DVDylan ID: D005.ra
Recording type: ProShot
City/Venue: Fort Collins, Colorado, Colorado State Univ., Hughes Stadium
Date: Sunday, 23rd May 1976

A wonderful, quality work from the TV show. Picture and sound quality both excellent. Bonus points for the menu options. This DVD almost makes me forget how soaked I was after the show. But it also reminds me how I'd wished for more of the set on the telecast. There were some reviews at the time that suggested Rolling Thunder was phoning it in at the end of the tour (this was the next-to-last performance), but we never got that feeling in Fort Collins, or on this disc. The Hammond thing is a treat, and shows the songwriting progression of 'Hurricane'. Great job Yassou.

Reviewed by SicMic on 01st March 2012

This is the telecast version taken from Sony 90 VHS tape. It is said to be the most complete Hard Rain, with quality comparable to, or better than, the best versions in the catalog.

The World Of John Hammond (PBS Soundstage, 1975-12-13) makes an excellent companion piece.

Reviewed by yassou on 29th December 2010