DVDylan ID: D132
Recording type: ProShot

Avoid, some of the picture quality is just plain terrible, much much better to be had elsewhere. Contentwise nothing new, SNL yet again, Letterman - yet again, Farm Aid - yet again, and so on......
Go and spend your time getting/watching some of the Compilation DVDs.
A (definitely) not essential DVD.

Reviewed by napbon on 04th February 2005

excellent, professional grade dvd compilation. absolutely beautiful menus, and lots of essential material. Great Work folks!
almost all 10 star stuff, the Infidels videos with Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare are the only questionable quality video, but the performance is one of the highlights of all dvd dylan for me personally.
actually, this is basically all highlights: the epic saturday night live appearance, punk rock Infidels at Letterman, clearly having a blast with Clapton, Trust Yourself with Willie and the crew....this is all just wonderful stuff.
Also, the more I watch it, the more I think the 2002 Grammy's Cry A While is one of the best TV takes ever.
a five star, 'excellent', dvd.
My thanks to Keith for hooking me up and to DvDylan.com

Reviewed by jman on 30th January 2005

What a great collection. It is truly a nice gift to be able to watch these great moments all in one place. The 1993 Letterman and the 2002 Grammys are 2 of my favorites and before, all I had was truly crummy VHS versions. Thank you very much!

Reviewed by stumd3 on 30th December 2004

I watched this dvd and was very impressed with the both the quality and quantity of videos on this disc.Great to see all the SNL videos.Highly recommended.

Reviewed by bonb on 11th December 2004

I don't mean to be snobby, but on a lot of this material, the video capture should've been cleaner. There are several songs which are marred by transfers of less than perfect VHS to the DVD medium. The actual contents of the disc are phenomenal, I just wish a bit more care had been taken on the mastering. The final report from me is 5 star material but only a 3 star job mastering it.


Reviewed by Joe1235 on 30th June 2004

Actually a 10 star+ item at least, not only because of the stunning picture and sound quality of most of the clips (except maybe the unreleased "Infidels" promos as you can imagine if you look to the screenshots, but everyone should be glad just to be able to own and watch and - yes, even to enjoy them finally at all!); also to have a COMPLETE collection of Bob's Saturday Night Live (hosted by Monty Python's Eric Idle!) and Letterman appearances and all the other rare stuff previously available only in mostly worse quality from a variety of different sources on ONE(!) DVD presenting the real highlights of Dylan's "TV career" and his many different faces and styles from the late 70s up to now let this one shine as one of the most beautiful and important releases that ever appeared in the DVDylan boot scene and a great start for every collector.
Well done piece of work, thanks to everyone who was involved!!!

Reviewed by Renaldo on 15th April 2004