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Recording type: Mixed
City/Venue: Various
  • 1960s
    -Civil Rights March on Washington 28-08-1963 (16 secs) colour off stage film of Bob (when the ship o/dubbed)*
    -Les Crane Show 17-02-1965 (13 secs) Its All Over Now Baby Blue (frag) *
    -26-04-1965 Airport Arrival (2:17)
    -07-05-1965 Manchester Soundcheck (1:56) Outlaw Blues +
    -Andy Warhol Brief fragment silent overdubbed +
    -28-04-1966 Stockholm Airport Arrival (2:50) silent overdubbed +
    -21-05-1966 Newcastle (3:05) Interview with audience leaving gig, Dylan and Band visible in background. *
    -1967 woodstock (10 secs) silent colour film
    -31-08-1969 Isle Of Wight films Joe Cocker on stage, Aud shots, Dylan & Sara Airport Arrival/ Departure George Harrison & Patti Airport Arrival (4:04) Pro Film, PRO Film (3:50), Colour clips of She Belongs To Me, I Threw It All Away, I Pity The Pooor Immigrant, Mighty Quinn intro (2:53) Pro Film (9:12) Pro Film Joe Cocker -Feeling Alright, Crowd Scenes Airport arrivall, Press Conference, colour footage of She belongs to me. +
  • 1974:
    -03-01-1974 Chicago (3:11) Tough Mama
    -03-01-1974 Chicago (3:39) Hero Blues
    -09-01-1974 Toronto (Saramonies Of The Horsemen) (20:25) Don't Think Twice, Up On Cripple Creek, Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Its Alright Ma, Lay Lady Lay, Just Like A Woman +
    -1974 Mel Prussacks Film (8:46) Most likely You'll Go Your Way, Ballad Of A Thin Man, Up On Cripple Creek, Highway 61 Revisited, Its Alright Ma, Just Like A Woman. Don't Think Twice, The Weight, Like A Rolling Stone, Blowin In The Wind (not synced)
    -Mels Tour 1974 (18:28) Most likely You'll Go Your Way, Ballad Of A Thin Man, Highwway 61 Revisited, Its Alright Ma, Like A Rolling Stone, Blowin In The Wind (not synced)
    -28-01-1974 Nassau Coliseum (1:58) Gates Of Eden, Just Like A Woman *
    -1974 Some St Louis (8:00) Tough Mama, All Along The Watchtower, Gates Of Eden, Highway 61 Revisited, Most Likely You'l Go Your Way, Like A Rolling Stone (L Russell)
    -04-02-1974 Aft Show St Louis Original (2:26), Enhanced (1:55) +
Number of discs: 1
Video standard: PAL
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
The Caretaker's notes on this volume:

720 x 576 ratio some 4.3 some 16.9 25 fps
Dolby Digital 48 Khz 16 bit stereo

Volume 2 draws together all cine film from the 60s and 1974 wherever possible I have taken these back to the original cine and then had new digital transfers made,(marked +) this isn't always possibe and in a few cases I have used Youtube footage (marked *) the rest are the best we can locate. In many cases the sound has been improved or replaced. I doubt you can find better, BUT if anyone can locate any improvements LET ME KNOW and I will endeavour to upgrade those sections. This is purely about making teh best possible available.

The filmin quality of course varies from item to item but its a worthwhile viewing experience if I say so myself