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DVDylan ID: D574
Recording type: Mixed
Rare audience & pro-shot recording compilation, Volume 3
  1. May 1980 8mm
  2. 16 May 1976 Fort Worth 8mm
  3. 29 Oct 1978 St. Louis 8mm
  4. 6 July 1984 BBC Breakfast Time
  5. 28 May 1984 Verona 8mm
  6. 29 May 1984 Verona 8mm
  7. 4 June 1984 Rotterdam 8mm
Number of discs: 1
Video standard: PAL
Authoring: DVDs with menu and chapters are circulating
All recordings in this series are taken direct from the best-known circulating or uncirculating films. Nothing is more than two generations from the master.

For many of us this material, although obviously not of the same quality of 1990's and 2000 era video, is an invaluable glimpse into this phase of Dylan's career.
Of course these are 8mm film clips, shot by amateurs, and transfered to digital format over 25 and in some cases 30 years later. It would be silly to expect top notch footage.
For those of us too young to have seen these tours, or who's Bobsessions drive us to search beyond Hard Rain or the Gospel Years proshot films from these historic tours, this DVD assembles much of the audience footage we have...
Many thanks to the filmers, author, and

Reviewed by jman on 04th September 2011