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Yes,very good,indeed. With this dvd you will be given a nice slice of the man's thoughts. Bob's voice is cool enough for me to listen to,but he's also very insightful here. His reputation as being vague or dishonest( and he'll admit it)doesn't seem to apply so much with these interviews.This point could be argued more with the 60 minutes interview than the 20/20 one.However,I did find both to be real. What's "real" is up for interpretation.

The highlight for me is the 20/20 raw interview. It's like sitting on the beach with Bob Dylan. Just listening to the waves crashing while he's talking is ...well-"real" nice. The ocean is an excellent supporting character to a rather natural interview.

Overall,I think it's worth getting and that's what the reviews are for. So,thumbs up here. Enjoy!!

Reviewed by flip on 07th June 2007

This DVD has both the 60 Minutes Interview from December 2004 and the 'raw' video from the Dylan 20/20 Interview in 1985, the DVD is authored. I really like having the 2 Interviews together, it is a natural combination _ THEN and NOW.
Put this DVD on your Christmas wish list from your favorite Bob Santa.

Reviewed by mary on 14th December 2004