DVDylan ID: D006
Recording type: ProShot
Date: Saturday, 3rd August 1996

I really dont understand how this show can be panned buy such knowlegible fans imo i think this is a most awesome show inspired by the band knowing its was WWs last harrah .. every song cooks and D plays his usual 3 note solos but to me at least its thoroughly enjoyable... if there was one show that i would play for a D newbie to set them on thier merry way to the holy grail this would be one i would consider.. call me crazy but...

Reviewed by jokocur on 29th August 2012

Personally I like this one.
Yes, Bob looks to be in a bad mood but...no! He actually smiles quite a bit. He even plays with the crowd, especially during Highway 61. Ah, to have been in the front row. It sounds good and looks good. If D342 House Of Blues, 2nd Evening Atlanta, 04-Aug-96 is supposed to be better, I can't wait to get myself a copy.

Reviewed by janalyn on 12th April 2007

When I first came to dvdylan the House of Blues recording was high on my list of priorities - pro-shot footage,sbd quality audio, esssential in anyones's book surely? Well, no.The truth is though both sound and picture are good they are not great.The picture is a little fuzzy and sound too thin . Maybe one day a lower gen recording will circulate.

But even if that does happen it will still not compensate for this films major flaw, the actual peformance. Get this film ONLY if you want an example of the NET at its most workmanlike.The 2nd electric set in particular is pub rock hell. With 'Maggies..', 'Highway 61..' 'Alabama Getaway' oh and let's not forget(if only I could!) the shows closer, 'Rainy Day Women..' being virtually indistinguishable from one another. But even the lesser played numbers fail to convince.

Alhough 1996 is criticized by some Dylan fans,if you compare this to the Hyde Park footage the contrast is noticeable. I really like the Hydes Park footage. Dylan's vocals are alive in a way that simply isn't present at this gig.Even the much maligned 3-note guitar solos work,were as here they are simply the most unmusical thing you will ever here!!Ok the band is'nt the most inventive Dylan has ever had but still..maybe just an off night.
I suppose it's still a nice recording to have but it's not one I'll return to often, if at all! Approach with caution!

Reviewed by Bobfan1 on 05th February 2007

Yes, this is a must have show. The sound is great , the camera work is pro. Bob is in good form and includes some great acoustic playing from him. Get this one!

Reviewed by hattycarroll on 09th October 2005

Without a doubt one of the best dvd's of Bob in concert i have had the pleasure to view.Picture quality and sound is spot on as is dylans performance,a must for collectors and if you don't have it you are missing something special.

Thanks to georgejackson for putting this my way.

Reviewed by louise on 03rd August 2005

This is an incredible dvd from a great show. Great energy, setlist and singing. Professionally shot as well, I think. Definitely one for any collection!

Reviewed by stumd3 on 27th December 2004