DVDylan ID: D1125
Recording type: ProShot
City/Venue: Various

This is essentially a repackaging of D472, 'The Genuine Telecasts'. The 'added value' here is the inclusion of proshot footage from 2003-2012 which was not included on D472. The 'lost value' here is that this set squeezes all that footage and more onto less disc space resulting in lower quality. Plus, there is little doubt that disc 3 will be circulated as a DVD-R, further compromising the quality of the footage on that disc.
How many times can a man listen to Blowin' or LARS? How many times can a man perform them?
Bottom line, for the casual collector or fan this will be a welcome package.
Still, the D472.i is still the best over all quality version of this compilation.

Reviewed by jman on 24th October 2013