DVDylan ID: D099
Recording type: ProShot

This footage is obviously the result of someone's labour of love 14 years ago. As well as travelling around Australia following Bob, they managed to video sections of the 5 shows as listed above. It has previously circulated on multiple videos but has been transferred here onto 1 DVD.
Unfortunately, the performances captured are pretty sub-standard with Bob in only average voice and delivery. The band too are lack-lustre and the setlists from each show filmed are fairly static. Most of the footage suffers from distance and lack of clarity due to too much zooming and there are several patches where the camera is focussed on the roof. But for the most you will see Bob centre stage and the sound throughout is as good as could be expected.
The version of Idiot Wind from Hobart is likely the first ever footage of this monster of a song from the NET and naturally that should spark any collectors interest. Bob being Bob though does his best to destroy the song and you can just feel the collective disappointment growing from those in the crowd who had applauded its first lines as it gets a butchering. As well as the NET debut of Idiot Wind, the Australian 92 tour saw a few nice solo acoustic performances of Love Minus Zero/No Limit, covers of Little Moses and the closing Blowin' in the Wind. These handful of solo songs captured in each of the venues are the definite highlight of this compilation.
I've rated this 3 stars but that's quite a generous judgement and inflated by my appreciation that while this might not be great footage, at least it was made and the film maker has chosen to share it. If you are a fan of the Australian 1992 tour then be thankful for the efforts of this film maker. They did a better job than anyone else.

Reviewed by audiowhore on 04th April 2006