DVDylan ID: D601
Recording type: ProShot

A fun experience watching this dvd...for anyone who likes dylan's work this is a must see!

Reviewed by zap93044 on 13th January 2013

I have seen this DVD many times and am astonished
each time. Mel is perhaps the most creative and
inspiring Dylan fan to walk the earth. This DVD
provides us with insight into Mel, the genious...
It is clear that he could have easily been a cutting
edge film maker. He sings well, and his band is pretty
incredible. I love this DVD, and highly recommend it to
Dylan fans and just fans of rock and roll music in general!
Thank you Mel.

Reviewed by stevedj on 27th August 2005

I would rate this entertaining disk as a "must have" for the Bob-sessed, even if less than impressed family members might submit it as Exhibit A when it comes time to have us committed. Mel has proved to be a most worthy curator of his Dylan Shrine and his talents as an actor, humorist, song writer, and amateur video producer have improved with every effort.

Two thumbs way up!!

Scorcese Beware!!

Reviewed by yassou on 23rd August 2005

much like #D519, this disc is not Dylan himself, rather another example of the way Dylan's art shapes and informs the world of his fans.

Mel's songs are hilarious, i espeically liked 'Series of Schemes', and the documentary segments give yet another perspective into the life and mind of Mel (dylanshrine at dvdylan.com). Also be sure to check the link to the recent story on Mel's Museum on NPR's All Things Considered.

Of course the reader must remember that Mel's audience films 'Syracuse 80', Mel's Compilation #1, etc are essential. Mel's New York 74 film is, to my knowlege, the earliest audience film that cirlulates on DVD.

Get em all. He's a great filmer/taper and DVD author, and now we know that he can carry a tune too.

Reviewed by jman on 21st August 2005

Dylanshrine Mel is swell!

I love FAN PROJECTS and Mel's Compilation One is grand fun to watch, THE example of what happens to a Bob Fan after 40 years of Bob watching.
Here's more of the dylanshrine story:

P.S. Mel. I'd like to book a tour of the museum next time I am close to Old Bridge.

Reviewed by mary on 20th August 2005