DVDylan ID: D001.sf
Recording type: ProShot
City/Venue: Toronto, Canada
Date: Sunday, 20th April 1980

This is a brief review.
The content of this disc is fine, but I have a major gripe with the menu programming. It's one of those menus that can prove frustrating, but fine if you want to watch the disc from start to finish.

Reviewed by lenny on 26th August 2006

I just watch it again and it's great. Since opening speach until last notes of Pressing On. I don't understand English so well to be able review how much bigot Dylan is in Gospel presented here, but I believe him. Dylan and all his stuff is in excellent mood and music flows like a river of faith and passion.
My highlights: This Train Is Bound For Glory, Ain't Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody (can't understand why it miss on any official releaase), Slow Train, Saved, What Can I Do For You?

Reviewed by lavicky on 25th March 2006

After reading the other reviews for this DVD on this site, my expectations were high. I was not disappointed. This is Dylan at his best. I do not consider my self to have any spiritual leanings what so ever but it is difficult not to be moved by these performances. After all these years, one of the main reasons my fascination with Dylan’s music has never waned is that his career has encompassed so many different styes and genres of music. H e plays his old and new material in a certain way despite what his critics or admirers say and then he moves on. It is always about his love of music, and performing, not about what is going on in his personal life or even what is going on in the world around him. But I don't think this was a typical phase in his career. From watching this DVD It is obvious to me that he sincerely was “born again” and that he wanted his music to have a message. Despite what he said in the radio interview found here I think he was proselytizing . But I am not complaining, these songs are beautifully performed . Particularly What Can I do For You ( for me the definitive version of that song), Saving Grace, In the Garden, Pressing On. etc. etc.

Considering this concert was taped in 1980 the visual and audio is more than adequate. Although I am not fascinated by pictures of Bob Dylan, the 5 menus of photos is a nice feature. Although the radio interview is not particularly revealing, Dylan is surprisingly articulate and sincere.

I can not recommend this DVD highly enough.

thank you very much rrl

Reviewed by bandd1 on 12th December 2005

Received and watched this on Tuesday and really enjoyed the experience.
I must first of all admit that, i think, this was Bob most passionate period of his career - so far - even if not his most creative - which i suppose being so personnal a time it was bound to me.
It was nice to have the whole concert on the dvd and not just Bob's portion and although for some this might not be their cup of tea i felt it all added to the feel of the dvd.
3 Highlights of the concert were - song wise IMHO
1) Ain't Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody
2) Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others)
and 3 In The Garden (very beautifulty sang)
I also enjoyed Bob's rant/rap/talk before Saved again just because it showed his passion for what he was doing and for how he was feeling at the time.
This dvd is part of Bob's musical and personal history and one everyone should have or at least watch.

If you read this send me an e-mail and after the weekend i will choose one maybe two to send a copy to - if no one does i'll offer it up on the board next week.

Reviewed by babbling on 21st April 2005