DVDylan ID: D005
Recording type: ProShot

The greatest show on earth! I think it was Paul Williams who once described the Hard Rain album as more punk than the stuff that was passing itself off as punk at this time. I agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly and think it also applies to the TV Special on this disc. Dylan is in fine voice and gives it everything he's got (watch his facial expressions) and the band absolutely cook. Though the picture and sound on this release are very good, I think the Japanese Hard Rain is a superior product. Having said that, don't let me deter you from getting this as it includes the Unreleased Hard Rain TV Special, which is wonderful as well. This show in any form is a must-have for every fan of the great man.

Reviewed by georgejackson on 25th January 2005

I had this one on vcd in not so good quality, thanks to Vygi I can enjoy this one now in DVD-quality!
I guess pretty everything is said about it in the other reviews. The only thing I can add is that even my wife enjoys this one! No other coment needed if that's the case.
Two remarks though about the copy I got: it seems to be in black & white and the clearwater part isn't on the disc. Is there anybody with the same problem, or am I doing something wrong?

Reviewed by dogs on 30th October 2004

Raging Glory best describes this brilliant performance, captured close-up so you can see every shrug and smile and smirk on Dylan's face as he sings everyhting from Woody Guthrie's Deportees with Joan Baez, to a howling version of Idiot Wind. The DVD is crisp and easy to navigate, and the show is awesome, coming near the very end of the glorious Rolling Thunder Revue tour, outside in a rainstorm, like a ragged troupe of gypsies...Dylan's boice has never been better, his music never more powerful, this disc is one I go back to frequently. You gotta have this one, amigo.

Reviewed by warehouseeyes on 22nd July 2004

Excellent sound and video. Easy to navigate menus. What a motley crew up on stage! You get to see all the nuances of a Dylan performance up close. From the way he shakes off the band, when they play the chorus to "Hard Rain" all f'ed-up, to the cold stare down with the cameraman(see the screen shots). And I couldn't stop laughing at "space cadet" Roger McGuinn and the wacky Bob Nuewirth. I prefer the performances on the unreleased Florida gig, but the Colorado show is certainly worth multiple viewings. A great all aroud DVD.

Reviewed by kidrib on 16th April 2004

This is a definite "must have" with both the Official Hard Rain and the Unofficial Hard Rain shows. I had this on VHS and it's even better now on DVD with a very easy menu to pick what venue/songs you want to hear. Plus the sound is so much better on the DVD.

Every fan should have this DVD!

Reviewed by statz61 on 08th April 2004

The definitive Dylan performance, in definitive quality.

'Nuff said, I'm going to LOG-OFF now & watch it again!

Reviewed by Lempi-Maki on 21st January 2004