DVDylan ID: D633
Recording type: ProShot

Thanks to powder for passing this one along to me. A real enjoyable dvd and one that puts together a nice compilation of some rarities, including footage,that ardent fans may not have come across prior. The commercial for the Highway61 interactive is just such an oddity. I also really appreciated seeing the video and Letterman appearance of Aaron Neville's version of " Don't Fall Apart on Me Tonight. " Nice job.

The Hall of Fame footage is good quality, but I've seen it cleaner, I think. Believe it or not, in the past I've somehow missed the " You Win Again " with Willie, which kicks off this disc. Bob really gets into it more and more as the song progresses, and I think even Willie is surprised as he almost reaches to take the lead on the song's duet. Well worth checking out!

Reviewed by anotheroadtrip on 08th July 2008

Remember the days of tape-trading ? There, stuck at the end of some C90, just to use up the space, would be the odd track you'd requested and maybe a couple of oddities you hadn't; a review, an Ad, a Cover version... The type of stuff if you had, you'd keep, but wouldn't worry if you never heard.
Consider this a DVD version of that C90
Very nice and complete Hall Of Fame '95 with a pile of fillers.
Pity the Hall of Fame set is so unremarkable, even Bruce's arrival doesn't bring it to life.
"You Win Again" you'll have many times over, "Restless Farewell" ditto, but it's well worth another look/listen. If only you could make out even half Bob's words and not have to resort to memory.
Rating ?
Qualitywise, worth a 5*, and nicely enough authored.
Essentialness - 0*
As someone (almost) wrote "..when you've gotten all the rest"
So I'll give it a 3*

Reviewed by napbon on 25th May 2008