DVDylan ID: D874
Recording type: Mixed
City/Venue: Various

I've been had. Where's the 'Truth In Advertising' folks when you need them ?
No mention of You-Tube when this was first advertised, only spoke of the high quality video etc etc. Well it's here now, copied, burnt and watched. OK, not the last, not in it's entirety anyhow. Printed out the info above, read the review, threw it in the machine to see if was as bad as I expected. It was. So I dug out D865 & D872 and watched them instead. [Not a busy day at work, late start and an early finish, and with the wife away shopping could watch anything without the "switch that rubbish off" chorus's]
Was about to file away this never to to watched again DVD, when I took another look at the setlist. Not all of the stuff here is to be found on D865 & D872, excluding the 'bonus's' there's a few tracks unique to this DVD [and You-Tube]. So back into the machine it went, and all the 'new' songs given a once-over. Was it worth it ? Will I haul it back off the shelf again ? No & No.
I've nothing against You-Tube compilations, I've made a few myself so I can't criticize on that score. But this one ?
What Josh points out as one of it's 'saving graces', the quality of the original footage, esp. the Swedish ones, only shows just what a bad idea this is. Good though this may look, it doesn't stand any comparison with D865. Even if I assume that this project was started before D865 surfaced, it was still a bad idea, the author should have waited to see just what did appear on DVD, 3 months isn't that long.
This comes in at something of the order of 3.8G. 'Normal' DVD size OK, but even in HQ mode a couple of dozen You-Tube clips converted to MPG hardly takes up 1G. FLV > 3.8G involves an awful lot of needless bloating.
The synch. problems. No excuse for that. The You-Tube clips are as near as damnit all OK, so all the problems lie in the authors hands. He caused them, and it's not necessary, it's not difficult to convert FLV's without any synch problems.
Trawling You-Tube for Euro 2009 footage brings 100's and 100's of hits. Yes most are fairly unwatchable, some painful, but there are gems in there that would make a nice DVD project some day. Not yet, next year maybe, give them time to all show up on You-Tube, and to filter out those that have in the meantime shown up as DVDs from the masters.
A worthwhile project ? maybe/maybe not, we'll see.
But this isn't it. 1 Star [under protest, there's no '0' Star option]

Reviewed by napbon on 29th July 2009

All the concert footage included here is available off-master and in amazing productions by Mr. Stealth' and Madhasse. If you are interested in this footage, I highly recommend getting D872 and D865 instead, both undoubted 5 star productions and 'must see' quality Modern Bob.

Still, the remarkable quality of Mr. Stealth's footage makes for an overall better viewing experience than this author's other two youtube collections that are listed in this catalog, D813 and D849, neither of which are worth the effort of seeking out.

Also, see D839.ep for the best quality captures of the Rio proshot footage.

Thanks to andy for sharing it anyway.

Reviewed by jman on 21st July 2009