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  1. 28-Apr-93 Willie Nelson’s Big Six-O: An All Star Birthday Celebration KRLU-TV Studios Austin TX
    1. interview
    2. Pancho and Lefty
    3. interviews
    4. interviews
    5. Hard Times
    6. interview
  2. 13-Jan-93 A Country Music Celebration CBS Studios Nashville TN
    7. Heartland
  3. 17-Jan-93 Appearance on the Bill Clinton Inauguration Concert Lincoln Memorial Washington DC
    8. Chimes of Freedom
  4. Dec 70 Scruggs Family & Friends Home of Thomas B Allen Carmel, NY
    9. East Virginia Blues
    10. Nashville Skyline Rag
  5. 13-Jan-93 A Country Music Celebration CBS Studios Nashville TN
    11. Heartland (reprise)
  6. 15-Sep-91 Chabod Telethon KCOP-TV Studios Hollywood CA
    12. speeches
    13. speeches
    14. speeches
    15. speeches
    16. Sold American - Kinky Friedman with Bob Dylan
  7. Sep 86 Chabad Telethon Contribution "Hearts of Fire" location, Wales
    17. speech (from Wales)
  8. 24-Sep-89 Chabod Telethon KCOP-13 Studios Los Angeles LA
    18. introduction/Einsleipt mein kind dein eigalach
    19. Adelita
    20. Hava neigeilah
  9. 19-Feb-87 Palomino Club Hollywood CA news item
    21. Peggy Sue
  10. 20-Oct-79 Saturday Night Live Television Show NBC Studios New York
    22. Gotta Serve Somebody
    23. I Believe In You
    24. When You Gonna Wake Up?
  11. 18-Jan-92 Late Night With David Letterman 10th Anniversary Special Radio City Music Hall New York City NY
    25. Like a Rolling Stone
  12. 25-Jan-90 Praca De Apoteose Sambodromo Rio De Janeiro Brazil
    26. Mr Tambourine Man
    27. Like a Rolling Stone
    28. Blowin' in the Wind
    29. All along the Watchtower
    30. Lay Lady Lay
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