans.

More, please?


Reviewed by mary on 27th March 2004