DVDylan ID: D187
Recording type: ProShot
City/Venue: NBC Studios (New York) & Massey Hall (Toronto)

This is a good shoe that shows Bobs best Christian show.
Being a christian myself, you'd think i would love it.

It is worth having though.


Reviewed by larry on 20th September 2005

An incredible document form this under-appreciated time in Bob's career.
Yes, I do miss the speech before "Solid Rock" but his is still a great disc.
The bonus song from the day before is simply beautiful.

Great stuff!!

Reviewed by RLawson on 11th August 2005

This is a very special document, featuring a very inspired Mr. Dylan and a truely Excellent band, powerful deliveries, and great audio and video.
My favorites include sizzling Slow Train Coming and Solid Rock, and the slow building In The Garden.
All the SNL tracks are really wonderful, truely swinging. Epic stuff.
I would like to have the version with the performances from backup singers and Bob's 'sermon', but this is still a 'must have', 5 star, dvd.

Reviewed by jman on 31st January 2005

If your a fan of Gospel era Dylan then this is the DVD for you. Professionally shot so the quality is superb, and the performance is top-notch! Dylan is dripping with sweat and every line is delivered with passion and gusto. The band is superb, and the setlist is brilliant too. If you haven't got this DVD then get it as soon as possible, because it's a must-have!

Reviewed by midnightcowboy on 12th January 2005

This is a tremendous document. Impassioned singing and playing. The man is good when inspired as he is here. A very generous soul (there are many here) sent me this when I had no dvd's. It is one of the best! The SNL songs are cool too!

Reviewed by stumd3 on 30th December 2004

Excellent sound and video. SNL footage is crystal clear. Canada footage is a tad darker, but only because of stage lighting. Nice energetic performances on Bobs part.

Reviewed by kidrib on 22nd March 2004

I like it, I like it!

What amazes me is how these old Dylan performances get better with age ...

Two Thumbs Up -

Reviewed by Lempi-Maki on 21st January 2004

This is simply an amazing DVD! To start I had seen video of the SNL show before seeing it on this and was shocked at how much better the quality of the SNL material was on this DVD. The quality of that show is so good it is beyond words.
Getting to the Massey Hall concert the quality is not as good as the SNL show because the far away shots are too dark but the close ups are amazing. Messey Hall was OK untill the song 'Ain't Gonna Go To Hell,' from that song the show really takes off with some great little speeches by Bob.
The final song (It was never recorded and I think this was the only time it was even performed) 'I Will Love Him' has to be one of the best I have ever seen/heard Dylan. He is sweaty and full of life banging on his piano in this one with amazing motions and at the end a strut to center stage.

Reviewed by Ron6Stolar on 20th December 2003

I miss the gospel girls' speech as introduction of the film, as well as Bob's sermon. These parts of the show are included in the old video VHS version. I think is really important to understan those concerts as a whole.

Reviewed by quino on 03rd December 2003

"The Gospel Years" present a significant advance in visual quality, compared to video and VCD, in both its parts, SNL and Toronto 20/4/80. SNL, the day of Revelation, has 3 immaculately televised segments. His songs might not date...but we are treated with a heavily mannered 70's performance and some bass bouncing! Fantastic to have.

"Contract with the Lord" is the most wonderful of the Christian period concerts but Toronto goes close. The professionally filmed footage is at its best in close-up but dark and shapeless in long-shot. Here, Dylan brings passionate, unique magic to the gospel genre. The girls, the band, the formal attire and the lighting make a medicine stage show. The undoubted highlight is "What Can I do For You?", also the highlight of "CWTL", and particularly Bob's harmonica solos during this song.Thankfully the shot remains close-up as Bob defies time!

Reviewed by Alwaysearching on 29th November 2003