DVDylan ID: D472
Recording type: ProShot

At least this unimproved version of the set is a total crapfest. I wonder why somebody has went through the trouble of collecting all this stuff (in mediocre quality) and putting it on DVD without bothering to do anything useful about the navigation, chapter stops, sound level, etc.
Most of the stuff is available elsewhere in better quality, so my advice is "avoid". I won't even put it on my trade list, so I won't be disappointing any fellow-fans.

Reviewed by YappaBarra on 09th May 2005

This set includes almost all TV-performances and some audience-recordings.
Imho the quality of the clips are not as bad as described in the reviews before.
The worst fact is, that every clip is a single title and after one clip you are back in the poor authored main menu.
But why do I rate it with four stars? Because it's all in one set and you don't have to get (as a newbie) all those compilations!

Reviewed by bobhead on 19th February 2005

Bob fans around the world are the BEST. This entire set has now been reauthored (fan project) and some of the video clips have been 'upgraded'. The 'new' set (not the Scorpio release, a private project) has menus that function properly.

Off topic: About the iMovie authoring comment on an earlier review on the original Scorpio release - I am 99 and 44/100% certain that the authoring on the Scorpio set was not made with iMovie.

Reviewed by mary on 03rd February 2005

Lots of great material, in varied quality.
As others noted, extremely poor DVD authoring, probably done with Imovie. Terrible menus, poorly edited and assembled. The chapter changes, like many amateur DVDs, every 5 minutes after the start of a performance, so if a performance is 6 minutes and you skip ahead, you'll skip to a minute before the song ends. If there's a multi-song performance, there is a pause and clunky edit between each song instead of a seamless segue from one chapter to the next. I'm really surprised at the quality of the DVD authoring, given the great work they've done with their CD sets. I do some DVD authoring and could have easily made this 10 times better with a couple hours work. Many of the performances, however, are essential, even if the set is 80s-heavy (not the fault of Watchdog, of course). The quality is often high, but some stuff that is already available on commercial DVD is on here at much lower quality.

Reviewed by montycleft on 26th January 2005

These DVDs include most of the pro-shots we know from the "DVD Compilations # 1- 11" and some other not well known material. The quality varies a lot from exellent to below average. But the worst thing about this edition is the real bad authoring - shame on the Scorpio people for that! The editing of the material is also a mess: Songs are edited as single tracks, not as chapters. At the end of each track, it jumps back to the menu - so you can't watch the discs continuously. Also there are sometimes audio drop-outs! So better watch out for the excellent "DVD Compilations # 1-11" or "Through The Years Vol 1. & 2" and try to find the missing material elsewhere - maybe for a future Compilation #12?

Reviewed by maybesomeday on 05th January 2005

It's a nice set, more or less everything pro-shot you're going to come across up to recently, so hours of entertainment. It has some drawbacks though - the menus could be better and some stuff is available in better quality on other sets, so that holds it back from being something really special. What it does do is bring all this stuff together so there's bound to be some orphaned bit of footage that you're missing in there somewhere - for me the 1984 stuff was fascinating since I'd never seen it before.
I gave it a 4 since it's certainly 'good/worth to have' but maybe not a 'must have'.

Reviewed by backfrom on 17th December 2004